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Monday, July 11, 2005

Muhammad In Scripture

A brother sent an E Mail asking this question:
From: "mustafa sadewa" < >
Subject: is Muhammad script in the Bible
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 00:07:07 +0900
Assalamualaikum wr.wb
My brother, can you tell me a lesson about the magnificence prophet Muhammad (pbuh), is him script in the bible or not, what chapter and verse if is true. thank you for your answer and article I love it some much. I will send this to my other brother moslem.
June 12-2005
Dear brother, Al Salaam Aleikum Wa Rahmatullah, as for your question I say: yes, our Imam is mentioned in the Judeo-Christian book, and in a way that they cannot sanely deny, however, they can deny on the bases of stubbornness, and not logic of any kind. As I send my brothers and sisters those notes about Muhammad in their books, I am asking Allah to push my brothers and sisters who have belief in Allah to reach the Christians with this knowledge at hand.
I wrote a book named: Who is that prophet, and I will quote for you from the same Insha Allah. On January 21, 22 of 2002, I was listening to one of the Christian radio, and I heard a priest named; David Moore, saying; we have a huge number of prophecies, in the Old Testament, about Jesus Christ . Mohamadists cannot say the same about their prophet, who was never mentioned before he appeared all of the sudden.
Very well, let us ask those who say equal nonsense; the following: Show us how great prophets, like Abraham , Moses , Elijah , and Jonah also many others; Show us where they came in prophesies, nowhere. They did not come in prophecies, but they are great in the kingdom of the LORD, also in the eyes of those who seek prophecies before accepting. They appeared suddenly, you love, follow them, and you do not ask the same except from Muhammad, and how little you realize what you are doing. Again, we come back to what many Christian priests say; Muhammad never came in a prophecy, so how he could be the last prophet. If Muhammad was never mentioned in a prophecy, how do you expect us to believe he was a prophet of the LORD? So, since most of Christians priests (or perhaps all) insist on saying; Muhammad did not come in any prophecy, and if I am able to prove them wrong; then all Christians should reconsider the teachings of their priests, those who tell them lies. If I prove them wrong few times, maybe they are wrong all the time about all things.
As for Muhammad , dear Christians, he came in prophecies more numbered than your formula, which says; 1000 to the 17th power (in probabilities), which may cover Texas even in small coins as some Christian priests keep telling. Alternatively, may cover the space between heaven and earth, according to David's false teaching. Once in history past came a man named Abraham , and when he was fixing the Kaaba (the Black Stone at Saudi Arabia) with his son Ishmael , and when he finished his work, he made this prayer; O Allah, make this place a safe haven, and provide those who are going to live in it, with all kind of fruits. O Allah, send them a messenger from amongst themselves, reciting to them your Ayahs, and to teach them the book and wisdom, you are the Gracious one. Muhammad was the fulfillment of this prayer from Abraham , and Ishmael
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