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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Danger of the Illiterates

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The danger of the Illiterates 2:78:1
Dear readers, I received abusive responses from both Muslims and Christians about the story of Jesus (PBUH) from the Noble Qur’aan, let us go back to Tafseer, let us save some of us the aggravation of telling stories about the wonderful men of the LORD. The last time we spoke about Ayah 2:77, and today we pick up where we left, starting with Ayah 2:78, let us proceed.
O Allah, every time I am in need I call upon Thee for help no other is worthy of such, please hear my call: “save me from spreading my illiteracy, save me from leading people in the wrong way, and provide us with the wisdom we need to do Jihad with knowledge for Your sake”. We know how dangerous is what we are doing, we need to be so careful in what we say, and we are accountable for everyone we lead astray. Praise your name; praise Thee O mighty Allah, and a lot of thanks for Your kind generous forgiveness.
Allah says:
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Let us simple Translate, Allah says here something so dangerous, something I wish all of us can pay enough attention to, and please read so well and listen. Allah says: “From those given the books who know so little from the books, most of what they know are wishful thinking on their part, and what they know is what they think is true while it isn’t”. Very well, we know how Allah is speaking about those who received the books of Allah, and Allah says: “and among those who received the books, some who are illiterates, they do not know what the book teaches, and what they think they know is mere wishful thinking, and what they wish the book may say, what Allah means about this? Well, we have bad news for Muslims, Christians, and Jews, most are illiterates about what books they hang on to, and most are wonderful debaters with their illiteracy, what in Hell they debate and argue about, since they know so little or absolute nothing?
My brothers and sisters, my friends, regardless of what belief you belong to, do not debate what you do not know so well, Allah says:
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“Do not try to explain/debate what you have no knowledge of; all of the hearing, the eye sights/insights, and the hearts are under great responsibility and will be questioned”. This is so serious, think about it. If you do not know Qur’aan so well, why argue with those who do, since Jews and Christians do not know their books so well, why they argue and debate with their illiteracy when we bring them the truth even from their books? Please think about this, if your knowledge is so limited or so little closer to nothing, what do you expect to accomplish in debating with someone who knows better than you? I am not saying I am with better knowledge, I am just sharing with you the meaning of the words of the LORD, please listen so well. A Christian preacher asked me: “what are you”, I explained according to their book of Ephesians 4:11, I said: “I am not a prophet, all who claim today to be prophets are false in every respect, I am not a priest, I am not an Imam, I am not a scholar, I am not a preacher, I am the last on the list of where this is mentioned, and I am a simple teacher so please listen”.
Some of us heard their teachers, heard their preachers and heard their Imams, thinking that what they heard is Gospel truth, while Allah says that only the Qur’aan is the Gospel truth, Allah says in Ayah 2:2:
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“This is the Book, no doubt about it; guidance for those who have fear from Allah, and those who have Taqwa”. My friends, my brothers and sisters, we have assurance from Allah about one book, Allah said:
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“We brought you the Qur’aan, and We will protect and keep it intact this time”. Allah did not make similar statements about any other book under the Heavens, Allah did not order the writing of any other book, nor this was ordered by our Imam and prophet Muhammad (PBUH). No matter what fiction of assurance we have that other books were not altered, we cannot trust those assurances, people were able to alter and destroy books from Allah, like the Torah, the Injeil, the Zaboor of David, and they have better easy chances at books apart from the Qur’aan, which were written by men, which has no assurance of being preserved. Non-Muslims are trying until today to destroy Qur’aan, how much less are the books that are less. When we speak of such, we may see angry people, angry because of their lack of knowledge, and because they do not wish to listen. 1400 years since Muhammad’s (PBUH) time, do you know what could happen in this period of time, and what we can change, think about this before you assure us of anything else?
Allah said:
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“Is not time yet for those who believe to yield their hearts when Allah is mentioned, and to what truth He gave in the Qur’aan”, how many times we show an Ayah, we see those who say: “but we heard different to this”? Have fear for every time we mention Allah, the Hadeeth of Allah is greater than any other. If you hear/read anything that contradicts the Qur’aan, please do not accept blindly, also do not completely reject because everything apart from the Qur’aan is subject to debates, and let us compare what we hear with the only book that has assurance from Allah to be preserved. Allah says:
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“We gave you the Qur’aan, so that you will explain it to people what was sent to them, and perhaps they will reflect over it”. The duty of the prophet was not only in delivering the message of the Qur’aan, but also to explain what we cannot understand on our own, or the few parts of it that are difficult. Then Muhammad (PBUH) said a lot of Hadeeth, which explained Qur’aan for the parts we could not understand by ourselves, and did not speak things that does not exist when teaching the Revelation, but spoke those during his life for his own, not for us to adopt, let us give an example. When Muhammad (PBUH) swore not to eat what Allah allowed, and made it Haram for himself, Allah said: “how do you make what is Hallah and allowed; you say: “this is Haram and forbidden”?
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“O prophet, why you make Haram what Allah made Hallal; are you seeking your wives satisfaction, and Allah if the Forgiver, and The Merciful”? Can those who want to follow everything our Imam and prophet said and did, can they follow Muhammad (PBUH) in making Haram what Allah said this Hallal, I do not think so? Then we need to follow the Hadeeth that relates only to the Noble Qur’aan, we need to benefit from what knowledge our Imam got from His LORD for our benefit in understanding the book of Allah.
Please learn how to listen, please do not rush to speak before you are sure what you know is correct, and who you speak to need to be corrected. Please learn as you go, instead of trying to force your own interpretations. If you think what others say is not true, look in the Qur’aan for correction before you face them, when you bring an Ayah, and they do not listen; say as Allah told us:
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“When spoken to by the ignorant, they say peace be upon thee, and they leave them be”. When you realize some are speaking with their ignorance, have no intention of listening to reason, do as Allah says: “Peace for you, and goodbye”. My friends, let me give you this advice, and I ask Allah to apply myself: “when you listen, you may learn what you did not know without allowing others the chance to know you lack of knowledge, also what you know will not be lost and will be preserved and will flourish with new things”.
Next time we will speak about how Jews and Christians have wishful thinking about their books, not comprehension, as some Muslims are as well.
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