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Sunday, April 04, 2010

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Nutrition Team What are your plans for the bank holiday? Well, if the glorious weather would come back, we'll likely be heading outdoors for barbeques and picnics, perhaps even spending the weekend on the beach. While the Bank Holiday means an opportunity for eating more, the extra time on our hands also means we have the opportunity to get more active. Here are a few tips to keep your weight loss on track over the long weekend: 1. Stay focused You know what your target weight is. You know how many pounds you want to lose this week. You know why you want to lose the weight. And you know that it is possible. Stay focused to your goals, stick to the plan and your weight loss can stay firmly on track. 2. Plan what you are going to eat There's no point in deciding that you are having a stir-fry if you are going on a picnic for the afternoon. Make sure to plan foods that are appropriate to your activities - you can't bring your wok to the beach but you could bring sandwiches with low fat fillings, salads and crunchy vegetables, low fat dips, rice cakes or bread sticks and fresh fruit salad. These picnic foods are suitable for packing and travelling, satisfying and won't ruin your diet . 3. Watch your alcohol intake!(Muislims, should not need to worry on this one? or should they!!!! We're all likely to have a beer with our barbeque, or a glass of wine with dinner on a weekend away but don't go crazy! Alcohol adds calories. Remember, a pint of lager will set you back 130 calories, a measure of spirits 55 calories (that's before the mixer) and a glass of wine, 100 calories. 4. Choose your friends wisely The Bank Holiday will give you extra time to spend with friends and family. Harsh as it may seem, make a point of seeing the ones you know will support you in your effort to weight loss. If your mother will make you feel guilty for turning down the cake ("But it's your favourite, I made it especially for you."), plan your day so you spend meal times where healthy options don't mean hurt feelings. 5. Get physical! Gather a group of friends together or take yourself outside with the kids. Frisbee or volleyball (210 calorie per hour), football or rounders (400-500 cals per hour) will burn lots of calories without feeling like hard work! If you want to get the spring cleaning done, on the other hand, you'll be burning 250 calories per hour, 350 cals per hour if you take yourself into the garden and get digging! Or, if you want to party, dancing burns around 320 calories per hour! 6. Walk your way to weight loss Leisurely walking burns around 175 calories per hour, while you can burn over 350 cals per hour hiking. So walk around the zoo or shopping centre, take that forest trail or walk along the beach. The warmer weather and long evenings give you plenty of opportunities to walk the weight off. 7. Try something new Always wanted to try rollerblading, horse riding, water skiing? Whatever it is that you really want to do, get out there and just do it !


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