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Sunday, May 09, 2004

In the Name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful
Operation Unveiling 'Civilized' America

The sample of despicable pictures taken in the infamous Abu Gareeb
prison clearly showed that the Iraqi prisoners were tortured, humiliated and
subjected to the types of sexual perversions that are widespread within the
American society. This has clearly angered the Islamic world, but it has
surprised no one! Amnesty International and other Human Rights groups also voiced
this opinion and they have received many similar complaints in the past.
The British cousins have also been engaging in such practices, which is
expected as they both share the same heritage and values.

President George Bush responded by stating that: "Their treatment
does not reflect the nature of the American people. "Let's see now, America is
the highest producer and consumer of Porn. The gamut of sexual perversion
including the sexual practice of bondage is widespread and licensed
under the notion of 'freedom'. Bondage involves torture, humiliation and other
sorts of bizarre perversion. Homosexuality has become a norm.

An average American soldier is usually raised in such an environment,
subjected to a range of Porn, early sexual abuse and gratuitous violence. Their
own statistics reveal that 33% are born out of wedlock and many of them do
not know the identity of their father, hence often subjected to sexual abuse and
neglect. This is why one individual pointed out to an American when he
called Usamah Bin Laden a 'Bastard', that Usamah and every Al-Qaeeda member
clearly knows the identity of their father, hence the title is more suitable
for those Americans citizens! Those pictures along with the numerous independent
reports only confirm the American identity of their soldiers. Add this to
their racist outlook towards non-Europeans and Muslims/Arabs in particular,
demonised by the powerful mass media (that dwarfs the lone channel of Al-Jazeerah) that
constantly promotes a culture of hate and intolerance.

Mr. George Bush went on to state that: "That's not the way we do
things in America." Yes, most will agree, in America such practices are usually
kept hidden, especially for those in influential positions like the
government. This is why the likes of Bill Clinton was engaging in his seedy
activities with his secretary Monika Lewinsky in private, another liberated and a free
woman. So the shame is not in committing the actual action but being exposed
to the public. This is simply because the USA leadership has to pretend to be
a leading moral 'Christian' nation, even though it's masses do not
observe the same moral code. Like the way they scorn Islamic polygamy but it would
be difficult to find honest monogamous individuals in a sea of sexual

Therefore, George Bush is embarrassed as his 'Christian' soldiers
(Let's hope General William Boykin is taking note) has been caught and exposed by
the mass media. Had this been originally broadcast by Al-Jazeerah, it would
have been charged with incitement to sexual perversion! If President Bush was
informed of this matter quietly rather than through the media, it might have
caused some level of discomfort (or comfort) but most certainly he would not have
been embarrassed. As such activities are very common within USA society and
much worse things are occurring daily. Jerry Springer can confirm this as
he displays these moronic, perverted and degenerated USA citizens on his
TV shows daily.

These are acts of perverted soldiers; hence it is highly unlikely that
such incidences are exceptions rather than the norm. So, just think what
has not been reported and how long have these activities have been taking
place! The pictures caught, only reveal the tip of the iceberg. The various
reports indicate this has been occurring since the fall of Baghdad, under
operation Iraqi 'freedom', but freedom for whom?

Apart from sexual perversion, the pictures also reveal torture of
prisoners. The gratuitous violence is also widespread within the USA and rooted in
it's history, the nation was born in the blood of the millions of Native
Americans. Likewise it's British cousins did the same to the Irish and the
Australians did to its Aboriginal population. This same instinctive violence of the
Wild West was displayed in Fallujah, where the USA army massacred hundreds.

Only recently, the CNN TV showed a clip of a USA marine killing a
wounded Iraqi, who later gave an interview and spoke proudly of his
'achievement'. It seems, that no accountability, no war crimes, no Geneva conventions and
no UN resolutions are applicable to the Americans! Who can forget when
Donald Rumsfeld was referring to the Geneva convention at the beginning of the
conflict when some USA POWs were shown on TV whilst they were breaking
every rule in Guantanamo Bay, even that was mild compared to what CBS
broadcasted recently. The USA administration has simply become immune to the
notion of hypocrisy.

In defence the offending soldiers are claiming ignorance of Geneva
Convention and lack of training. That only proves the above points, that by their
very nature these people are thugs, criminals and perverted. Common sense
dictates that maltreating prisoners is wrong, and is understood by all societies
and civilisations, except 'civilised' America. Then the USA has the gall
of wrapping its conduct with their usual ranting about democracy, freedom
and human rights.

Another important point that is being overlooked is the issue of
mercenaries and civilian contractors deployed in Iraq. First of all, civilian
contractors are like vultures eating over the dead carcases of Iraq. There are so
many unemployed Iraqis but the greed of the American capitalists has
propelled them to import cheaper labour from poorer countries whilst paying them with
the stolen oil of Iraq.

As for mercenaries, they are being used by the USA and UK forces to
commit acts against the Iraqis that are not permitted even according to their own
'moral' and 'ethical' codes. There are reports of these mercenaries raping
prisoners in the Abu Gareeb prison but guess what - the USA military has no
jurisdiction over them, so they cannot pursue the matter. Another legal black hole!
That's the advantage of having democracy and freedom; you can simply define
the rules as you go along.

Apart from the USA leadership this incidence has also embarrassed, but
not angered, many of the Arab/Muslim secular enthusiasts. They crave for
America's version of 'freedom' and 'democracy' and lecture about its merit,
without ever looking into the fruits of such societies. What has happened in Iraq
is simply the fruits of capitalism, democracy and freedom. All they need to do
is to turn on their TV and watch the American channels. Sexual perversion,
promiscuity, gratuitous violence, cannibals and serial killers are all
thriving in 'free' societies.

So, where are those 'Islamic' moderates now? Will they rush to condemn
such acts with the same level of enthusiasm as they condemn their fellow
Muslims who are actively resisting the Anglo-USA-Israeli criminals? Are the
moderates going to issue a letter to the non-Muslims and the churches asking them
to inform the Muslims if they suspect such types of criminal activities in
Abu Gareeb, Fallujah, Baghdad, London (Bell Marsh) and USA (Guantanamo
Bay)? Where is the Pope and Dr Carey, the ex-Archbishop of the Anglican Church?
They were lecturing the Muslims only few weeks ago about the merits of Western
civilisation. The behaviour of the coalition (USA and UK) soldiers is
worse than the barbaric crusaders like Richard (the Lion Heart?!). In the
same way the treatment of prisoners by the Taliban and even the secular regime
of Saddam Hussein echoed the behaviour of Salahuddin Ayubi's treatment of the POWs.

The Americans and Saddam Hussein's regime used the same prison of Abu
Gareeb and similar techniques to conducted the torture, confirming their
common secular values and their earlier friendship. Which is now being
renewed once more. Militant secular fundamentalists are the same, they pretend to
have lofty 'morals' but in reality they are not only hypocritical but
violate the same moral codes in a much worse way. They constantly rant about
polygamy, veils and capital punishment but they have no problem in endorsing
sexual perversion, crass nudity and inflicting needless violence in the name
of freedom and democracy.

All the lying hypocrites sitting in Downing Street or in the White
House are rushing to 'punish' these offenders but surely if justice is to be
done, then they should let the Iraqis decide on this matter, since the crime was
committed on Iraqi soil against the Iraqi civilians! In addition 'punishment'
will take time to disappear from the public eye into the world of bureaucracy.
Eventually, some form of slap on the wrist will be given quietly. Most
importantly these acts are not isolated or exceptional, they have been
conducted with the full knowledge of the officers in charge. So by 'punishing' a few
that were caught is a means to absolve the rest of the criminals,
which is the entire coalition forces along with its vulture like mercenaries.

An overview of the events since 9/11 has clearly exposed the thin
hypocritical veil of democracy, freedom and liberty. They talk about democracy but
are not willing to hold free elections in Iraq, whilst at home their president
has been fraudulently 'elected'. Then they brag about Human Rights but yet they
have no shame in arbitrarily imprisoning innocent people in cages like
Guantanamo Bay and Belmarsh. Then comes the issue of women's right to chose, which
means you can behave like a wild beast fornicating in public, or a sexual
pervert, anything, but as long as you don't cover yourself in a decent manner.
Now, we see the West is standing naked before the world on this issue of the
treatment of POWs. The emperor simply has no clothes on and the entire world knows it!

This episode is another significant victory for the Muslims after
Fallujah. The shame is not on the Muslims but the barbaric neo-Mongol hordes.
They don't feel ashamed of their actions. They cannot feel ashamed when they have
no dignity and moral codes. How can the devil condemn sin? Ever since
9/11, every word of the Mujahideen has been confirmed and what we already
knew about these people.

Yamin Zakaria
London, UK

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