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Monday, February 13, 2006

Grave Worship Final Words

Dear beloved readers, Al Salaam aleikum Wa Rahmatullah. This is a short message, I did not wish to write, but had to, and this is why. I brought you all Ayahs from Allah, yet looks like some of you are still in doubt, they ask, Qur’aan as you say is the best of hadeeth, fine, how about if we bring you an Ayah from Qur’aan as a strong proof for life in the Graves, what do you say to that? I say: please show us, what Ayah could stand against all the Ayahs I brought in this regard.
They brought me Ayah 40:45-46, which says:
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“bad Torture surrounded the family of Pharaoh, Fire they are exposed to by day and by night, but when Resurrection hour is up, put the family of Pharaoh into the greatest torture of all kinds”. So many of those who support life in the Graves use this Ayah as supportive proof for their false claim, now leaving us to ask them this question: Many Ayahs says no life in the Grave, the dead cannot hear, the dead have no life, yet they bring this one Ayah, even if they claim this Ayah to be a proof, we ask them: what about all the other Ayahs, are all those Ayahs lies? For those who say: of course not, because Qur’aan has no lies, we explain this Ayah some think it to be good support for their claim.
There is a huge Difference to how those explain this Ayah, and what Allah told us, let us explain this to all of us if you do not mind. Dear readers, this is a very dangerous situation, a huge warning, please pay attention if you will, and try to avoid doing what the people in the Ayahs did. Before we reach Ayah 40, all the Ayahs before, starting with Ayah 21, then Ayah 28-45, explain how the people of Egypt had many warnings about disobeying Allah, we see how much they insist on not listening to the calls, then they reach a stage when Allah does not wish to push any harder, and make them believe by force.
Mankind keep pushing Allah so bad, and so hard, Allah keeps warning them, keeps being so patient and kind until they reach that horrible point of no hope. Some people keep pushing their LORD, how miserable they are, not knowing how they will reach the point of no hope. This is what the people of Pharaoh did, they kept pushing so bad, and then Allah said: that’s it, bad Torture surrounded the people of Pharaoh. Being surrounded like this means there no escape any more. How those and people like them get surrounded with no escape? Of course, how else, except when they die, no escaping from death land, and while their Spirits are held behind a Barzakh until Resurrection time. So, now we know how they deserved what is happening to them, they are surrounded in Death from all sides, held behind the Barzakh.
Now they are where they cannot escape, be it in their bodies, or their Spirits too, the second stage comes as Allah told us, Hell fire they are exposed to by day and by night. Now the word exposed in Arabic is: Yuradoon, and this is where those who wish to twist Qur’aan to fit their sick interpretation comes. They are stuck without knowing the true meaning of exposed. Sometime the extra Genius forget the simplicity of the word, and they go so deep digging in the wrong directions all the time. Let us pretend how the word exposed is so difficult to understand as they wish to explain to us, then let us pick where in the Noble Qur’aan and the word Yuradoon came, and in what sense, may they too come to understand.
Where Allah mentioned this word in the Qur’aan besides this Ayah? In Ayah 33:73, this word came meaning offered, in Ayah 2:31 meant presented, in Ayah 38:30 meant presented in like a show in front of Solomon, in Ayah 18:48 meant presented in front of the LORD in one line, in Ayah 69:18 meant: you will be presented, nothing from you will hide out, we do notice how all those Ayahs and many more give us many meaning, but none implies what those who twist Qur’aan to fit can get. Therefore, from all of this in mind, then the word Yuradoon means that the people of Pharaoh and those who are like them will be exposed to Hell fire by day and by night in the sense that they will see it, and it will be watching them, but neither they will come close, nor Hell will get from them a bite.
In summery we say: those are exposed, they are not entering Hell, surrounded by Torture, but not suffering from any kind of pain beside the Psychological one. Imagine we are told how a Meteorite will hit planet Earth, we are surrounded by danger from all sides, sure death is coming to our planet, al the time we will be in Psychological pain, not suffering the real Impact until it really hit, then we have different kind of pain when facing death.
Now the Ayah says: come Resurrection hour, put the people of Pharaoh into the greatest Torture of all kind in Hell. When Allah says how they will not enter into this greatest pain except that time, then all this time they are just passing by. Now, who are passing by Hell fire, those bodies lying in the Graves six feet under? No, but their Spirits, then this is as we said a Psychological Torture, not a Physical one, because Spirits do not suffer Physical pain of any kind, how? Allah explains how Torture is applied to the skin, Allah says: every time their skins are cooked, we change them with fresh skin for Torture, and we said before for those who say how the Spirits are put into blue birds in Barzakh, O fools, Grave Torture means in those Wholes in the ground six feet under the ground, not in the outer space you keep fooling yourself believing in.
In Conclusion we say: no friends, this Ayah is another proof that there is not Torture in the Graves, and more solid proofs to support our debate against those who follow fiction and follow the ignorant Temptations of their hearts.


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