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Sunday, April 03, 2005


Dear honest all around the world, here is a plea from my heart to your heart. Today, we find that all of us are acting like deaf, mute, and completely as if we are lifeless. How long will we stay this shameful, how long before our blood starts boiling again with life. I understand we are oppressed by our enemies, even our enemies who control our governments as well, how about asking you to do the least? Do you believe in Allah, do you still have some respect for your humanity, and you are being made above animals who do not give a damn about what goes on in the world around? Please listen up.
Allah says in Sourah 17:4-7: we told the Israelis that you will corrupt on Earth twice, and will be raised twice so high. When the first time arrives, we will send subjects of our own, they kept going back and forth, and it was done. Then we gave you the control over them, we supplied you with waves of money, we gave you a lot of children, and we supported you with a lot of man power. If you do well, you do it for your own good, but if you did not, it is against you at the end. WHEN THE PROMISE OF THE LATER ONE ARRIVES, TO UNCOVER AND UNVEIL YOUR EVIL, TO ENTER THE MASJID AS THEY DID BEFORE, AND TO COMPLETELY DESTROY EVERYWHERE THEY STEP ON. This is an order from Allah to all the believers, if you believe in Allah this what you are supposed to do today, how?
You are helpless, yes I know, but not completely, let me tell you what the least you need to do, to save yourself from the anger of Allah.
(1) Jihad is not just in taking a Gun and start shooting the enemies of
Allah, Jihad has many forms, even simple Fasting is Jihad against our Nafse. We are ordered to unveil the truth about the Jews, do not say you cannot, because what we ask is not so difficult.
(2) Please send me a message into my mail box to send you the
messages of the Truth, also The promise, after you receive, please translate to any language you know, send to as many thousands you can, this is your duty, you do not have to mention my name if you don’t wish, I am not asking to be a Celebrity, just send it all over the world, because there are those who wish to have this knowledge to answer the evil supporters of the Jews in the world.
(3) If you have relatives at the West, especially the US, send them
those messages, those are exposed a lot to the Jewish Lobby that controls the media in the West, give them the knowledge to defend our belief and where we stand against the lying Israelis and their State.
The Truth, also The Promise, are messages as Allah ordered us to unveil the Truth about the Jews today, our priority number one if we need to hear and obey in worship to Allah. I am using the book that Jews and there supporters from Zionist Muslims, also Zionist Christians use to lie about a Promise Land for the Jews at Palestine, please help me, help yourselves in obeying Allah, and what came in Sourah 17 now that you have knowledge. I am showing they lie and they do not have any Promise today to have the Land of Palestine, where they killed hundred of thousands Palestinians, invaded three Muslim countries and going for more as we all see coming.
If you wish to stay silent, while we are not asking you for a lot, be sure, I do not see whether you will do or not, but the One who made the order does, you will take it up with Him one day, I will never come to know what you did except when it is too late. You do not have the knowledge to do as Allah ordered, well, I am sending the best knowledge you can find today, trust me that it is the best, and I challenge. Let me tell why.
When we speak about the Mess killing, they brought us lies about this was done against them, when we say this is Palestine, they say no it is Israel, when we say any reasonable, they always have the way to get away with their nonsense. However, what I am giving you is from the same source they rely on for a proof of a promise, showing that they are lying. Please help me exposing the Truth, the lies about The Promise, how long I need to plea or beg you to move, not for my sake, but for you own sake, helping you escape the anger of Allah, when you saw what he said, and yet you did nothing?
Send me an E mail to my mail box shaheed2022_1@hotmail.com , ask me to send you the first and second part of those messages about Unveiling the Jews, when other messages are ready, I will send another similar request. Right now I have about ten messages ready for you to arm yourselves with the necessary knowledge for Jihad for the sake of Allah with knowledge, and propaganda is a powerful means to fight in those terrible times ahead, be part of it.


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