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Thursday, April 29, 2004

To begin with: This post is not to judge nor to criticise anybody. It is to raise awareness of my sisters on the urgent need of wearing HIJAB.

In view of all what is happening in France, and soon of what will happen in other european countries , Allahu Alam, regarding the HIJAB, I am calling to all my non hijabi sisters to make an effort and to cover NOW!!!!!!
Sisters, there is no more time for excuses, tomorrow may never come. Affirm yourselves as MUSLIMAHS today.
BE PROUD instead of being SHY of the PEOPLE....
All around the world, us , Muslim sisters who cover, whether just with hijab or with niqaab, are taking a lot of stick from non muslims AND muslims alike. Help us by covering.

We understand your hesitations, even your reservations, your fears but the time has come to follow Allah's command. We cannot say that we are Muslimahs and take what we want from Islam and leave what we do not want. It does not work like this.

By more sisters covering, the more powerful we will be, and we will have a voice, because we will have strength in number.

So sisters, help me and help other sisters who are trying to stick to Allah's command.

While some of us are still going around as exactly as if we have not said the Shahadah, then , non muslims will have a degree over us and it should be the opposite.
Our blessed Prophet, Sallalahu Aleyhi wa Salam, said "Do not be the first to greet a Jew or a Christian. If you meet one of them along the path, force them to a narrow portion" (related by Muslim, taken from Minhaj Ul Muslim, by Sh. Abu Bakr al Jazairi) .
This does not mean that we have to be rude to non muslims it means that we have to be proud to be Muslims and that a muslim should not be shy in front of non muslims (my interpretation, though).

My unveiled sister, it is only the first step that is hard. Look at babies when they learn to walk. How many times do they fall on their bottoms??ow many times do they bump into things??? They cry but do they give up? NO. Because it is what they have to do, walk. Like us, the Muslimahs, we have been commended to cover.

Allah the Majestic said (meaning of the translation ):
"O Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks (veils) all over their bodies. That will be better that they should be known as (free respectable women) so as not to be annoyed" . (33:59)

HIJAB is not man made law but a DIVINE law. So we have no choice but to apply it. Allah knows what is best for us and we do not question it and we are not afraid of what people say or think because we are secure in the knowledge that we are following Allah's command and therefore Allah will never abandon us.
"Who seek Allah's pleasure regardless of people's anger, Allah will make him independant of the people ; but the one who seeks the pleasure of the people by making Allah angry, Allah will abandon him to the people" [/b](related by At Tirmidhi, taken from the Islamic guidelines, Sh. Muhammad Bin Jamil Zino)

[b]We, the Muslimahs, are all sisters in Islam. So let 's help each other in what is rigth.

Lets be proud of being Muslimah and lets not be afraid to show it to the world. Wear Hijab and lets keep our head high. It is when we do not wear it that we should lower our head embarrassed.
Lets show the whole world that we, veiled Muslimahs, are not afraid of anybody and that we are not oppressed and that we are educated, articulate ...even intellingent....OI!

Shaytan has find allies in the disbelievers... we should not let him find an ally in us and we should not listen to his whispers. He will give us a list of excuses as long as tomorrow..... and we say " another day, next year, when the time is right...etc..." And Shaytan is dancing of joy, him and his helpers, all around us, while we are unaware . If we leave our affairs in our hands, the t ime will never be right.

One of the excuses is "my job". Sorry sis, but if you walk like if you own the world, then no one will never dare saying anything(well in your face anyway). But if you walk around with your hijab looking like you are guilty of some crime, of course, people will start having a go at you and disrespect you. Our problem nowadays is that even though we say we put our trust in Allah, there is always this little element of doubt that make us do the wrong thing. But if we do things or give up things solely for the sake of Allah Subhanahu Ta'ala, doors that we never knew existed will open for us.

So, my unveiled sister, I am asking for your support in these times of great fitnah.

Look around you, look around the world.For example, in Turkey , women are going to prison for the right of wearing hijab...will you let their ordeal be for nothing??????? will you let them suffer and sometimes be subjected to worst tortures just because you are afraid of putting a scarf on????

Tomorrow may never come, my dear Sister. Do not let your fears of people overcome your duties to Allah and from now on , close your ears to the whispers of the Shaytan. It does not matter if these whispers come in f orm of your mother, husband, sister..... Remember Shaytan is our ennemy, has always been and will always be and will use anybody and anything to keep us on the wrong track.

...By covering ourselves , not only do we please Allah and raise ourselves in His eyes, but we will also help all your sisters around the world who are fighting for the right to wear hijab and who are seeing this right taken little by little everyday.

Sister, Will you just stand by and do nothing?????

Remember, this post is not to criticise nor to judge. It is a cry for help and support from our sisters ...


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