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Saturday, August 21, 2004

The Passage Quoted from the Book “WAJOOD-E-BARI TAALLAH AND TOHEED”
written by Dr. Malik Ghulam Murtaza (Late).

How this universe has been created? Is it perpetually or is it started from a starting point? If it comes from nonentity then, is it created by coincidence or created on pre-planned intention? Almost every person thinks these questions.

What is the role of a human in this universe? Which style he should follow in his life? These questions are deeply linked with above-mentioned questions. That’s why; the existence of God was the most interesting topic in the whole history of Human beings.

Some people who deny the existence of God, has the following logics about the creation of the universe:

“There is no starting and ending point of this universe. This universe is forever. The mater has the ability to develop itself. This universe is developing itself.”

According to some other people there is starting point but there is no creator. This universe is automatically created by a coincidence or by an accident and its system is also consist on co-incidents.

Against these two theories, the majority of human accept the existence of God and they believe it that he is the creator, owner, administrator and counselor of this universe.

If someone see a cottage in a jungle. He suddenly believed that there is someone who makes it in this jungle. He never thinks that this cottage made automatically. If you see a beautiful building, a beautiful garden, a well managed factory or any other masterpiece. The first thing that comes in your mind is that --- its Engineer, its Gardner and its Manager, is very competent & properly qualified.

The sun, moon and planets are running on their ways since long time with out any accident or fault. If a miner fault will happen in this system, all planets will collided with each other’s.

Study the condition of the earth; if its volume is less from its current volume then life will impossible on it. If its diameter is ¼ of its current, then its gravity wills 1/6 of its current. The existence of water and air will impossible. If its volume is doubles from its current. The gravity will also double.

If the speed of earth (around the sun) or speed of moon (around the earth) is increased or decrease by one second per century all the calculations of Astronomy will become wrong. If the moon is 50 thousand miles away from the earth then Ebb and Tide of water will happened two times in a day.

The earth is circuling around itself with the speed of round about 1,000 Mile/Hour. Lets suppose, if its speed is 100 Mil/Hour. Then our days and nights will become ten times lengthy from current and in summer season, our vegetations will burnt by the light of sun in long day. In winter, all vegetations and animals become died by low temperature in long nights. The heat of sun is 12,000 Fahrenheit on its own surface. Due the present distance between sun and earth, we get very reasonable heat that is more suitable for our life.

The book of the universe is open in front of us. So many masterpieces of ALLAH (SWT) are spreaded in the whole universe. Study these signs deeply and ask this question from your heart that is it true that the universe is created by a coincident?

These are universal truths that show clearly that there is someone who is running this system, he is only one who created this universe and establish a system in it. He is the real & true owner of every thing. He doesn’t depend on others all his creatures depend on him. He has no parents & kids. There is no one who is equal to him. There is no example of him. He has no fault. He doesn’t need sleep, food. He is alive forever.

He gives and takes life of every living thing. He knows every thing about past, present & future. His knowledge is extremely vast; we have no ability to imagine about his knowledge. He can create every thing, which we can’t imagine. No person is free from his obedience. Every thing of this universe is under his control. He has beautiful names. In the holy Quraan word ALLAH is used for this creator. There is no word in any language, which can provide a comprehensive meaning of God.

"Call upon God, or call upon Rahman: by whatever name ye call upon Him, (it is well): for to Him belong the Most Beautiful Names." (17:110 Bani Isra’il)


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