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Every Muslim has perfect faith in that Allaah Almighty has sent man in this world to prepare for the world to come. The one, who succeeds in making preparation here, must be successful by the grace of Allaah [subhaana wa ta`alaa] on the Day of Judgment, whereas the ignorant and the one, who falls a prey to skeptical incredulity, will face utter failure and dejection and also incur the anger of Allaah Almighty on the Day of Judgment.

Where Allaah Almighty has provided with the innumerable blessings to facilitate the preparation, he has also put some hurdles in the path to test His men. For those devoted Muslims who have a natural desire for heaven, must know how to cross these hurdles, other wise it Seems almost impossible to attain the eternal success.

If we briefly look at these hurdles, four things will come before us.





Of these four “NAFS” and “SHAITAAN” are the most dangerous. The world and the creature are particularly apparent, whereas the other two are invisible and it is as clear as a day that invisible enemy is More dangerous than the visible.

Which one is more destructive of “NAFS” or “SHAITAAN” Reasoning on it.

Of the “NAFS” and “SHAITAAN”, the more destructive one is to be picked with out any shadow of doubt it would be “NAFS”. Because “NAFS” is the disastrous evil which had destroyed even Shaitaan’s Faith. Briefly going through it, when Allaah Almighty after creating Adam (alaihis salaam) ordered all the angles including “SHAITAAN” to prostrate to Adam, all the angles carried out the orders but “SHAITAAN” refused to do so and was cursed forever. Allaah Almighty says, “He (the SHAITAAN) refused and became too proud and turned out disbeliever. (34, Albaqra; Part 1 Translation from The Kanzul-Iman

Imam Ghazali (rahmatullah alaihi) says when “SHAITAAN” denied there was no other SHAITAAN to instigate him, what was the cause for which he lost his faith?... the Imam maintains that it was his “NAFS” which drove him to arrogance and revolt and compelled him to fall into the pit of destruction.

This argument has proved that “NAFS” is more dangerous for our destiny the “SHAITAAN”. Therefore, declaring it “THE BIG BROTHER} of the “SHAITAAN” won’t be wrong.

Now the question arises, what necessary measures are to be taken to fight and to dominate it? For this the following things are note worthy.

To take cognizance of “NAFS” in respect of its reality …………. And where do it’s abode is. We have to be aware of its attacking strategies and to get knowledge of those things which assist it to persuade the man to wards in activities and indifference? The ways are to be found to defend his attacks and to subdue it completely.

Now Inshaa Allaah (by the will of Allaah) all these points shall be discussed in detail.

1. Cognizance of "NAFS" and its abode.

According to terms of "sharia" soul is called "NAFS". It is quoted in "Maram al klam fi akaid al Islaam" "For "NAFS", it is what has been named soul in the "Sharia".

What is reality of soul? Three sects have been quoted in "Maram al klam".

a) It is not allowed to argue over it because it is one of those things which Allaah Almighty has specified with His divine knowledge.

b) It is an alone spirit, which has not diffused into the body but has the relation of possession and device with body. Thus life is based on the perpetuity of this and its opposite side is death. Imam Ghazali (rahmatullah alaihi) is convinced of it.

c) It is a delicate substance which has been transmigrated into the body. This is the creed generally represented by "Ehle sunnat wal jamat"

In the light of this creed, it is clear that the definition of "NAFS" is, "It is infect the second name for the soul whose abode is human body.

In the holy book of Qur`aan Allaah Almighty has mentioned "NAFS" with these three attributes.


According to its nature when it instigates man towards negligence, disregard and evil, it is called "Ammara". As is quoted in the holy Qur`aan, “Surely the self incites to the evil except for those on whom my Rubb (Sustainer} has conferred Mercy.” (53, Yousuf; Part 13 Translation from The Kanzul-Iman


When a Muslim falls short of virtuous deeds.........or.....commits evil acts, some times his "NAFS" condemns it. For this reason it is called Lawama". This system of condemnation is found in abundance in those steady muslims who try to do virtuous deeds and refrain from the evils, and rare in sinners. Probably it is "NAFS-e-Lawama" which is generally called the conscious. As Allaah Almighty said, “And indeed I call to witness the reprehensive self.” (2, AlQiyamha; Part 29 Translation from The Kanzul-Iman)

NAFS-e-Mutma inna

When a man after a hard struggle makes his "NAFS" habitual to yield and surrender to the will of Allaah Almighty, it is called "Mutma inna". As Allaah Almighty said, “O you contented human self! Return to you Rubb (Sustainer) so pleased with Him, as He is pleased with you. So you enter among My chosen devotees; and you enter My Paradise.” (27-30, AlBalad; Part 30 Translation from The Kanzul-Iman)

The type of "NAFS" under discussion

NAFS-e-Ammara is the type which is under discussion here out of the three. This is one which is declared the "BIG BROTHER" of the "SHAITAAN" due to its ability of wickedness and vice. It has destroyed its younger brother's faith and, will play an important role to damage the Muslims, till the last Day of Judgment. It is useless to expect any good from it. It is a brutal enemy. The only way of resurrection is to subdue it through a fight. Otherwise it would be very difficult to protect the faith.


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