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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Council Meeting Record

For the purposes of concise consciousness records, and in the interest of
fairness to all conscious beings involved, the following summary of the
results of the full council meeting finalized on 26 November, 2004 C.E. is
being made available in written form. This meeting was held to determine the
course for the resolution of the current human apocalyptic cycle.

I) The seven agenda items below were discussed, and the determination for
each is as follows:

1) Final decision on confirmation of 90 year extinction plan initiated in
2000 C.E.

It has been decided to defer human extinction until at least the next 100
year cycle.

2) Final decision on potential need for accelerated extermination of "human
infestation problem"

Despite its gross over-consumption and generally destructive presence within
its planetary environment, humanity still demonstrates the potential to grow
beyond this behavior and develop enhanced creative abilities conducive to
the further growth of consciousness and life.

Allowing the self-extermination of humanity is therefore not deemed
necessary at this juncture, however, severe environmental adjustments must
be made to the planetary ecosystem, and it is hoped that this will
encourage greater responsiveness to the needs of life on the part of
humanity, as well as ensure that the possibility of rapid extermination is
still available early in the next cycle in the event of continued
ecologically destructive behavior from the species.

3) Preservation of human life-forms options in lieu of full extermination
but within extinction window (would any "Human Ark" plan violate current
planetary quarantine?)

The continuation of the species throughout the next cycle will allow for the
possible development of biological and consciousness derived subspecies of
humanity that may possess greater adaptability, and that could facilitate
enhanced creative potential that would render humanity as a species

At this point, it seems that in lieu of such enhanced potential on the part
of either humanity itself or a subspecies, all necessary and useful
contributions from this line could be exhausted by the conclusion of this
cycle. Greater exposure of humanity to conditions beyond its current
planetary and limited solar environment could pose the risk of the
introduction of self-limiting and destructive elements to the greater
continuum of life. At this point, however, the exact consequences are still
in flux. Therefore, a non-mandatory quarantine recommended throughout the
duration of this cycle. Higher levels of enforcement may imposed by
intermediary agencies as seen fit.

4) Preservation of planetary consciousness after either full extinction
and/or accelerated extermination (approval of the "Insect and Grass"
collective plan)

The natural development of entities for the maintenance of planetary
consciousness will continue concurrently with all present human activities.
The "Insect and Grass" collective plan may still result from pending
environmental adjustments, and so all progress towards this end should be
continued. In the event of global, self-extermination of the human species,
the planet should still have several useful geological and evolutionary
lifecycles left without necessitating a total loss.

5) The value of breaking apocalyptic event seals to ensure narrative ending
for the purpose of consciousness records (and are We contractually obligated
to do so if humanity has failed to fulfill terms of original covenants?)

All original covenants are still in effect pending terms of completion.
However, higher agencies are not responsible for any misinterpretations of
the terms or defaulting behavior on the part of humanity. Apocalyptic event
seals shall remain in place for at least the duration of the current cycle.

6) Contingencies if extinction plan is canceled or significantly delayed

Contingencies not considered by this council are to be prepared by all
appropriate agencies, and implemented throughout the cycle as necessary.

7) Manner of leveling of political/cultural/economic entity "United States
of America" in the event human extinction/extermination is not approved
(Will a "full and complete" or only partial destruction be necessary in
order to spur the appropriate survival instincts in rest of species, and
what level of physical devastation will be required in either case?)

The general stewardship of the political/cultural/economic development of
humanity granted previously to the dominant entity "United States of
America" on a provisional status at the end of the previous cycle is to be
revoked immediately. This is in accordance with the need for the promotion
of a global institution responsible for the collective welfare of the
species, and also due to gross immaturity and generally destructive behavior
demonstrated by the controlling institutions of said entity and their

The following previously stated goals have not been met to the satisfaction
of this council:

A) The corrupting elements of over-ambitious ideologues have not been
sufficiently purged from the governing institutions of the United States of

B) No real discernable progress towards a workable and lasting solution to
the Palestinian-Israeli crisis has so far been implemented;

C) Claims by the United States to control and manipulate Iraqi sovereignty
appear to still be in place;

D) While the possibility for more effective, viable, international
institutions of global human unity do seem to be developing, for the most
part, this is without the cooperation or useful participation of the United
States of America.

While neither large scale physical devastation nor complete
political/cultural/economic disintegration is not in the interests of the
development of a species as a whole, a swift and immediate leveling of the
United States of America is in order to deter the heedlessness and general
hubris recently demonstrated.

A near-catastrophic breakdown of the primary institutions of governance and
commerce will be allowed to occur within the next few years in order to call
attention to the faulty behavior, and to eliminate the primary root sources
of corruption within these institutions. Recovery shall then commence only
to ensure that the United States of America takes its place among other such
nation-states and so long as no undue attempts at overall dominance are
initiated on its part. In such event, the full dissolution of this entity
into its constituent parts may be enforced with no further consideration

II) The Following General Directives were also set by this Council:

1) The primary function of this cycle is the development of collective
human institutions and consciousness to ensure the survival of the species.
All present operations concerned with higher order individual development
are to continue as circumstances permit. Collective and individual human
development should continue to be considered as concurrent priorities, but
global survival imperatives necessitate that greater emphasis needs to be
placed on collective issues in the presentation of all interrelated
development plans.

2) The full unification of the "Judeo-Christian-Islamic" dispensations of
the "Abrahamic Prophet" line is to be given increased priority for the
duration of this cycle. The goal of rapid "secularization" of the previous
cycle can be considered essentially completed, and extensive deliberate
effort towards this end should be considered secondary and complimentary to
overall human unification.

This directive is issued bearing in mind that greater equilibrium between
all religious dispensations and non-religious systems of thought is
necessary in order to foster the necessary attitudes of unity given the
survival imperative conditions of this cycle, and that this can best be
accomplished through techniques organic to prevailing conditions.

As always, consciousness development must be understood as a phenomena that
operates independently of physical and political/cultural/economic
technologies. The general guideline is still to use what works, but the
stressed consideration here is to not allow any potentially outmoded
concepts of either prophesy OR progress based in such technological concepts
to limit potential development.

3) All natural competition to human dominance have been eliminated, yet the
threat of collective extinction remains. For this reason, potential
alternative life-forms derived from human engineered biological and
consciousness technologies should be encouraged, but only bearing in mind
that any such developments may create a divergent line in direct competition
for the resources necessary for human survival.

Form the perspective of the overall needs of life, competition between
humanity and its potential progeny is highly useful, but from the
perspective of the preservation of human life, it could prove disastrous.
Neither perspective can be ignored, and therefore developments towards both
ends will continue throughout this cycle, and no conclusive injunctions will
be issued either way.

Consciousness record translated by
Jeffrey P. George, Attending Secretary


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