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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Warning: Christians and Jews are now attacking Islam

Please be warned: Christians and Jews are attacking, fighting and trying to humiliate Islam and Muslims on the internet.

Bismillah Walhamdulillah,
I start by the name of Allah, the very merciful, the merciful

Christians are now attacking Islam all over the internet. Websites have been made, chat rooms generated, discussion boards, people hired just to talk against Islam. Believe me the are paying people to learn about things in Islam, and find what they can criticize and use it against Islam and against Prophet Muhammad.

Brothers and sisters, it’s time we learn in depth about the beautiful details of Islam, and it’s time to speak it out. Teach what you learn, because today it’s Jihad to teach the obligatory Islamic knowledge.

Here’s what you should do when in debate with these people:
1. Start with one topic and don’t change topics until the other party admits to it
2. Only say what you know, and what you don’t know say God knows, I can check
3. Don’t let them attack and you defend, rather you attack and they try to defend
4. Flip the question on the one who’s asking in objection. Example: Why? Answer: Why not?
5. Use wisdom and gentleness when speaking about the religion never be aggressive

Brothers and sisters,
Acquire the Islamic knowledge, because it’s the way to success in this life and in the hereafter. Learn and teach what you learn. Be honored to know, hold, and defend the religion of Islam.

Use this forum. Use it in what you are doing. Go ahead and copy/paste what you need, find the topic that you need and send it, by email, on discussion boards, in chat rooms, all means of communication, use this technology wisely and spread the authentic teachings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, for, there are many thirsty sheep and many hungry wolves.

May Allah enable us to help others sincerely.

I will make a list insha'Allah mentioning the most common things that the enemies of Islam use and use over and over again to try to humiliate Islam and lie about Prophet Muhammad. And many Muslims in many cases have not thought of that question, and would not be able to answer or would be intimidated to say things that should not be said.

The Muslim should take control and plot the truth and the facts in a very wise and respectful manner, just like our Prophet (peace be upon him) used to be like.

Among the critics that these people try to use against Islam, they will ask:

Q: Why did Prophet Muhammad marry ^Aisha at age 6?

A: He did not. He married her at 9, and copulated when she 14. And as she (^Aishah) said: “Every time when my night passes by, He used to go at nights to “al-Baqi^” (the graveyard in al-Madinah) thinking for the people in the graves (making supplications for them)”. This is so while ^Aishah was known for her beauty and youth. Did you forget that the Prophet first got married when he was 25 to lady Khadijah who was about 40 years old? He could have married anyone He wanted. And after Khadijah died he never married until after He was 50 years old. If his heart was attached to women he would have married many women before he was 25 and before he was 50! But he did not.

Q: Why did he get married to numerous wives?

A: To spread Islam. Prophet Muhammad was known among his people “Muhammad al-Ameen; The Trustworthy”.
If Prophet Muhammad was a womanizer (attached to women) his people would have saw evil doings from him and no one would follow him. Or He would have not have married a 40 year old women, rather he would marry the young women that were known with beauty at that time. And they would love and would be honored to marry Him and their guardians would be more then honored to have Him marry their daughters. Did you forget that the Prophet did not marry until he was 25? And to a 40 year old women? Did you forget that the Prophet, whom you allegedly described him with things that are really your own doings from sleeping with women, and drinking alcohol and eating foods for pleasure, the Prophet was not like that. The Prophet ate the bread made from barley, and would not have enough, and used sleep on a rough rug, when he could have slept on silk and jewelry. But he chose the order of Allah and spread in Islam in full success.

Allah knows best.


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