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Saturday, November 06, 2004


We are in the middle of a titanic struggle between the racist, violent, imperialist West and Islam. The West’s crusade against Islam is all encompassing, with many strands to it, but is ultimately a war of ideology. Sometimes, this becomes obvious in the actions, behaviour and comments of Western establishment’s as is explained below.

This war of ideology (a continuation of an age old conflict between Islam and Christendom) was plotted and commenced not after 911 as some naively believe, but after the demise of the Soviet Union and the death of the ideology of communism. The West’s Political ideology, which they describe as capitalism (its interesting that people can describe the pursuit of wealth as their way of life) was seen to have become the only universal ideology and way of organising human affairs and politics. Except that right at the heart of the world’s greatest reserves of natural resources and, religious (Palestine for Christians and Jews) and geo- political centres a new movement was taking shape. This was a revivalist Islamic movement that sought to replace the West’s puppet regimes in the region with a political order based on Islam.

The West’s viewed this development with alarm. They thought that they had put Islam out of action for good with the final dismantling of what was left of a decaying Uthmani Empire known as “Khilafah”. But Islam as a source of political power was on the rise again throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. Such a revival would end the West’s unlicensed plunder of Muslim wealth through its puppets regimes. And its illegitimate offspring Israel felt particularly threatened.

The West now perceived a threat to its pursuit; or rather plunder of the wealth of others, the very lifeline that feeds the myth of the superiority of the Western political system. If Islamic political orders were established and successful, as they might well be, it would end the West’s claim to the universality and the superiority of their polity.

So they began plotting the demise of Islam itself. Except that there was a problem. Islam was not a threat to the West as communism was. There was no equivalent military might and nuclear weapons. There was not even a movement of academics and intellectuals or activists committed to an alternative Islamic Political Order. Sure there were Muslim Missionaries, mainly trained in the American Islam that came out of Saudi Occupied Arabia. But these were not the types that one could class as a political challenge, in fact they were not even at the political / intellectual level of Christian priests (most of those now parading themselves as representatives of Muslims, and recognised as such by Western Governments, are the products of this brand of American Islam, and have grave difficulty in understanding Western politics and policy). There was and is no intention on the part of Muslims to impose their way of life or politics on others, and even less to do this by force, unlike the West, which has its military forces, occupying Muslim lands and imposing through violence their politics on Muslims. There is simply the desire for freedom of Muslim lands from occupation and puppet regimes and the right to Islamic self-determination.

So began the manufacture of “The Green Peril”, an Islamic Threat that would have to be hyped up into a gigantic enemy on the scale of the Communist or fascist threat to Europe. The key to the manufacture of this threat was lies and black propaganda, just as we saw against the Soviet Union and communism. Of course the lies had to be greater and bigger, the propaganda better and more sophisticated, to convince sceptical Western public opinions and audiences. The role of the media was crucial, as was the role of think tanks, university departments, academics and “terrorism experts” and “specialists” and government policy makers. Just as under communism the CIA funded such cultural and intellectual activity, so too somewhere along the line the intelligence agencies of the three key architects of the Crusade, Israel, Britain and the United States have been, and are, intimately involved.

So now local American sponsored thugs like Saddam (compared to the real Western international criminals and gangsters who backed him) were re-branded as equivalent to Hitler. This was deliberate, so that an invalid and military decapitated state was presented to the public as an equivalent to the military might of the Third Reich. The height of this nonsense was the notion that Saddam, like the Soviet Union, could hit Britain with any type of weapons within 45 minutes. How the media or the British public or politicians could even contemplate such nonsense as reality is beyond rational comprehension.

Rogue States (Muslim States) instead of Communist Sates were now a threat to the West. They, like the states that promoted the ideology of communism were now the source of all evil, redefined as the “Axis of Evil”. They had to be taken out. The difference here was the Communist States had strong military machines, so the West was not courageous enough to take them on militarily. Nor could they do so for risk of another European instigated World War. The Rogue Sates, on the other hand are weak militarily, and their inhabitants are non-white Europeans and Muslims who can be slaughtered mercilessly without much fuss from Europeans. The manufacture of fear is another key ingredient in this War on Islam. Western peoples have to be so frightened of the threat and consequences of “Islamic Terror” that they will support mass-murder of Muslims in “Rogue Sates”.

This process of acclimatizing world opinion to the threat of “international terrorism” also occurred through a stream of Hollywood movies, where uncannily even the events of 911 have been rehearsed, as well as the post 911 internment of Muslims in cages (in such movies as the Siege).

The media, crusading politicians, and think tanks have worked hand in glove to manufacture this Soviet style threat. Note the language that they, including Bush and Blair, use. It is straight out of the anti-communist handbook:-Third World War, Dirty Bombs, Axis of Evil, a threat equivalent to the Second World War, Islamic Ideology like Communism is described as totalitarian, the West’s crusade is a war for freedom against tyranny. They use the human rights and freedom argument as they did against the Soviet Union, but conveniently disregard the greater human rights abuses that they and their “Muslim” poodles engage in. Israel’s record on human rights is never on judgement, or that of the Russians in Chechnya, or the US in Iraq. The West was under threat from the communist threat to “our way of life”, now note how many times since 911 the argument that these “terrorists” do not have a cause or political goals “they are out to destroy our way of life” is used. The West was also under threat from nuclear weapons at the hands of Communists; now the threat comes from Islamists armed with WMD and Dirty Bombs.

The arrests of some 700 Muslims in the UK has only produced fabulous James Bond style Hollywood plots, fed to and deliberately published by the media to reinforce the myth and manufacture fear. The most recent being a young Muslim IT professional who was supposedly trying to “take out” a US navy ship. They have even found a Hollywood style villain in Abu Hamza the perfect Dr. Evil, with tentacles spreading throughout Europe and America. Other Sheikhs have also been identified that fit the Hollywood villain bill. Yet, so far no evidence has been produced of any Al–Qaeda organisation or activity in the UK. Despite all the stories and arrests more non-Muslims have been convicted of terrorism, than Muslims. But the aim was not necessarily to convict, but to create myths and fear, which then can be used to wage more wars and introduce more laws to counter a virtually non-existent “Islamic threat” and to defeat Islam itself.

Today’s policies are similar to the cold war days, except multiplied tenfold. Monitoring of Muslims at Universities, bans and closures of Muslim organisations, letters to mosques, surveillance, and witch-hunts. Even, a Home Office booklet sent to every home in the UK warning of the dangers of “Islamist” terrorist strikes. The last time this was done was during the Cold War in 1980 when every home was also sent a booklet about the threat of a nuclear strike by the Soviet Union. Now we are into the realm not of myth but pure fantasy. There is it appears this almighty Islamic enemy equivalent in military might to the Soviet Union (in reality there is not even the equivalent of an IRA military structure). The United Nations too falls in line. An institution whose remit is to deal with matters between national states now regularly passes resolutions against a mythical nation called “International Islamic Terrorism”, that threatens the world, and thus international disputes, civil wars and disputes between indigenous peoples are conveniently glossed over under the label “war on terror”.

Central to this new cold war has been the media, and in particular the BBC, which prides itself on being a public service broadcaster of great impartiality and balance but often behaves as little more than a British Propaganda Corporation. Since 911 it has helped to shape the new cold war myth in its numerous debates and reports from security and terrorism “experts”. It has given free and unchallenged coverage to those policymakers, politicians and think tanks of what can only be described as warmongers (Richard Perle, David Frum, Elliot Cohen etc.). It has rarely counterbalanced their views on how to deal with the Islamic world, with those who support an alternative strategy. Or even as a minimum with Muslims who understand this agenda and can articulate another view. It has gone farther and produced a string of documentaries/drama’s about this new threat. Earlier this year there was a series called the “Third World War” exposing an international network of Islamic terrorism which is now seen as the third World War. Then there was a drama about the intelligence services and suicide bombers in Birmingham. The BCC Drama “Dirty War” on Sunday 26 September was pure propaganda. The drama was about a fictional plot to use a dirty bomb in the UK by Muslims. It was designed to create fear. Broadcast at peak time, subtitles appeared on screen to inform viewers that the news had been delayed by 30 minutes because of this programme, something that usually happens when a real event takes place. Then, based on this fictional drama, as if to convince the public the threat was genuine and almost as if the event had happened, after the news there was a special programme, with a studio audience and expert guests to discuss if Britain was prepared for such an attack. The Muslim Council of Britain guest on the panel supported the BBC drama thus showing his total lack of ability to understand the BBC agenda and represent Muslims.

We are in the middle the West’s “Dirtiest War“ against Islam. We can expect more media propaganda and spectacular lies. When Joseph Goebbels was appointed Hitlers Minister for Popular Enlightenment and became one of the great propaganda exponents he said: “if you tell people a big lie they are more likely to believe it than if you tell them a little lie”. Today, Western politicians and the media have surpassed the efforts of both Hitler and the Soviet Union in black propaganda. The West’s aim is now to defeat Islam, as they tried to defeat Communism.

However the arrogant West is in for a surprise. Despite all their efforts and policies to defeat the Soviet Union, their experts could not even predict the demise of the Soviet Union. It was a Muslim that predicted its demise. The Soviet Union and Communism were defeated in Afghanistan, where the Mujahideen destroyed the myth of the invincibility of the Red Army. The US and its political system, by invading Iraq at the heart of the Muslim world has entered its own graveyard, just like the Soviet Union did in Afghanistan. They can tell as many lies as they wish to their public, just as the Soviet Union did, but ultimately all their lies will be unravelled, including the greatest lie of them all –the myth of US invincibility and the superiority of its values and political order.


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