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Monday, September 05, 2011

'Israelis demanding social justice'

Hundreds of thousands of Israeli protesters have taken to the streets in three large cities for what its organizers have called a million-man march.

The protests are an act against deep social injustices brought about by the economic policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Press TV has interviewed with Lebanese Professor Mohsen Saleh to further discuss the matter.

Press TV: Being several weeks ago some Israelis were killed, some experts are saying that it is possible that this is a false flag action by the Israelis to divert the attention of the demonstrators, and to use it as a premise to once again bomb Gaza? How likely do you think that this is the case, and if so, why didn't it sustain itself because once again we're seeing that many people have taken to the streets around the country?

Saleh: First of all, this is a racist regime. So, we can't expect this Zionist regime to behave in an equal level with the Jews and likewise with the Palestinians, especially when the Capitalists inside this Zionist entity have problems in terms of financial problems, their economic issues, in terms of their relations with the US. This is as the Western nations are also having lots of financial problems.

We have to look at this society as a society which is on the verge of deconstruction in terms of its social hegemony, in terms of its social homogeneity. This is a heterogeneous society. When the people or the society feels that they have been deceived and brought to be exploited in this occupied entity, then they will go to the streets and that is what has happened. I have read that 12 families control this new entity, of course founded on occupation, confiscation, massacres, and such things.

So we find that this is the end of this entity, which is going to be extremely isolated, according to the needs of the Zionists coming from abroad in order to fulfill their dream brought by the Zionists from the outside, will find that they have been deceived and will go to the streets.

If they are able to gather one million Zionists in the streets of Tel Aviv, then we will see a lot of problems in terms of the government, in terms of the ideals of the Zionists abroad and also in the United States. I am sorry to say, I'm afraid that some of the Arab regimes might stretch their hands in order to help this regime, if the US asks them to do so. However, this will not help the regime from the aftermath of these marches.

Press TV: With this situation, the calling for social equity, what has happened in Israel? Now, these people have all come from elsewhere and many are saying that they were promised social equity and also a flourishing economy, but the reality has been something else. What has happened that it has reached this point?

Saleh: Well, first of all we should know that this issue is part of the problem of the entire entity. First of all, this movement created a new consciousness concerning this regime. That it is not the regime that they were dreaming of and it will not achieve social justice or democracy, for that matter.

So this is a historical moment when the expansionist entity will stop its expansion. For example, they cannot expand their territories in Lebanon, Egypt, and in Palestine. So they have to comfort themselves inside their problems. So now the society will be aware of the problems of this entity.

I have heard reports saying that more than 700, 000 are applying for European passports, in attempts to get away from these problems. Sooner or later these people who have come from all over the world, except Palestine, will feel that this entity is not for them. The problem is not Netanyahu; the problem is Netanyahu's government, although Netanyahu is doing a great job representing this Capitalist movement. 


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