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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Altering the book

Altering the book 2-75-1O Allah, You were so good to us praise and thanks unto You, You sent us books of guidance to show us the ways, and provided us with means to reach Heavenly reward, why some of us altered and changed what is good, dear readers, greetings in the name of a loving wonderful Allah, the true name of the LORD.
Ayah 2:75 says:???????? ?? ?????? ??? ??? ??? ???? ???? ?????? ???? ???? ?? ??????? ?? ??? ?? ????? ??? ??????, do you wish them (none believers) to believe like you believed in Allah, while some of them hear the words of Allah and try to alter the words of Allah after they understood them so well. This Ayah is so important, it does correct some of our mistakes, so please pay extra attention here. Let us check the circumstances first, about when this Ayah came to Muhammad, and Muslims who believed in Allah among the first, to better understand.
Some of the Arab pagans during the time of Muhammad, used to hear the words of Allah from Muhammad, Muhammad would sit in the public square and read loud teaching the words of the LORD, some pagans used to take what Muhammad say from the words of Allah, and alter the contents, let us give an example of such. Allah says: did you think about Al Lat and Ooza, and Manat the third one as well (major worshiped Idols of that time before Islam), are males for you leaving Allah only the females, that is an ignorant divide. Then we see the pagans saying the same Ayah (verse) like this: did you think about Al Lat and Ooza, and Manat the third one as well, seeking their help is a worthy cause. They change in the Ayah, thinking they can get away with this, let us speak a little about this.It is amazing how pagans at all times act in a like manner toward the men of the LORD. They said about all of them that they were magicians, they said those men of the LORD are nuts to go against the known gods, they said they are possessed as they said about Muhammad and Jesus (Isa) peace be upon both of them, they said the exact same about every and each one of them. Even what came in this Ayah we are discussing today, trying to alter the book of Allah, the Noble Quraan, why go far back in time, let us see what is going on today.
Almost the whole Muslim world became aware of a Satan named Anies Shorosh living at California claiming to be a Christian priest, this man made a book and called it by the true furkan, claiming it to the true Quraan, and what Muslims have is the false one from Satan. You can check details on my website under Events that effect Islam, and then go to the link titled: wake up call to read more about his evil man from Jordanian Palestinian origin, but American nationalized. Many like this evil man are trying to alter the Quraan, some even challenge the contents, others miss quoted to show the Quraan in a sad way, propagating lies and evil for the consumption of those who wish to believe that this is true about Islam, while all are lies.
Some Christians repeat stories how Muhammad was possessed with demons, while Allah says He protected our Imam, and the Christian New Testament says how Jews accused Jesus of being taken by the evil spirit of Beelzebub the greatest demon. Those same some from Christians claim Muhammad wanted to throw himself from the mountain, while this is a story in their book when Satan ordered Jesus to through himself because it is written nothing will harm Jesus if he did. All lies were made by Jews about our Imam Muhammad, and our Imam Jesus peace be upon both and upon all the men of the LORD.
Yes, none believers used always the same methods at all times, and they never change, while they should pause for a second to look at what the book says. Now, in this Ayah we have a correction for a major mistake about 97% of Muslims fell into, if not 99%, what am I talking about? Most Muslims claim that what the Jews have for a book is the Torah but altered and changed by Jews themselves, well, that is so sad and very untrue. Alteration came about the Noble Quraan as we showed an example of such above, while what Jews have, also adopted with no questions by Christians and became the Old Testament, is an effort of collecting the books during the 1500 AD. Jews got together and took some books saying this is from God, and took other books claiming that they are none Canonical, or not from God. Jews who decided what is from god and what is not, while God had nothing to do with any of this approving or against.
As I said, our Christian brethren adopted blindly with no question asked, and five hundred years since that time is too long for them to remember a thing. Allah asks: you wish they believe after they used to hear the Quraan, yet they try to alter after they knew exactly what it means? Although some Jews converted to Islam, those were the fortunate among their kin, however most of the Jews did not, while the book came for them equally as it did for the rest of mankind, but how sad some of us are in rejecting this help, which means the difference between Heaven and Hell. The next time dear Muslims you hear about alterations, remember where this came and for what, and do not say as some do: this is about the Judeo-Christian book, but the question comes now: is the Judeo-Christian book genuine, and from God? Am sorry to say: wait, let Allah tell us the facts, and I know it is better for both you and I to hear the answer about this issue from the KING, I hope we all know that one of the names of Allah is: ?????, which means: the KING. Let us hear what He has to say, whether the books in their hands are legitimate or not, because if I speak I will have many over my throat from all beliefs, especially some Muslims who have no knowledge about such a thing.
I hope we all learned what alteration speaks about, not the books they have, but the attempts against our book, of course they will keep attempting as they are doing today, while we have Allah saying:???? ??? ?????? ????? ????? ?? ???????, We gave you the book, and We are preserving it not you. They can try, let them, it is the only book that is memorized word for word by little children of sex years old, no other book has this privilege as the Quraan has, all other books are being changed even as we speak. ??? ???? ???? ??????? ????????? ?????? ??? ?? ????????


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