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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Is Qur’aan from God?

Greetings to all readers with love, one of the readers asked me: prove to us that Qur’aan is from God. Fine, but before we do so we need to correct this little mistake on his part, there is nothing called God, we never heard of a man of the LORD who came from the LORD speaking English, take for example the three major beliefs, Jews knew him as Elloheim, or any of its derivatives, Christians say they follow Jesus, Jesus never spoke English, and never heard of the word God, Muslims call him Allah, not only Muslims in fact also Arab Christians know the LORD by the name of Allah, then Allah is not Muslim related only, but Arab Christians know no other. Therefore, let us change this question and put it in a way this reader accepts, also we do, let us ask: is Qur’aan from the LORD, because this reader and his like do not even want to hear the name of Allah.

Fine, let us start, when we read all books said to be from above, we see them full with contradictions, Allah says in Ayah (verse) 4:82: and won’t they reflect over the Qur’aan, and if it was not from the LORD they will find in it a lot of discrepancy/contradictions. This is a clear challenge from the LORD to those who wish to show us how Qur’aan is not from the LORD. Very well, why this is so important as a proof, simple, let us look at such. When we look at all those books said to be from God, not even one does not have discrepancy/contradictions but Qur’aan has none, not one, imagine, now how many do we have, let us mention some because people do not understand this fact. Let us give few examples of what Hindu have, they have the Gita, they have Dancing with Siva, Merging with Siva also many others, they have the Gita, and the Gita as it is, in the matter of fact Hindu have books in a ton, they have a whole collection they know as: the Vedas. Now, when we go through all of such, we see endless discrepancy/contradictions, which is something like a nightmare if I may add.

Fine, Hinduism is one of the oldest beliefs, Gita says: it was 50 centuries ago when Lord Krishna spoke the Gita to his friends, 5000 years; this is much older than the Torah of Moses which dates back to about 3000 years as Jews/Christians tell us. What other books we have, an example is: Taoism have a number like Hinduism, and the same applies, also we have the Seik with their Granth Sahib, we have Buddhism, we have Unitarians with their Jaffir, we have Bahai from Iran, we have Jews with the Jewish Tanach, we have the New Testament of Christians, actually we have double in number of what I mentioned so far. And we have the Noble Qur’aan, all those books are full with discrepancy/contradictions, also false information if you will, but the Noble Qur’aan has none of such, a challenger from Allah.

With this in mind, the huge number of books said to be from above, yet only Qur’aan is safe, never been altered, also untouched, has no discrepancy/contradictions of any kind, still intact after 1400 years untouched by alterations as all others have. This is not an easy issue to just skip over just like that, and no one can stand against such, not even the Atheists, except in silly nonsense of saying: so what, this is not good enough, in the matter of fact the Jokers also Joke around, no matter how serious things are, they will say: so what, this proves nothing. If they are serious for a start, they will not be called Jokers, right? No, this issue should be taken highly in regard. On the other hand, to find a book that came 1400 years back, yet if you travel the world North, South, West and East, look in Arabic versions, you will see they match word for word, letter for letter, another evidence how this book is above any other said to be from above, no other has such wonderful things that survive 1400 years in time.

Allah said: we gave you the book this time, and this time we are preserving it, the challenge is not only how it stayed untouched for the last 1400 years, further more, all the enemies of Allah and Islam tried to alter and changed and they failed proving the promise of Allah to stand high and above. This challenge stays not only about the past, but into the future, when all other books change from time to time, Qur’aan never will as the LORD promised us. Now show me another book that cannot be altered like the Noble Qur’aan, you cannot, why? Why Qur’aan cannot be altered, simple, the LORD promised. You can play your games, but the sane will come to recognize. Talking about all other books, none other than Qur’aan is memorized by three to five year old children, why they can, not because it is easy, no it is extremely hard, but because the LORD promised to preserve, and He is preserving even in the hearts of the little ones, no other book has this privilege ever, the LORD said: we will preserve, even if taken from the books, who can take it from the hearts, if this does not make it into your brain, then we doubt if you have one.

Fine, now that I made few challenges, I will wait to see if any one can show me what other book/belief can stand those challenges to prove it is from the LORD? On the other hand, let us look inside, taking into consideration how Qur’aan came to us through Muhammad SAW 1400 years back, we need to study a little about few facts. Anyone who claims the knowledge found in Qur’aan is what humanity used to have, he/she needs to prove this to us, let us start. Now, please before debating any of the following issue coming up, do go to the search bar on your computer, write: Arabic-English Dictionary, and try to get a good one on line, because this will save us a lot of your nonsense, I will say one thing, will keep telling me it is not, you are coming to play games, I am not. So, spend 15 minutes, try to get a good Dictionary, and let us discuss, I will show you the Ayah (verse) from Qur’aan, you check by yourself, no need to seek help from any other and please do not come telling me what Translation say, most are as ignorant as Hell itself, I am giving you the tools to save us from your nonsense, use this help I gave.

Let us start with Ayah (Verse) 51:47 which says: and the sky we built with power, and we are expanding it as well. Here is in Arabic:

æÇáÓãÇÁ ÈäíäÇåÇ ÈÃíÏ æÅäÇ áãæÓÚæä, reading from right to left, the first underlined means Sky, the last underlined means Expanding. Please use this link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metric_expansion_of_space , then look down at the details of how the universe expands, a fact we discovered today, came in Qur’aan 1400 years back. I am giving all the help you need, because you cannot and will not do this on your own, but as I said: you are going to play games and act so sad. Again, I will give you a Dictionary just in case it is hard for you to find, please go here:

http://www.alburaq.net/dictionary1/transform.cfm, Pick up any words I underlined, and place in the search bar and see the meaning for yourself.

I hope you will not act like a little child, and you will act as an adult, even if you are a small kid and wish to play games nothing but. I know after all this effort you will come saying: you did nothing, and you showed me not. I learned this ignorant kind of speech, and I expect from you as well at any time, or you will come paying circle go around, and will never come to discuss in serious manner as I am. Ok, let us look at this and ask: how Muhammad SAW had this kind of knowledge we as mankind did not discover till recent times, if you can prove me wrong, please show your proof if you do not mind. Not only showing this Qur’aan is from the LORD, but also showing that the LORD is true and a fact to sad Atheists who say: no LORD, also proving that Allah is the only true LORD for those who have any sanity left in their minds.

Let us pick up another example, Ayah (verse) 22:5 says: O people, if you are in doubt about Resurrection, we created you from Dust, then from a Sperm, then from a sticking substance (what sticks to a body near by), then from something like being chewed (like meat after chewing). Then we pick also from Ayah (verse) 23:14 that says: then we created from the look like Chewed meat bones, then we covered the bones with meat, then we made it a new creation. Now, before you do ignorant games saying: but translation says this and that, I will not play this ignorant games, you know where I stand in regard to translations. This is why, when you are ready, get your Dictionary ready, and I will bring you the verse again one word at the time, I will give you derivatives of the words to make your search easier, one step at the time. I am willing to help you to extremes, be smart, do not act as little child.

Ayah 21:33 says: and the Sun and the Moon, each in its Galaxy floats. 13:2 speaks about how the Sun and the Moon are running into their designated destiny, the fact that they are not stable, and the fact that they will come to death one day as everything else in this universe. 15:14-15 Allah says: and when we open a door for them to the space above, they will say: we are charmed (under magic) or must be drunk, or something is wrong with our eyes. When He did allow us to do so, after 200 Kilo Meters up, while we cannot look at the sun during this trip, but beyond the Sun looks like someone switched off the light, it becomes like a dark Blue star, we would think something wrong with our eyes, exactly as the Ayah (verse) describes, if this is not from the LORD then where this comes from? Ayah 12:4 speaks about 11 planets and the Moon and the Sun, the well known to us and have an effect are 11 plus the Moon and the Sun, some are invisible to our eyes to count.

Have you heard about the Black Holes, Ayah 86:1-4 tell us a lot about if you care to know how. Ayah 55:33 foretold of space travel, also the speed of light that we need for such indirectly spoke about, yet we did not accomplish all of that today. Ayah 6:125 speaks about how Air becomes less and less as we go up into the sky. Ayah 78:6-7 speaks how the Mountains are like Pins/Tent-peg, we discovered how the part that shows from the mountains is so small, 10 to 15 double in size of the mountain is inside under the ground, exactly like Pins/Tent-peg. Ayah 16:15 speaks how Allah made Mountains to balance our planet from shaking, which also proves how Earth is standing loose in space.

As you see, this message is getting very long, if I give the tens of examples, no one will be able to read this message, I will stop here, if time allows, I will bring many more in the future Insha Allah. I gave you what makes any sane accept showing how this could not be from any other than the LORD who created, information we found about recently, given to us in the Noble Qur’aan 1400 years back. Here is a sample of what I have to prove Qur’aan is from the LORD, now let us start looking at your games that I prophesized about.


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