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List of killings and massacres committed in Mandate Palestine

Name↓Date↓Responsible party↓Casualties/notes↓
Tel HaiMarch 1, 1920Debatable. Either the Jews or theArabs.Jews killed;[1] 5 Arabs killed. Historian Tom Segev states in his book One Palestine, Complete: Jews and Arabs under the British Mandate, that Yosef Trumpeldor may have opened fire.
Nebi Musa riotsApril 4- April 7, 1920Arabs5 Jews, 4 Arabs killed; 216 Jews, 18 Arabs, 7 Britons wounded [1][2][3]
Jaffa riots and attacks by Arabs onRehovotPetah TikvaKfar Sava,HaderaMay 1- May 7, 1921Arabs, British authorities and police48 Arabs, 45 Jews killed; 140 Jews, 73 Arabs wounded, after May Day clash between Jewish and Arab socialists Arabs attacked to Jewish population[1][2][3][4]
Hebron massacreAugust 23- August 26, 1929Arabs133 Jews, 116 Arabs killed; 339 Jews, 232 Arabs wounded [5] [1][2][3][6]
Safed massacreAugust 29, 1929Arabs, British police (stayed passive)18-20 Jews killed; 80 Jews wounded [6]
Labor Strike RevoltApril 15- October 12, 1936Arabs, Jews, British authorities138 Arabs, 80 Jews, 33 British killed [1]
1936-1939 Arab revolt in PalestineSeptember 27, 1937 -1939Arabs, Jews, British authorities5,000 Arabs, 415 Jews, several hundred Britons killed [1]
King David Hotel bombingJuly 22, 1946Irgun91 killed, including 41 Arabs, 28 Britons, and 17 Jews; 40-45 wounded [7][8]
N/ADecember 13, 1947Irgun16 Arabs killed; 67 Arabs wounded from bombings in Jerusalem and Jaffa; Irgun also burns down 100 Arab homes in Jaffa [1]
N/A (See Beit Nabala)December 14, 1947Arab Legion13 Jews killed (some sources say 14); 9 Jews, 2 Britons, 1 Arab wounded in attack on military convoy near Lydda [1]
al-KhisasDecember 18, 1947Haganah10 Arabs killed [1]
N/ADecember 24, 1947Arab snipers, Jewish militants4 Jews killed in Haifa by snipers, 4 Arabs killed in reprisals [1]
N/ADecember 26, 1947Arab militants7 Jews killed while driving in convoy to Jerusalem [1]
N/ADecember 28, 1947Arab Snipers, Jewish militants5 Jews killed in Bab el Wad by snipers, 5 Arabs killed in reprisals [1]
N/ADecember 29, 1947Arab militants,Irgun4 Jews killed in Tel Aviv from mortar and sniper fire, 13 Arabs killed in Jerusalem in Irgun bombing [1][1]
Bomb thrown on Damascus GateCafé in JerusalemDecember 29, 1947Irgun11 Arabs, 2 Britons killed [1][9] Uri Milstein reported 15 casualties from the bombing in the Palestine Post.[10]
Haifa Oil RefineryDecember 30, 1947Irgun, Arabs6 Arabs were killed at the refinery entrance in Haifa in an Irgun bombing, sparking a riot among the workers in which 39 Jews killed[1]
Balad al-ShaykhJanuary 1, 1948Palmach17 - 70 Arabs killed in Haifa [1]
N/AJanuary 3, 1948Arab militants4 Jews killed in Haifa [1]
N/AJanuary 3, 1948Arab militants3 Jews, 1 Briton killed in Jerusalem [1]
Bombing of Arab National Committee HQJanuary 4, 1948Stern Gang14 Arabs killed; 100 Arabs wounded [9]
Semiramis Hotel bombingJanuary 5, 1948Haganah20 Arabs killed in Jerusalem [11]
N/AJanuary 5, 1948Arabs, Jews4 Arabs killed after attacking Jewish quarter in Safed [1]
Jaffa Gate bombing in JerusalemJanuary 7, 1948Irgun15 - 20 Arabs killed [1][12]
N/AJanuary 9, 1948Arab militants35 Jews killed near Kfar Etzion [1]
N/AJanuary 10, 1948Arab militants11 Jews killed, 1 decapitated near Yavne [1]
N/AJanuary 14, 1948Arab militants7 Jews, 2 Britons killed in Haifa [1]
N/AJanuary 20, 1948Arab militants8 Jews killed in Yehiam [1]
N/AJanuary 22, 1948Arab militants7 Jews killed near Yazur [1]
N/AJanuary 25, 1948Arab militants10 Jews killed [1]
N/AJanuary 27, 1948British soldiers4 Arabs killed in Gaza [1]
N/AFeb 3, 1948Arab militants6 Jews killed while riding buses in Haifa [1]
N/AFeb 7, 1948Arabs, Jews3 Arabs, 3 Jews killed in Haifa [1]
N/AFeb 8, 1948Arabs6 Jews killed in Jerusalem [1]
N/AFeb 8, 1948Arab militants3 Jews killed in Tel Aviv [1]
N/AFeb 12, 1948Arabs4 Jews killed in Jerusalem [1]
N/AFeb 15, 1948Arab militants, Jewish militants5 Arabs, 3 Jews killed [1]
Sa'sa' village ambush in the SafaddistrictFebruary 14, 1948Palmach11 Arabs killed[13]
N/AFeb 17, 1948Arab militants, Jewish militants5 Arabs, 3 Jews killed [1]
N/AFeb 17, 1948Arab militants57 Arabs killed while taking part in attack on Jewish settlements Tirat Tzvi, Sde Eliahu, Ein HaNatziv [1]
Ramla vegetable market bombing18 February 1948Irgun12 killed, 43 wounded [14]
N/AFeb 19, 1948Arab militants4 Jews killed while riding buses in Haifa [1]
N/AFeb 21, 1948Jewish militants4 Arabs killed in Haifa [1]
Ben Yehuda Street bombingFeb 23, 1948Arab militants, British deserters55 Jews killed [1]
N/AFeb 25, 1948Arab militants3 Jews killed on road between Ramle and Tel Aviv [1]
N/AFeb 28, 1948Arab militants6 Arabs, 1 Jew killed during attack on Jewish village Kfar Sava [1]
N/AFeb 18, 1948Arab militants4 Arabs killed while participating in attack on Jewish settlement Mitzpe [1]
Rehovot Train bombingMarch 1, 1948Jewish militants28 Britons killed [1]
Bevingrad Officers Club bombingMarch 1, 1948Irgun20 Britons killed; 30 Britons wounded [2]
N/AMarch 1, 1948Arab militants4 Jews killed on Tel Aviv-Jerusalem road [1]
N/AMarch 2, 1948Arab militants6 Arabs, 3 Jews killed during Arab attack on Tel-Aviv Jerusalem road [1]
N/AMarch 4, 1948Arab militants16 Jews killed on Jerusalem-Atarot road [1]
N/AMarch 9, 1948Arab militants3 Arabs killed while participating in attack on Jewish settlement Yehiam [1]
N/AMarch 11, 1948Jews, Arabs4 Arabs, 1 Jew killed in Tiberius [1]
Jewish Agency bombingMarch 11, 1948Arab militants13 Jews killed [1]
N/AMarch 14, 1948Arab militants7 Jews killed near Faluja [1]
N/AMarch 14, 1948Jews, Arabs4 Arabs, 1 Jew killed in Tiberius [1]
N/AMarch 18, 1948Arab militants5 Britons, 4 Jews killed in convoy near Acre [1]
N/AMarch 20, 1948Arabs7 Jews killed at Ein Harod [1]
N/AMarch 21, 1948Arabs6 Jews killed on Rosh Pinna-Safed road [1]
N/AMarch 22, 1948Arab militants4 Jews, 20 Arabs during attack on Jewish settlement Nitzanim [1]
N/AMarch 24, 1948Jewish militants36 Arabs killed near Tulkarem [1]
N/AMarch 26, 1948Arab militants6 Arabs, 2 Jews killed in attack on Jewish convoy near Gaza [1]
N/AMarch 28, 1948Arab militants6 Arabs killed while participating in attack on Jewish convoy near Rehovot [1]
N/AMarch 28, 1948Arab militants6 Arabs killed while participating in attack on Jewish convoy near Safed [1]
Cairo-Haifa train bombingMarch 31, 1948Lehi40 Arabs killed; 60 Arabs wounded [1]
Massacre in an orange grove in Lydda1 April 1948Jewish militias11 Arab laborers killed [15]
Deir YassinApril 9, 1948Irgun~ 100 Arabs killed [16][17][18]
Hadassah medical convoyApril 13, 1948Arab militants78 Jews (nurses, doctors, and patients) killed [19][20]
Cairo-Haifa Train bombingApril 23, 1948Lehi8 Britons killed; 27 Britons wounded [2]
Sorona Police Station bombingApril 25, 1948Lehi4 Britons killed [2]
Ein al ZeitunMay 3, 1948Palmach37 - 70 Arab prisoners
Kfar EtzionMay 13, 1948Arab militants andArab Legion127-157 Jews killed [1]
Abu ShushaMay 14, 1948Israeli60


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