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Monday, April 03, 2006

How to Destroy A Society In 10 Easy Steps

1- Take away the right to own land by instituting the system of Property Tax.

This action effectively turns the would-be landowner into a tenant that is merely renting the land from "The State".
This action breaks the bond between the "landowner" and the land, never allowing him/her to truly feel a sense of ownership over the land.
This action weakens the bond between ancestor and ancestry by making "The State" the one to bequeath the land, via the probate process, to any heirs. It also reinforces, on a subconscious level, that the land is theirs by permission of "The State" not because of the generosity of their parent/grandparent/etc.

2- Encourage the women that they owe no deference to their husbands and make it easy for them to surpass him in the workplace and academia.

A key component of this step is to teach the woman, via media, academia, and other methods, that masculine authority, or any rule governing a difference in behavior and treatment for women versus men, is synonymous with oppression.

This action, once it has run its course, leaves the woman with little or no respect for her husband. Innately she knows that he should be the provider for her and the family and once she surpasses him in income and prestige, she begins to disrespect him, at first in small ways, then in larger ones, even if neither of them realize it until it is too late.
Once the woman no longer respects the man, then the children who are growing up watching her example, begin to feel less respect for the father also.
Any sons in this type of family will grow up with often expecting and demanding far less respect for themselves than they normally would otherwise do. Their parents have set the bar, and they see no need to exceed it.
Any daughters in this scenario will, more often than not, grow up with a scornful opinion of men in general and, in the event that they do encounter one that is Strong and confident, as he should be, she labels him as "controlling" and "too demanding". Once again, just as with the son, she is a victim of having seen her parents set a low bar and she will not tolerate any man who seeks to exceed it. There are exceptions to this rule, but they are increasingly rare.
Quite the male, finding himself in such a situation, will undertake drastic measures to re-assert his authority and repair his own tarnished self-image. These may include physical/mental abuse, adultery, alcohol and other drugs, or overspending on such items as clothing, cars, etc.

3- Encourage the children to disrespect their parents, and forbid the parents to discipline them.

The first part of this is most often accomplished through the media. Television shows are created which show the children being openly disobedient and disrespectful of their parents, and even elders in general. These same media sources often depict the parents as clueless, helpless buffoons, who are severely out of touch with their kids, thus fooling the impressionable viewers that this type of behavior is the "norm".
The second portion of this step is accomplished through the courts and law enforcement primarily, but media outlets may also be used. Laws are passed that increasingly forbid parents from using spanking or any other corporeal punishment to bring wayward children back into line.

4- Instruct the school system to increasingly enroach on the authority of the parents, thus devaluing the parents in the childrens' eyes.

This is implemented in many different ways. One way is by preventing parents from visiting the classroom unless "arranged in advance", Another way is to subject the children to mandatory "counseling", per the discretion of school officials and staff. Children in this case are often asked very intimate details about their home lives and are strongly reminded that if they ever need to talk or report abuse, that the school official "is there". This effectively is the same as telling the child that their parent is not the true authority over them, the school, which is an arm of The State, is.

5- Devalue marriage as an institution and encourage divorce as a remedy for marital unrest.

This step is perhaps one of the most effective at destroying a society. If couples can be encouraged to stop viewing marriage as a lifelong obligation, once commenced, then this step becomes a most effective tool at breaking family loyalty and pride in lineage.
This step is often accomplished by a savvy mixture of media representation, increased ease of divorce, and via a strong campaign of phychiatrists, counselors, etc., all of whom will eagerly advise women and men alike that the answer to their problems is to "move on".

6- Discourage religion in everyday and professional life and encourage racial tensions.

On the surface one may assume that religion is best left as a personal matter, and the examples presented by government and media, of Muslim fanatics and Christian Inquisitors, can be a very convincing tool to sway public opinion on this matter. However if a state can succeed in this step they will effectively exclude far more than religious dogma from the public arena. These include: Sexual morality, financial restrictions(usury, etc.), marital encouragement, family unity, self-discipline, the sense of belonging to a group independent of "The State".
A key component in the implementation of this is to discourage youth from expressing their religious affiliation and from being involved in religion.
Highlighting and encouraging the differences between ethnic and racial groups is a key part of making this work. By promoting one ethnic group over another with consistency, distrust and animosity will rise between them. This technique coupled with the systematic breakdown of religion, which is the glue that would otherwise hold these ethnic groups together , is almost unstoppable.

7- Encourage Sexual Freedoms including Fornication, Adultery, Homosexuality, etc.

This is the 2nd most effective step in this lesson.
By advertising (through music, TV, film, and print) fornication as a socially acceptable activity the strength of the family unit can be utterly decimated. This also helps to devalue the institution of marriage. When the same pleasures that otherwise might be accessible only within a marriage are made freely available, marriage becomes increasingly less attractive as only the restrictions that it implies remain unique to it.
By similar means as those applied for fornication, adultery can be advertised as an acceptable release of tension and in some cases, through counseling and careful media representation, the subject can also see it as a way to "revitalize" a marriage. The true outcome, however, is that both parties within the marriage no longer trust each other, or the opposite sex as a whole. Children within such a family will may similarly follow suit as adults, or at the least they may see it as more acceptable from any future spouses that they may have.
Homosexuality is perhaps the single greatest catalyst for the collapse of a society. A cursory examination through history will show that homosexuality closely preceded the rapid fall of many of the greatest empires in history, like Rome, Babylon, and Greece, for example. Once men begin turning to each other with amorous intention the family unit begins unraveling at an exponential rate.

8- Raise prices to the extent that two incomes become needed to sustain an acceptable quality of life.

This step is key in driving a wedge between the individual family members, thus ensuring that family loyalty is duly diminished.
By forcing the wife to go out and work it will often break the bond between her and her children, and even between her and her husband. As the mother is increasingly unavailable children will turn their affection, questions, and even their free time to other sources. These may include the media, alcohol, inappropriate activities with peers, and more. This also breaks her of her routine of caring for and comforting the husband and the children.
The rigors of the workplace will often harden the disposition of the woman to the extent that she ceases to be a comfort to her husband and children and instead becomes a competitor to the husband and an unfamiliar cohabitant to the children.

9- Debt

By making credit easily available to those who want it, it becomes very easy to raise prices far higher than all but the elite can afford to buy without a loan. Real Estate is indicative of this. Do you really think that it takes more wood to build a house today than it did 50 years ago? If it takes the same amount of wood, and trees take the same amount of water and need the same amount of soil, then ask yourself why homes are more than 25 times the cost that they were 50 years ago in some markets.
By making it desirable, or even needed for a family to take loans for homes, cars, even for clothing and other essentials of life, the responsible parties are easily convinced to put the yoke of indentured servitude around their necks.
By careful management of which sectors of society will have access to credit at which levels, it becomes easy to elevate or debase one racial group or another, and even to control which geographical areas will prosper in any given period.
However, underlying factor is that individuals in the society will become increasingly powerless even as their self images become more and more grandiose. The slave will think himself a master and will love "The State" for making him so.

10- Democracy

By instituting democracy, power is effectively reduced, and no one person is able to gain too much power. In the old days of true monarchs, boys were groomed from childhood to rule, so that by the time they assumed the mantle, they were old hands at the "Great Game"(politics). Under democracy it is rare that anyone will stay in power long enough to gain this level of competence.
Democracy, and the "protection" of it, is a key tool to keep governments friendly the greater power in authority. In the event that any citizens try to assert themselves to throw off the "oppressor", they can be prosecuted, killed, or similarly neutralized as the enemies of democracy.
Through the funding of democracy the greater power is able to control who wins elections. In practice the "friendly party" is given an overwhelming amount of funding while the funds of the unfriendly party are curtailed.
Even more preferable than the last point is to control which candidates are presented for election. Thus even in the event that the people choose in a way that the greater power does not expect, the ultimate choice will still be a client to the greater power.

In the end democracy, thus instituted, will do the exact opposite of what the name implies (demo=people, cracy=rule). The true power will reside with whomever is wealthy enough, and savvy enough, to manipulate the electoral process. The unfortunate citizens will think themselves fortunate, all the while not knowing that their choices have been made for them in advance.
Now after having read this ask yourself: Where have you seen all of these rules used.....



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