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Saturday, April 30, 2005

The Demand for Equal Rights for Men & Women

In the Name of God Most Gracious Most Merciful

May the Peace & Blessings of God Almighty Be Upon You All

The Demand for Equal Rights for Men & Women

One day the women of the world decided that when it comes to child bearing & upbringing of the children the women had to undergo the most suffering & pain. Whereas the men were having all the fun & enjoyment with little or no pain. This was total injustice. With the view to having the pain & suffering for child bearing & upbringing equally distributed among the men & women they confronted God Almighty.

They explained to God Almighty the pain & suffering that they have to undergofrom conception to the post natal period with a special emphasis on the painduring child birth which was considered to be the most distressing.

They wanted the labour pains & the pain during child birth to be handed to the father of the child (husband) while they will undergo the other pains & sufferings. This in their view will go someway in bringing about justice for the women.

God Almighty tried to explain to the women that the current process is how he in his wisdom has designed it to work. That was the best process available for mankind. But the women were not taking a no for an answer. So God Almighty agreed to their demand & put the process on a 3 months probationary period after which it will be reviewed. The women were ecstatic in their supposed achievement.

A few days later the time came for one of the women to deliver her baby. It was considered a historic occasion. The world media descended on her house with live TV coverage & what not. The women were no more willing to take things lying down. They were going to fight for their rights even if is necessary to force God Almighty to change his mind on how mankind should function. That was the slogan that was paraded about.

The time came for the woman to deliver her baby, but her husband nor herselfwere showing any signs of undergoing pain. The people around her were getting confused. They started thinking that God Almighty may have changed his mind at the last minute. Then out of the blue the man next door started screaming at the top of his voice in pain.

The women did not wait for the completion of the 3 months probationary period. They immediately went to God Almighty & wanted the things to be changed to what it was originally. Then God Almighty told them, you human beings think that you know better than me about my creation & you try to tell me on how the mankind that I have created should function. If the mankind were to function at the whims & fancies of you all it will end up in disaster. There is no such thing called mens rights & womens rights. I have created man & woman to function in a complementary role & not in a competitive role. Both enjoying their distinctiveness & not their sameness. Each by playing their respective roles will build a healthy society. If they try to do the opposite the whole social spectrum will collapse & it will spell disaster for mankind.

"For to us will be their return; then it will be for us to call them toaccount." (Holy Quran 88:25-26)

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