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The Ruling Upon The One Who Rejects HADITH

As- Suyootee said, “Whoever rejects that the hadeeth of the Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wasallam) - whether it is related to speech or action - on account of the well known conditions in the Usool (sciences related to this subject), is considered a proof, has disbelieved, and has left the fold of Islaam, and he will be raised alongside the Jews and Christians, or alongside whomever Allah wills amongst the sects of disbelievers.” [Miftaah ul-Jannah Fil-Ihtijaaj Bis-Sunnah p.14]

It is stated in al-Muheet that if a religious scholar is speaking points of knowledge or is relating authentic Hadith i.e., Hadith that are proven and not fake, and someone laughed at it saying that “all this is nothing”, whereby the purpose is to reject it, he will become an infidel. Because it is a contradiction of Allah’s statement: “But honour, power and glory belong to Allah and to His messenger and the believers.” and “While the word of Allah that became the uppermost” [Fatawa al-Muheet]

Muhammad bin Nasr al-Marwazi said concerning the wiping of the khuffs, “Whoever rejected that, then rejection of all of what we have mentioned from the Sunan is binding upon him, and also other than that from what we have not mentioned. And this constitutes exiting from the main body of the people of Islaam”. [As-Sunnah, p.104].

And al-Aajurree said, “The ruling concerning all of the obligatory duties that Allah has made incumbent in His Book is not known except by way of the Sunan of Allah’s Messenger (sallAllahu alaihi wasallam). This is the saying of the Scholars of the Muslims, and whoever says other than this has left the fold of Islaam and entered into the religion of the (apostate) heretics.” [Ash-Sharee’ah 1/412].

Ibn Hazm said, “If a man was to say, ‘We do not take except what we find in the Qur’aan’, then he would be a Kaafir (disbeliever) by unanimous agreement of the Muslims.................” [Al-Ihkaam Fee Usool il-Ahkaam 2/80].

And Shaikh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah said, “Muhammad (sallAllahu alaihi wasallam) was sent to the two worlds, the men amongst them and the jinn amongst them. Whoever believes that it is permissible for anyone to exit from his Sharee’ah and from his obedience, then he is a kaafir...................”. [al-Wasiyyat ul-Kubraa Dimn Majmoo’at ar-Rasaa’il al-Kubraa 1/315].

Ibn Daqeeq al-Eid commented upon the revilement of some of the deviants of the hadeeth of the fly, “Indeed this (hadeeth) and its likes, from what which has come the authentic hadeeths, if the one who speaks against them intends to nullify them, after having belief that the Messenger (sallAllahu alaihi wasallam) did speak with them, then is an open kaafir (disbeliever). And if he intends to nullify their ascription to the Messenger (sallAllahu alaihi wasallam) on account of a reason that returns back to the text of the hadeeth, then he is not a kaafir, though he is one who falsifies the authenticity of the hadeeth.” [Sharh ul-Ilmaam 2/177-178].

Al- Mu’allimee said, “The one who rejects the obligation of acting upon the hadeeth in absolute terms (i.e. in principle), the proof is to be established upon him, and if he persists, then he is a kaafir (disbeliever). And the rejecter of the obligation to act upon some of the ahaadeeth, then if he has an excuse amongst the well-known excuses amongst the people of knowledge and what approximates to them, then he is excused. But otherwise, he is disobedient to Allah and His Messenger, and the disobedient one is a sinner, a faasiq.” [Anwaar ul-Kaashifah p.81-82].

And the Allaamah, ‘Abdul-Azeez bin Baaz (rahimahullaah) said: “What Rasheed Khalifah has expressed of rejection of the Sunnah, by claiming the lack of need and dependency upon it is kufr and apostasy from Islaam. This is because whoever rejects the Sunnah has in fact rejected the Book, and whoever rejects them both or just one of them is a kaafir by unanimous concensus, and it is not permissible to interact with him and his likes. Rather, it is obligatory to boycott him and to warn against his fitnah and to explain his kufr and misguidance at ever opportunity until he repents to Allah from all of that, with an openly proclaimed repentance, in the various newspapers (and otherwise) – due to the saying of Allah, the Mighty and Majestic: “Verily, those who conceal the clear proofs, evidences and the guidance, which We have sent down, after We have made it clear for the people in the Book, they are the ones cursed by Allah and cursed by the cursers. Except those who repent and do righteous deeds, and openly declare (the truth which they concealed). These, I will accept their repentance. And I am the One Who accepts repentance, the Most Merciful” (Baqarah 2:159-160).” [Majmoo’ Fataawaa Wa Maqaalaat Mutanawwi’ah 2/403].

And he also said, “It is known to all the people of knowledge that the Sunnah is the second foundation of the foundations of Islam and that its position in Islaam is that it comes after the Book of Allah, the Mighty and Majestic. Hence, it is a foundation that is depended upon after the Book of Allah, the Mighty and Majestic, by the unanimous consensus of the people of knowledge, without exception. And it is also an independent proof and authority over all of the Ummah. Whoever denied or rejected it, or claimed that it is permissible to turn away from it and to suffice with the Qur’aan only, then he has gone far astray, and he has disbelieved with the major kufr and has apostatised from Islaam with this saying of his. For by this saying and by this belief he has belied Allah and His Messenger, and has rejected what Allah and His Messenger have commanded, and he has rejected a mighty foundation that Allah has made it obligatory to refer back to, depend upon, and take from. And he has also rejected the unanimous consensus of the people of knowledge that is binding upon him and has denied it.

And a new band has emerged, and this saying has not ceased to be repeated at one time or another, and this new band has been labelled “al-Qur’aaniyyah” (Quranites) and they have claimed that they are the people of the Qur’aan and that they seek proof in the Qur’aan only and that the Sunnah is not to be sought for proof (as an authority), since it was written a long time after the Prophet (sallAllahu alaihi wasallam) and that a person can forget and make mistakes, and that mistakes and errors can also creep into books – and other such deviations, mocking deceptions, and corrupt viewpoints. And they claimed that by all of this they are actually safeguarding their religion by not taking from anything but the Qur’aan alone. And they have indeed strayed far from the path, and they belied and disbelieved on account of all of this with the major kufr, that is open and clear. For indeed, Allah the Mighty and Majestic ordered with obedience to the Messenger (alaihis- salaatu was-salaam) and with Ittibaa’ (following) of what he came with, and He also called his speech “wahiy” (revelation), as occurs in His, the Most High’s, saying: “By the star when it goes down, (or vanishes). Your companion (Muhammad) has neither gone astray nor has erred. Nor does he speak of (his own) desire. It is only an Inspiration that is inspired.” (Najm 53:1-4).

And if His Messenger was not to be followed or obeyed then there would have been no benefit or worth in His commands and prohibitions. And he (sallallahu alaihi wasallam) ordered that his Sunnah be conveyed, and hence, when he gave a sermon he ordered that his Sunnah be conveyed and transmitted. And this shows that his Sunnah is obligatory to be followed and that obeying him is obligatory upon the whole Ummah and whoever reflects upon the Mighty Qur’aan will find this abundantly clear. [Majmoo’ Fataawaa Wa Maqaalaat Mutanawwi’ah 9/176-178].

And the respected Shaikh, Abdul-Azeez bin Baaz made takfeer of the main spokesman of their sect, Ghulaam Ahmad Perweiz, and this is one of his comments in the Hajj Magazine, “At- Tadaamun al-Islaamee” which actually published the verdict that was sought by Shaikh Muhammad Yoosuf al-Banaori concerning the Sharee’ah judgement upon Ghulaam Ahmad Perweiz, and who also presented about twenty examples of what Perweiz had spoken or written. So Ibn Baaz (rahmatullaahi alaihi) said, “Everyone from those possessing knowledge and insight who reflects upon the abovementioned examples knows with certain knowledge which does not carry any doubt from any angle whatsoever that the one who is satisfied with them and believes them and who calls to them is a kaafir with the major kufr, an apostate from Islaam. ..................” [Majmoo’ Fataawaa Wa Maqaalaat Mutanawwi’ah 3/268-270, and then the Shaikh refuted him with verses of the Qur’aan, and ahaadeeth. And he ended his words by saying, “The kufr of Perweiz is known most clearly and evidently to the common Muslims, let alone the Scholars, hence, there is no need to provide ample evidences for it.”


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