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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Democracy on Trial

By definition we find that democracy is in contradiction to Islam,
"Islam is Total Submission to Allah exclusively, and to follow the command of Allah with full obedience, and rejection and bara (disassociation) from shirk and its people."
And Allah (swt) said: "The only deen accepted by Allah is Islam,"
A persons Deen is what he/she believes in (Allah exclusively), and what he lives by (Khilafah and shariah) and what he dies for, (Dawah and Jihad).
This means that if we are Muslims, the only deen acceptable for us is Islam, we believe in it, live by it and die for it. So there is no way for us to believe in democracy, nor live by it, nor fight to defend it.


Democracy is defined according to those who believe in democracy (i.e. the kuffar from whom it came from); we as Muslims cannot redefine democracy and it is not an Arabic word, rather we can only take the definition and judge it on that.
Democracy is defined as: "The rule of the people, by the people, for the people."
This means that the people are the ones to legislate law for themselves, that sovereignty is for man.
Democracy calls for so called freedoms,
- The freedom of Religion
Freedom to worship whatever and whoever they wish, whether one god or many gods; whether they worship themselves, their desires, their money or their private parts.
- The Freedom of Ownership
Freedom to own whatever and however they like, whether selling his body or his wifes body it doesnt matter because he is free.
- Personal Freedom
To be free to eat, speak, wear and behave the way he likes etc.
- Freedom of Expression
Freedom to say what you like, to lie how you like, to slander, to insult, to swear, to curse however you like.
However, this will inevitably causes chaos; so they use this freedom to vote for someone to make law and order. In parliament, they do not eat ice cream, they legislate law e.g. to prohibit swearing in public; but instead permitting swearing in a legal way, in films, books, media, joking etc.
So we have understood that the people vote to decide what they think is the best law, then they count the votes and take the majority opinion, there is always confusion and disagreement, there is no black and white and is always grey areas. i.e. It is entirely based on compromise.


Allah (swt) said: "We sent to you this book, as a guidance confirming the previous books, and abrogating all the previous books, (you must) Rule and judge between them by all of whatever Allah revealed, and do not follow their desires instead of what Allah sent to you, for every nabi, we sent Shariah and a way of Life." [EMQ 5: 14]
From this verse alone, we see that Democracy is fundamentally contradictory to Islam, and is irreconcilably against the command of Allah. Allah ordered us to implement only and all of His (swt) commands and prohibitions, to rule and judge by whatever he revealed and to reject any and all opinions that the people may have, whether minority or majority.Allah (swt) said:"Do people want to follow the law of jahiliyyah (ignorance)? Who is a better legislator than Allah? If you believe." [EMQ 5: 50]
There is no doubt that Allah (swt), the one who created us and created the universe and everything in it, He is the best to know us and what is best for us. He (swt) is the best to decide what is right and wrong and we have no right to question him. Only the fool would leave His (swt) wisdom and guidance for our own ignorance and conjecture. Allah (swt) said: "legislation is only for Allah. " [EMQ 12: 40]
The one who legislates we call him, "rabb" or "ilah", so if we say "there is no ilah except Allah" we must take Allah alone as ilah exclusively, otherwise we commit shirk and we will become kaafir (a disbeliever). Allah (swt) said: "Do you see the one who claims he believes in what has been revealed to you (Muhammad) and what has been revealed before you, and yet he arbitrated to taghout (other than Allah)." [EMQ 4: 60]
It is impossible for us to refer to any law other that of Allah, in any dispute we must return to Allah and his laws for arbitration. We can never believe in Allah as Al Hakam (legislator) exclusively and then refer to man-made law for arbitration, Allah (swt) said: "There is no compulsion in the deen, the truth is distinguished from the falsehood, whosoever rejects taghout and then believes in Allah, they have grasped the most trustworthy handhold that will never break ..." [EMQ 2: 256]
Allah (swt) informed us that the first pillar of Tawheed is "...whosoever rejects taghout..."
And the second pillar "...and then believes in Allah..." [EMQ 2:256]
This means that we must stay away from and reject all that is worshipped, followed or obeyed instead of Allah (swt), whether Satan, human, idols, law and order or a ruler, whether the law of the UK or the law of the UN; we must reject it, believe it is falsehood, hate and hold animosity towards it and call it disbelief or disbelievers. Allah (swt) said: "It is not fitting for the believing men or the believing women, when Allah and His messenger decide a matter, that they should have any choice in the matter, and whosoever disobeys Allah and his messenger, they are in clear misguidance." [33:36]
When Allah (swt) uses clear misguidance in this and other ayat, it means Shirk (polytheism). So it is impossible for us to vote over what is right or wrong, or what is lawful or unlawful as this has already been decided by Allah (swt), and it is impossible for us to have a choice after that.
In the time of the Prophet (saw), the jews used to come and ask the muslims, "who gives life?" They said "Allah", they asked, "who takes life?" the Muslims said "Allah" ... then they said "who takes the life of the sheep when you slaughter?" the Muslims said "it is Allah," then they asked "who takes the life when the sheep dies by itself?" the Muslims said "Allah," then they asked "how do you eat what Allah kills with your metal knife, but you do not eat what Allah kills with His golden knife?" So Allah revealed the Ayah: "Do not eat what has not been mentioned on it the name of Allah, that is sin, but the shaytan inspire their own people to debate with you the matter, if you obey them you become Mushrik." [EMQ Anam 21]
So there is no room for discussion or preference in the law of Allah (swt), Allah (swt) said: "Allah is the one who legislates and judges, and nobody dares to comment on it" [EMQ Rad: 41]
So there is no possibility of voting to decide law and order as the verdict is always with Allah (swt), Allah (swt) said: "Whatever it occurs that you have a problem, the verdict is for Allah," [EMQ Shura: 10]
Allah (swt) said:"They take their priests and rabbis as lords instead of Allah,"
Hatib bin Uday used to be from the Ahl Al Kitab, he said: "I came to the Prophet (saw) and at that time I had a gold cross on my neck, the messengers said "take this idol from your neck" and he recited the ayah ... (above), I said; "how do we do so?" he said: "didnt they forbid what Allah permits, and you obeyed them, and permit what Allah forbids and you take it?" I said: "yes" he said: "that is the way you used to worship them.""
May Allah (swt) protect us from falling into the same hole as the Jews and Christians, who left Allah to follow their own desires, who twist and change the word of Allah to please eachother, even to legislate homosexuality after Allah prohibited it. Verily Democracy is a religion of disbelief; anybody who believes in it is a disbeliever, anybody who lives by and obeys its man-made law is Mushrik as he obeys and arbitrates to taghout, even though Allah (swt) ordered him to reject it, and anybody who fights to defend it, and kills and bombs others to force them into it and dies for the its sake can never die except as a kaafir, and will be punished after that forever and ever in the hellfire.
The only solution is to reject this taghout (that which is worshipped, followed or obeyed instead of Allah) and to worship Allah (swt) exclusively, to leave man-made law and to embrace Islam, live by Islam and die for the sake of Allah, gaining paradise in the hereafter forever and ever.



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