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Friday, July 28, 2006

Brother Munazzih of safeena.org wrote :

{Adhere to the true Religion of Allah and do not disunite. Recall the endowment of Allah upon you?? that you were enemies and Allah mended your hearts together.} Surat Al-^Imran, Ayah 103.

Hence, they became one nation which did not regard disunity. The lack of adhering to the true Religion of Allah causes disunity. Moreover, adhering to the true Religion of Allah requires one to be knowledgeable about it.

Solidarity, cooperation, and standing by one another are important and basic elements for constructing a sound, united Islamic society. If the sincere Muslim was to take a brief look at the situations of Muslims at large throughout different parts of the world, it would be enough to make him active in establishing unity among Muslims. However now a days, Many people have

Moreover, a quick glance at the situation prior to and after the renewal of the call to Islam by Prophet Muhammad would shed bright light on the sound foundation for unity among Muslims.

The last prophet before Prophet Muhammad was Prophet ^Isa (Jesus), peace be upon him. The followers of Prophet ^Isa who adhered to the Religion of Islam started diminishing in numbers after Prophet ^Isa was raised to the sky, and ignorance started to become more evident among the people. Before Prophet Muhammad renewed the call to Islam, the people were living in an era of ignorance. It was a period of time when widespread ignorance prevailed. During that time, the Arabs in the Arabian peninsula were scattered tribes, dispersed throughout the land, fighting and robbing one another. The intensity of the wars that took place among them drove some people to bury their daughters alive--to escape the scandal should their daughters be captured by warring tribes.

The strong did injustice to the weak. Women were considered worthless just because they were female. Drinking alcohol was prevalent. Men could have tens of wives under them. The people unrightfully worshipped many stones and idols. Some even worshipped idols made from dates, and when they would get hungry, they would eat them!! Many people buried their children out of fear of poverty. Prostitution became widespread. Unjust tribal solidarity prevailed. This was the situation that prevailed before the Prophet came with his Message. The people were living in dungeons of ignorance and darkness.

When the Prophet received the Revelation of Prophethood, he began to call the people to Islam. The Prophet made reference to the state of ignorance prevalent at that time in a hadith related by Muslim and others.

At first the people felt the Religion was strange due to the rampant state of ignorance in which they were living. They were used to ignorantly and unrightfully worshiping many idols at the time the Prophet came to tell them to worship one and only one God--Who does not resemble the creation. They felt this was so strange because of the ignorance in which they were drowning.

In this same hadith the Prophet established that this Religion would again become strange to many people?-because ignorance would again prevail. He also established when that time comes, there would be people who would stand up and correct the misconceptions in the minds of others; those who would again teach the people what the Prophet came with, and who would warn against those who contravene his laws.

What was the result when the Prophet established his call? The people united and their hearts and hands joined together. Those who immigrated from Makkah to al?Madinah were graciously received by the Ansar (the people of al-Madinah.) The bonds of brotherhood were established to such an extent that a member of the Ansar would offer to split his wealth and his belongings with a Muslim brother from Makkah. They united together; and they sacrificed their money, wealth, and efforts. They accepted many hardships for the purpose of raising the banner of Islam--the message the Prophet brought to them. Within a few years they had become one body expressing solidarity. As a result, they became united in the Arabian peninsula; they opened Makkah; and they went far beyond the Arabian peninsula teaching about Islam.

I ask Allah to make us from those who follow the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad, and to grant us unity...(F)


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