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Saturday, March 11, 2006

A for Apple? No! A for ALLAH

A is for Allah
Lord of the Universe, who is One,
He made the earth, stars, and sun
He made angels to worship and pray,
He made man from a dab of clay

B is for Bilal
Bilal is that tall, brave African man,
Calling the Muslims to come and pray,
was his duty each night and day

C is for Children
Laughing or crying, short or tall,
Allah loves children, one and all

D is for Dua
Remembering Allah all nights and days,
Thank Allah with "Al Hamdulillah"
And praise Him with "Subhanallah"

E is for Earth
With its mountains, rivers, and seas,
They all declare Allah's Might, Following His laws, wills, and light

F is for Faith
That which the Muslims call Iman,
Is in the heart of the believing man,
Love for Allah pouring out like sand

G is for Gabriel
An angel created by Allah from light,
To Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)he did appear,
To bring mankind the Holy Quran so dear

H is for Heaven
God’s garden of joy, peace, and love,
The home for Muslim’s souls above
The path to this heavenly place
Is faith in Allah’s guidance and grace

I is for Islam
A way of life for all of who,
Give to Allah the praise that is due J is for Jesus
Peace be upon him, ‘Isa, the son of Maryam,
To his people Allah’s word did he carry

K is for Ka’bah
First house of Allah in Makkah was made,
By Ibrahim and Ismail the stones were laid,
millions of believers from every race,
come for Hajj to this extra special place

L is for Life
A precious gift from Allah to you, Don’t waste it, he knows what you do Don’t chase pleasure or forget Allah,

M is for Muhammad
Peace be upon him, Abdullah’s son,
Of all the Prophets he was the last, N is for Nuh
Peace be upon him, a Prophet who was very good, Allah told him to build an ark, fast as he could, Take pairs of animals and the believers-all, The flood was coming and the waves would be tall!

O is for Obedience
It is the duty of each Muslim to obey,
The Quran and the Sunnah all the way

P is for Prayer
It is the cornerstone of Muslim life,
Prayer five times a day is a must,

Q is for Qur’an
A blessing and guide for all of mankind,
In it Allah’s message you will find

R is for Ramadan
For Muslims this blessed month of fasting,
Is to celebrate Allah’s love everlasting

S is for Surah
One hundred and fourteen in the Quran,
Read them and trust in Al-Rahman,

T is for Tawheed
La ilaaha illallah, Allah is the only one,
There is no partner with Him, nor son

U is for Ummah
The Muslim community which Muhammad found,
The brotherhood of Islam made it sound

V is for Victory
It is the help from Allah to you,
His guidance in everything you do

W is for Wudu’
We must keep our minds and bodies clean,
Because by Allah we are always seen

X is for “Seen” *
X is not easy for us to rhyme,
But Allah’s path is clear even to the blind

Y is for Yunus
Peace be upon him, a good man in a wicked town,
He ran to the sea and a whale gobbled him down
By the mercy of Allah he was saved to tell,
His people to become good and obey Allah well

Z is for Zero-sin
It is the way we each begin,
Free from wordly sin.
So, don’t let yourself forget,
Keep out of the devil’s threat


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