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December 25 was assigned by Catholic Chruch

Written by a Christian BUT message about Chrimbo good.

Most scholars agree that December 25 was assigned by Catholic Chruch as Jesus' birthday. Why?
The New Encyclopedia Britannica, "is that early Christions wished the date to coincide with the
pagan Roman festival marking the 'birthday of the unconquered sun." But why would Christians
who were viciously persecuted by pagans for over two and a half centuries all of a sudden yield
to their persecutors.?

In the first century, the apostle Paul warned Timothy that "wicked men and imposters" would
slip into the Christian congregation and mislead many [ 2 Timothy 3: 13. ] Following the so called conversion of constantine in the fourth century, vast numbers of pagans flocked to the form of Christianity that then prevailed. With what result?

The book Early Christianity and Paganism states: " The comparatively little body of really earnest believers was lost in the great multitude of professed Christians."
Actually, the only celebration that Christians are commanded to observed is the
Lord"s Evening Meal [ 1 Corinthians 11: 23 26].
The reason the church opted to celebrate our Lord's coming on the 25th of
December lies in two areas. One to allow the diciples to celebrate our Lord while being able to hide behind the vail of the pagan holiday thus the pagan authorities thought they were just revelers of the pagan day, when they were really celebrating our Lord having come. The other was to leave a holiday in the year for the people instead of alienating them completely out of society. Think about how we celebrate Christmas in the western world, hardly spirtual with
all of the pagan symbols of the Christmas tree, and Santa Claus, and the mass maketing of
consumer goods. So if Christmas seems to more pagan then spiritual to you you're in one sense
correct. However it's up to you as and individual as to what meaning and how you choose to
celebrate the birth of our messiah. If you read the gospel of St. Luke. It's obvious that our Lord's birth was in the spring of the year from two stand points. One the stars that were in the sky at the time and second the shepards at night were in the fields with their flocks instead being hold up in the caves as they would in winter.
May God Grant You His Peace
Genesis 11:7,8 also states that because the inhabitants of Nimrod's first city built this tower and became united against God, the Lord confused their language and scattered the ALL OVER the earth. Archaeological findings have proved early man indeed came from the Babylonian and Northern Assyrian areas. (You could check in the public library). To the first inhabitants of the world after the flood, Nimrod (Ninus), the first King of Babel, his queen Semiramis, and their miraculously bord god child Tammuz, (the son of the sun) as the first pagan trinity. A multitude of various names have covered their true identity, but the discoveries of the ancient ruins of Babylon, Assyria, Egypt, Mexico, etc....., have enabled scholars to trace their worship from Babylon and Assyria to the Hindus; and across the ocean to the early American Indians. Their pattern of worship is usually the same, only the names are different because of the various languages in the world.

Comparing Bible doctrine with pagan mythology, scholars, both Christian and Non Christian, will
agree that some of the most cherished traditions and ordinances kept by both Catholic and
Protestant churches, have their origin from Sun worship, and not from the Old and New
Testaments. If search through the Bible, there is no verse tell you that Jesus born in the 24 th
December, it is coming from the Son of the Sun Tammuz, but they bring it to the custome of the
Roman Church if you will study carefully, but people just receive what they handed to them
without check it out, it same like Sinday they received it from the paganism, even Jesus worship in the Sabbath like the other real God's prophet (excluded Muhammad), the last prophet is Jesus worship on Sabbath, and he did not born on December, nobody exactly knew when
EASTER EGG, AND BUNNY, HOT CROSS BUNS AND GOOD FRIDAY, are not Holy days and ordinances to be kept sacred from the Bible; but were sacred to the ancient BABYLONIAN
The mixture of Sun worship and the true worship of God brought judgments from God on the
Israelites during the apostasy. We will also study this later. These festivals to the heathen Trinity were observed centuries before the birth of Jesus in Babylon, Persia, Egypt,
Greece, Rome, Scandinavia, and other remote areas of the world. When the Lord brought Israel
Leviticus 18: 1 3.

REFERENCE: Check the seal showing Ishtar, the mother of gods and Tammuz the god of
vegetation, Notice the bow and arrows, Tammuz like his father, Nimrod, was a mighty hunter.
Coutesy of the British Museum. See the TWO BABYLONS, by Alexander Hislop, p. 309,
Check the book THE ANTICHRIST 666, TEITAN 300 5 10 300 1 50 = 666 PAGE 29
AND 30.
Now, heathen philosophy says when Semiramis died, her spirit, like her husband's Ninus'
(Nimrod), became immortal and flew up to the moon and took possession of it.
She became the Moon Goddess, The mother of gods, The Queen of Heaven. When her god child
Tammuz died, the pagans claimed his spirit became immortal and took possession of the East
Star (Venus), that appears together with the sun and moon in the spring. This was also known as the New Year Festival. The reason they called it the New Year Festival because in ancient
times pagans began their New Year in the Spring, not in the January. As Baal, the Lord of Heaven had his visible home, the Sun, so did Semiramis as the Queen of heaven have her visible home, The Moon.
Tammuz, like his parents, took possession of the brightest lights in the sky, (Venus), the East
Star. The God was known as the bright and the morning star. One of the multitude of names
given to the Vegetation God was Athtar. In near Eastern Mythology, by John Gray, p.22, we
read the following: "Ishtar the war goddess name is also identified with the east star, the most
significant star in the near east, called by the Arabs in Palestine An najim, "The Star". It was the
home of the god of Vegetation of the Semitic people who was known as Athtar."
During the month of Abib was the jewish Passover Festival. This was held in the spring
also. The Jews were commanded by the lord to eat the passover Exodus 12:1 51, Leviticus 23:5.
However, just as the Jews celebrated the passover so did the pagans around them have their New Year Festival. It was and known today as Holy Week, the time of the resurrection of the dead Vegetation God, who died in the autumn and came back to life in the spring.
Just as the Jews had their sacrificial lamb and were commanded to eat it, so did the Cahna Bal have his sacrifice.
Cahna Bal was a preist of Baal. The priests of Baal sacrificed humans, most of whom were little
children. They sat these little ones on altars of brick or wood, and set them on fire as a burnt
offering to Baal. Then, as the Israelites were commanded to eat the passover lamb, so did
Cahna Bal, the priest of baal eat his sacrife. Cahna Bal is where we get our word cannibal one
who eats human flesh.
Satan is invented these cruel gods and its cruel clergy, to guide those who worshipped them to
destroy themselves. Everything from cannibalism, sacred prostitution, rape, incest, homesexuality, murder, lying, stealing, self emasculation, and suicide, did these gods in their
myths commit; therefore, those who worshipped them were led to follow in their footsteps. Here
is who accepted the heathen sacrifices:

In the legend of the Tauric Goddess Diana, it is said that every stranger who landed on her shore, was sacrificed on her altar. Have you ever wondered what the Christmas Tree has to do with the Birth of Christ? or the ornaments you place on the tree, or the meaning of the word
"YULETIDE"? Or where the tradition of mistletoe came from and how it became a symbol of
Christmas? Reader, they have nothing whatsever to do with the birth of Jesus, but are some of the traditions obsereved to honor the birth of pagan god child TAMMUZ. There is not one single
Scriptural evidence that supports the Birth of Christ as being December 25th;but history says
December 25th was kept thousands of name of Tammuz, the pagan god child was "Ball bereth," which means: "Lord of the Fir Tree."
The Sun God, the Mother goddess, and their son, according to Babylonian mythology were
mystically changed into trees. This is the origin of burning the Yuli log. Nimrod deified as the
Sun god was symbolized by abig fir tree stripped of all its branches and cut almost to the ground.
But the great serpent which symbolized the life restorer, whose name is Aesculapius, twists itslef around the dead stock and lo, at its side sprouts a young tree a tree of an entirely different kind, which its side sprouts a young tree a tree of an entirely different kind, which is destined never to be cut down by hostile power; even the palm tree, the well known symbol of
victory. People of Aryan stock who believed that this Branch was of Mistletoe which grew on the oak tree, and to be kissed under the Christ in Isaiah 11:1 "AND THERE SHALL COME FORTH A ROD OUT OF THE STEM OF JESSE, AND A BRANCH SHALL GROW OUT OF HIS ROOTS."

Now take the word "Yuletide." The word yule is as Babylonian as Tammuz. The word yule is
the Chaldee word fo rinfant or little child, and teh 25th of December was called by the pagan
Anglo Saxons, "Yule day" or Child's Day. The pagan Egyptians, and the Persians both observed
the 25th of December as the birthday of their god.

In Germaninc Mythology, they too, had a supreme god to whom they gave sacrifice. These
war like people promised their god, whose name was TIWAZ, that if he would give them victory
over their enemy, they would give to their god all the spoils of the battle.
Like the Babylonians, god answered their prayers, they took their dead victims along with their
spoils of war, and dragged them to their sacred grove, and there hung bogs in Germany. This begot the origin of hanging ornaments from the Christmas Tree.
Littel sheelp of the Lord's pasture, it is impossible to ignore the pagan Festival of Christmas. The
World is commemorating the Birth of Christ, not Tammuz. There is an advantage during the
Christmas season to preach the real Jesus of the Bible. However, we should keep ourselves from the vanities fo the pagan Festival, not to mention the cost, and the death caused by lighted
Christmas Trees.
There is, however, an oppurtunity during the Christmas Season, with its beautiful music, to make others aware that Christ is no longer a helpless babe in a manger, but is the Savior of the world, the King of Kings, Lord of Lords. Mnay who think the Bible and its message is foolishness can be rached during the Christma Season where it would be alomost impossible to talk to them at another time. Even the Christmas Tree can be used to teach the children a great lesson. The
children should be taught that it is a historical fact that placing bulbs, tinsel, and lights on a
Christmas tree is pure pagan heathenism.
This pagan custom got its start from killing enemies and hanging their heads and their spoils from pagan sacred trees. It would not be a sin if an evergreen tree was set up in a church during the Christmas Season if it was done to be an object lesson. IF the parents would take the money they spend, and give the money as an offering to advance the preaching of the gospel, would not the Lord be pleased with such a self sacrifice?
Tammuz was killed and suffered mach pain, the men would identify with their god by self flagellation. This was usually done with knives, While the men would cut themselves to show
their sincerity, the women would weep for their god's return. They believed beacuse Tammuz
died in the fall, vegetationdied also, and if he was resurrected, this too would cause the
regenaration of plant life in the spring.
Tammuz was known as the SON OF THE SUN, and the ignorant pagan saw life beyond the
grave. If the proved faithful, at death they would shed their mortal bodied and become like the
spirits of gods, and live in Paradise.
One of the strict observances a follower had to keep in the worship of Baal, often with the pain of
death if broke, was a (Day) to give honor, and to recognize the Sun God as the Creator and Lord
of Heaven. This day was to be kept Holy, and the people were commanded by Law not to do any
servile work on this Holy Day. This day was to be a Holy Convocation; a day to be set aside
from earning a livehood. It was a day to give Thanks to the Sun God for the Bounties from
Heaven. On this day, the pagan would face the east at sunrise as the sun appeared, and they
worshipped the Sun toward the east, on what was called "Sun day," which is the first day fo the
week. However, during the New Year Festival, Sunday had a double observance at this time of
the year. it was Tammuz's appearance with the Sun, and the Moon, who were believed to be the
homes of Baal, and the Queen fo Heaven. Tammuz's star was the East Star (Venus).
This Sunday was the Holiest of Holy to the pagan. This pagan observance was called "Easter,"
and on this special day the followers of the gods would hold what modern Christian Churches call
today "Sun rise Services. "The same New Year Festival that was held in mesopotamia, was also
held in Western Asia and Greece under the name of "Adonis." He too was mourned, with bitter
wailing, and the East Star was his symbol.

Has the reader ever wondered what the Easter Bunny has to do with the Resurrection of Christ? Or the Easter Egg? Like teh Festival of Christmas and The Christmas Tree, they have nothing whatsoever to do with the Gospel of Christ. The Queen of Heaven was also a goddess of
Fertility, and because the rabbit and teh hen were noted for their many off springs, they were her symbols. Even the word "EASTER" is of pagan origin. It is Chaldean and means ASTARTE," this is one of the titles of BELTIS, the QUEEN OF HEAVEN at Nineveh.
The papacy claims the office of the pope possess infalibility. In other words they claim the pope
cannot err in anything according to the Scriptures. The Vicarius Filii Dei is without fault, and teh
words he speaks are binding on all Christians, according to the papacy. But where in the Word of
God can we find any statement that Jesus, the founder of Christianity, commanded a spiritual ruler or a sunstitute in His place to rule over His people? Where in the Word of God did Jesus set up a hierarchy of Archibishops, Cardinals, Priests, and Sisterhood of Nuns? Where in the Word of God can we find the exaltation of the Virgin Mary as the Mother of God? Where in
the Word of God can we find a commandment from Jesus for women to consecrate their virginity to God, and men as well as women forbidden to marry? Where in the Word of God is the sacrament of the 40 days of lent? Where in the WOrd of GOd is the Observance of Good Friday and the making of Hot Cross Buns? Where in the Word God is the Festival of Christmas commanded to be observe December 25th? Where in the Word of God is the Festival of Easter to be celebrated? Where in the Word of God are the repetitious prayers of the Rosary? Where in the Word of God did JEsus command that the Holy Sabbath Day, teh seventh day fo the week, be changed to the day of the pagan Sun God Baal? Where in the Word of God can we find the power of the preists to change a wafer into the real flesh and the wine into the blood of Jesus? These and other doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, handed down to many Protestants, we will study and compare with the Scriptures.
But first, we want to express our feeling toward the people who make up the Catholic Church.
We do not have any hatred toward any member of the Roman Catholic Church, not even the Pope himself. We are against the system, not the people of the Catholic faith. We believe that the foundation to all Christian doctrine is found written in the Holy Scriputres. We believe all
Christians should follow in the steps of our Leader, Jesus Christ. We believe the books of the
Bible were given before the Roman Catholic Church or a Protestant Church came into being, and
the Lord gave them to be a guide which will lead to eternal life with our Savior Jesus Christ. We
believe by reading the Word of God that a person is transformed from strength to strength, from glory to glory, in the image of Christ. We believe knowledge of the truth
produces faith and will give correction to the ways of error. We believe at present the Lord has His people in all faiths but will seperate all people of the world into two bands; those that do the
will fo God and those who do not. We believe that there is a last day message to the people of the
modern world and after this message there is no other. The door of eternal life will be shut
and those who have rejected and obeyed not the Gospel will lose their salvation. We believe
the last day message is found in the three angels messages of Revalation.
Not only does the Roman Catholic Church observe this heathen custom, but it was the Roman
Catholic Church who prometed the pagan festivals, Easter, Christmas, Good Friday, and Sunday
sacredness which we will study later. None fo these Pagan Festival were kept at the time of the
apostles of Christ. As mater of fact, they were shunned by both the Jews and Christ's followers.
Like the Israelites in their apostasy, it did not come all at once, but a little at a time, the enemy of the Gospel mingled the unholy practices of Baal worship into the pure worship of God. But Satan will be unmasked "AND THE GLORY OF THE LORD SHALL BE REVEALED, AND ALL
According to The New Encyclop:dia Britannica, ^December 25, the birthday of Mithra, the
Iranian god of light and . . . the day devoted to the invincible sun, as well as the day after the
Saturnalia, was adopted by the church as Christmas, the nativity of Christ, to counteract the
effects of these festivals.` So the pagan birthday celebration continued with a simple switch in
names, from Mithra to Christ!
^God is a God, not of disorder, but of peace,` wrote the apostle Paul. (1 Corinthians 14:8) Now,
if a God of order intended to have Christians celebrate the birth of his Son on the earth, would He leave it to imperfect men to choose arbitrarily a date from pagan festivals and
to adopt ungodly practices?
So you may ask, If Jesus was not born on December 25, when was he born? From Matthew
chapters 26 and 27, we understand that Jesus died at the time of the Jewish Passover, which
commenced April 1, 33 C.E. Moreover, Luke 3:21 23 informs us that Jesus was about 30 years of age when he commenced his ministry. Since his earthly ministry lasted three and a half years, he was about 33 1/2 years old at the time of his death. Christ would have been a full 34 years old six months later, which would thus be about October 1. If we count back to see when Jesus was born, we reach, not December 25 or January 6, but about October 1 of the year 2 B.C.E.
It is also noteworthy that during the month of December, Bethlehem and its surroundings are
subject to wintry cold weather, chilling rains, and sometimes snow. One does not find shepherds
with their flocks outside at night during that time. This indicates that weather conditions in Bethlehem in December do not fit the BibleEs description of the events connected with the birth
of Jesus Christ.Luke 2:8 11.

From: Nimrod876
I cannot fully express how saddened I am by the latest vicious act of terrorism which took place in Luxor, Egypt yesterday. In the past whenever I heard of such horrible, unjustifiable killings, that were said to be done by muslim groups, I doubted it. I simply could not believe that any muslim would not know that such an act unquestionably, under any circumstance would be forbidden in Islam, and that those who took any part in supporting such an act would gain nothing but GOD's wrath and be doomed to hell. This is not the way GOD would approve of muslims seeking justice for the wrongs done against them.
Besides being an great sin in the eyes of GOD, such an act only helps the enemies of Islam.
Especially, at this crutial time when the muslim peoples of Iraq are in a very dangerous position,
having confrontations with the UN, the US and her Western Alies, this monstrous act of murder is the perfect way to drive the majority of the public opinion against muslims.
Most people in non muslim countries don't really know all that much about Islam, or what kind of people most muslims are like. Only we muslims know each other well, and know that any ordinary muslim would not do or condone such heinous acts. In the past I thought these monsters must be always muslims pretending to be not to be muslims. I still think this is a strong possibility. Or else these misreable and dispecable cowards who might have been muslims in name, but evidently could have been true muslims at heart, had been brain washed and bought by the enemies of not only Islam but of all mankind. Or else they have to be individuals whose thinking ability has been altered by some advanced scientific technique that turns them into killing robots. This possibility could be checked out by doing a thourough forensic investigation on the bodies of the dead gunman. They should
especially be checked for any micro chips implanted in them. We are now living at such an age,
that many things which we see in the movies are no doubt actually possible and are taking place.
If alchohol and many common drugs can alter peoples minds and make them do terrible things
that they would not do otherwise, just think what the scientists of today can do with all the new
technology and knowledge they have available to them. These are just some thoughts that come to my mind. But, whatever the true cause is behind these horrendous terrorist acts, they
must be stopped. Incase the other possibility is true; that these are terribly misguided muslims, who somehow think they are doing this for the sake of their country or for Islam, the rest of the
muslims who are still sane and know better, should condemn them vehemently. Why don't the religios leaders in Islamic countries speak out more strongly against these monsters. They could issue a fatwa against them, as they did against Salman Rushdi, and offer a reward for anyone who helps catch, and bring to justice these sinners who are hurting Islam. I would like to see Saddam at the top of this list. And as ordinary muslims, you should voice our disgust anyway the muslim can against all terrorist acts.
Write to your local newspapers, your government representatives, religious organization, speak
up where ever you can, at school, clubs, among friends, etc., and let people know that Islam does
not allow terrorism under any circumstance, and no God fearing muslim would condone it.
I'm disappointed that there has not been any (except one) response to ISLAM, asking people to
send letters to President Clinton and other world leaders regarding the crisis in Iraq. We really
have to be more involved and active in trying to find peaceful solutions to the problems confronting ISLAM. Islam are helpless, and you shouldn't just sit back and expect others to do
all the work. Each individual has an obligation to do what he/she can to make this a better world. Terrorism=hate! This goes for ALL forms of terrorism. The end does not justify the means! It is interesting that so many of the "Islamic Terrorists" talk about the "enemies of Islam, but it seems that shaytan has blinded them, for they are the most dangerous enemies of
Islam themselves! Islam the ones who have provided the non Muslim world with the negative
image of Islam that permeates the media. They fuel the fire of the ever ready and hungry haters of Islam in the media who are waiting for the next big bombing/attack. They talk about the Great Satan as in the TERORISM, yet they are clay in the hands of shaytan! These horrendous people who claim to be fighting a Holy War are simply the tools that divide people
and, even worse, taint the truth of Islam. They are not only responsible for the murders they
have caused, but are also to be held accountable for the lies that they perpetuate about Islam.
May GOD lead you all to the Straight Path!

I think that Islam people has hit the nail on the head when he/she says: <>
The murderers butchering innocent victims in Egypt ,Algeria, Occupied Phalesteen, N Y City etc.. must be Muslim this is for sure.
I have heard that the men commiting such crimes are poor imported manual laborers of eastern
countries who once in "Arab" are kidnapped by the Muslim, injected with special chemicals then
subjected to special XRays to the brains that make them act like zombies. They are the one that
are doing all the killings and bombing all over the world. Including bringing down planes etc.... My source told me that Interpool and the FBI is looking very closely into the matter since some of the so called bombers of the world trade center in NY where found in jail!!!!!
May the Almighty bring light into this matter. In all ages Satan has persecuted the people of God. He has tortured them and put them to death, but in dying they became conquerors. They bore witness to the power of One mightier than Satan. Wicked men may torture and kill the body, but they cannot touch the life that is hid with Christ in God. They can incarcerate men and women in prison walls, but they cannot bind the spirit. The Sower Went Forth to Sow The gospel seed often falls among thorns and noxious weeds; and if there is not a moral transformation in the human heart, if old habits and practices and the former life of sin are not left behind, if the attributes of Satan are not expelled from the soul, the wheat crop will be choked. The thorns will come to be the crop, and will kill out the wheat.

A Great Gulf Fixed
Christ longed to let light shine into the darkened minds of the Jewish people. He said to them, "If ye were Abraham's children, ye would do the works of Abraham. But now ye seek to kill Me, a man that hath told you the truth, which I have heard of God. This did not Abraham." John
8:39,40. The Highest Honor And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the
soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell . Matt. 10:28.

Beyond the Gloom to Glory
In all ages Satan has persecuted the people of God. He has tortured them and put them to death, but in dying they became conquerors. They bore witness to the power of One mightier than Satan. Wicked men may torture and kill the body, but they cannot touch the life that is hid with Christ in God. They can incarcerate men and women in prison walls, but they cannot bind the spirit.

An Appeal to Parents
These cities are filled with wickedness of every kind, with strikes and murders and suicides. Satan is in them, controlling men in their work of destruction. Under his influence they kill for the sake of killing, and this they will do more and more. . . .

The Gift of the Spirit
It is not a conclusive evidence that a man is a Christian because he manifests spiritual ecstasy
under extraordinary circumstances. Holiness is not rapture: it is an entire surrender of the will to God; it is living by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God; it is doing the will of our
heavenly Father; it is trusting God in trial, in darkness as well as in the light; it is walking by faith and not by sight; it is relying on God with unquestioning confidence, and resting in His love. God tells us over and over not to be like the pagans in our worship, and yet you seem to mix up
the secular with the sacred. No you won't find AOL in the scriptures, but you will find that God
tells us NOT to take the things of the heathen and use them to worship him. The children of
Israel tried that with the golden calf. They called the calf the God who brought us out of Israel.
Did God look down on them, you bet! He smote them and they died. What does he think when we take the celebration of the pagan sun god on December 25th and call it the birth of his son? Think about the golden calf and see if there is a lesson there.... I think


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