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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Open Letter To President Obama

Published on Tuesday, 19 March 2013 08:28

By Dr .Daifallah Othman
Dear President Obama:
I will venture this open letter on the eve of your visit to our troubled and war-stricken part of the world. What I want to point out straightforwardly is that we have been waiting for so long for a serious and genuine intervention on your part that embraces all our expectations of your second term in the White House. It has always been held and believed by all of us, Palestinians and Arabs, that a decisive solution to the Middle East problems hinges upon sincere US Administration intervention. I also beg your pardon to say that USA mobilized the whole world against Iraq when he "invaded" Kuwait. The whole story is quite known to everybody. If US momentum, determination and zeal are not exerted to put an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank including East Jerusalem, then USA is taken to be a real partner in this Israeli occupation and to be practicing a double-standard policy.
Dear Sir:
We have read and heard in the media that you are coming to listen and hear. Shall we take it that you have been through the years of your first term in office oblivious of all the reports of the US delegations about the situation in the occupied territories? What do you want to hear? On our part as Palestinians, we have reiterated many a time that we want real peace; a peaceful solution to our problem in accordance with UN resolutions. We need a peace that we can cherish and generations to come can enjoy and defend. To put it in a nutshell and in public, we need a full Israeli withdrawal from every inch of the occupied West Bank including all of East Jerusalem. We do not accept to have any Israeli colony or military presence on our national soil which was under the rule of the late King Hussein of Jordan before 5 June, 1967. As you know, our leadership has already recognized Israel as a state for the Israeli people as part of the two-state solution which is still pending, but is being jeopardized by Israel. Israel has to reciprocate by recognizing the State of Palestine to be established in the whole of Gaza Strip and the West Bank with East Jerusalem as its capital. In addition, and as a result, all acts of belligerency, incursion or the so-called hot pursuit practiced by Israel against us must stop. All building activities in the Israeli colonies in the West Bank and East Jerusalem must be halted and colonies must eventually be dismantled. All Palestinian prisoners must be released. All Palestinian natural resources must be relinquished by Israel. And foremost, the "Right of Return" must be fulfilled: Palestinian refugees must be entitled to both repatriation and reparation.
Mr. President:
Palestinians cannot nor will not be in any position whatsoever and under pressure whatsoever to make any further compromises regarding the above-mentioned, for they have already made the most crucial historic compromise when they accepted the two-state solution and recognized Israel. Let Israel pull out completely from all THE territories occupied as a result of the 1967 war including East Jerusalem, and she will enjoy an everlasting peace and normal relations, diplomatic and others, with both the State of Palestine on the one hand, and the Arab and Islamic states on the other. What else and what more does Israel need!
One last query, Sir;
Would you as President of the USA -the Free World- declare your recognition of the State of Palestine as sovereign and independent on an equal footing with Israel?
This is indeed ripe time for your even – handedness and for doing justice to the Palestinian people.
It is in this spirit and hopefulness that we welcome you Sir, here in the State of Palestine!


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