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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The creation of a miracle

Al Salaam Aleikum, Allah spoke His word, the Word whose name is the Messiah Jesus the son of Mary, and Mary got pregnant with a child. Let us explain this from the Christian’s book first, then the Noble Qur’aan. The book of Mathew says: Mary was espoused to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found pregnant with a child of the Holy Ghost. Let us ask: how the Ghost gave Mary a child, we all know Ghosts do not mate; Ghosts do not bring forth children, what happened back then is explained in the book of Luke.

Luke says: Gabriel came and told Mary: you will have a child, when she asked how; he said God is all capable to doing anything he wants. Therefore, Mathew said the Holy Ghost, Luke explained this is Gabriel, why? Well, Gabriel is a Ghost, and he is a Holy Ghost, if the saints are Holy, how much more Gabriel is a Holy over all the saints? Some versions say: Of the Holy Ghost, other books say: through the Holy Ghost, none say: by the Holy Ghost, simply because Ghost do not mate and bring forth children, also God if he is a spirit, he does not mate and bring forth children, I hope no one would debate the simple.

Fine, then as we said: Jesus came because the LORD spoke one Word unto Mary that made her pregnant, all this was with the help of the Holy Ghost Gabriel, let us see what Qur’aan has to say about that. When the Angels including Gabriel told Mary she will have a child, when Mary became pregnant, and close to deliver the child, Allah says:

Ayah 19:16 says: remember in the book Mary, when she isolated herself from her people in a place East of the Temple.

Ayah 19:17 says: she made a block/cover and walls between her and her people, We sent her our Spirit, and he looked to her eyes on a perfect image of a human being.

Ayah 19:18 says: she said: I seek the refuge of the Merciful Allah from you if you have fear from the LORD.

Ayah 19:19 says: he said: I am a messenger from your LORD to give you pure wonderful child.

Ayah 19:20 says: she said: how I may have a child while never being touched by man, and I was not a common woman.

Ayah 19:21 says: he said: this what Your LORD said: it is easier than easy for Me to do, and we will make him a miracle to mankind, also Mercy from us, and this issue came to pass.

Ayah 19:22 says: Mary became pregnant, she carried her child and went to a far place.

My friend, what follows is so wonderful, let us stop here; I do not want you to read a long post. However, let us see what Allah said here. First thing we see how it is easy for Allah to create a child in a woman with ONE WORD, without having any mating of any kind, the one who created a full man from Mud in Adam is all capable of making a child with ONE WORD FROM HIM in the belly of any woman. Allah says: He will make this child a miracle to mankind, in the sense this child was born from a mother without a father, in the sense that Allah creates and does not mate to bring a child like Jesus Christ, in the sense that Allah can make a child in a woman with no need to enter Himself in an incarnation of some kind. Why people cannot accept the simple thing as it is? Next, please pay attention, Allah says: and He will make this child as a Mercy to us. Where this Mercy will be and how? My friend, Jesus came to Israelis, they rejected him (to his own he came), and Jesus was accepted by Muslims and Christians, when he returns, his return will be Mercy from Allah unto all of us. We Muslims have a lot of hope in Jesus more than any can imagine, we see him as Mercy from Allah especially now we are being abused even by some of our brethren from Christians, when Jesus comes, Christians will realize we believe in Jesus, we are not Heathens, we are not terrorists, we are not evil as some describe us.


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