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Saturday, July 30, 2005

An Open Letter To All Muslims

In Europe, Britain and America
by Gabriel Chiron

I am not a Muslim, but rather I am a member of a growing minority of
people who know the truth that terrorist events like New York 911,
Madrid 311 and London 77 were inside jobs, acts of false flag terrorism
performed by the intelligence units of the governments of America, Spain
and Britain. So do not let them dupe you that you have in your midst an
actual “Al Qaeda” that is committing the vile deeds against common
people. The majority of everyday Non-Muslim citizens here in the West
are against the Wars-For-Oil in Afghanistan, Iraq and sooner or later in
Iran. Why would an “Al Qaeda” that is real strike at their
truth-supporters rather than the black, evil governments of America,
Britain and Europe? They would attack their real enemies, not the people.

Dear Muslim, I am not afraid of you! I am afraid for you because you
are being set-up, demonized, to justify the
Bilderberg-Evil-Insane-New-World-Order black, secret government’s,
Neocon’s and New Labour’s efforts to produce police states domestically
and seize oil supplies internationally. You must not let evil, lying
leaders like Bush and Blair make you believe that your religion is evil
and dangerous. When you organize big demonstrations of “Muslims Against
Terrorism”, change that to Muslims Against False Flag Terrorism. That
would bring out the truth better as to how hatred and intolerance are
being created against you.

As a result of what is being done to you, I have purchased a volume of
the Koran, which I have been reading in search of a key in your own
religion as to what is happening to you in Europe, Britain and America.
I have found an interesting verse, which is verse 115 of section 14 of
Sura II:

“To God belong the East and the West:

Whithersoever Ye turn,

there is the presence of God.

For God is All-Pervading, All-Knowing.”

How are we, both Muslims and Non-Muslims, people of the East and the
West, to understand this? It seems to me that it means that the East
(Muslim countries) will never belong to the West (Western countries, New
World Order) nor will the West (America, Britain and Europe) ever belong
to the East (Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist countries). To God, to the Lord
(Al-Lah), belong all countries on Earth. The West cannot conquer the
East and possess it, nor the East conquer the West and possess it. Wars
for territory are wars against God, against the All-Pervading Spirit of
Truth. So they will fail in their aim because only the Will of God can
succeed. Your religion makes it clear in its own terms that any war
between West and East must fail for both sides as an insanity of mutual
destruction because God alone is All-Powerful, Omnipotent. Therefore
the New World Order cannot destroy the religion of Islam, nor can the
religion of Islam destroy Western Culture, Christianity, Israel or
scientific materialism, for all religions and cultures are under the
Cosmic Law of the One Lord of the Universe, as are the races and
religions of countless planets of countless stars and galaxies of the

Osama Bin Laden and Zarqawi are not Heroes of Islam! They are foolish
puppets of the CIA, MI6 and Mossad! Know this with full certainty. Do
not be misled. Wake up to the full truth of the vile plots of Western
Governments against all citizens of America, Britain and Europe, whether
Muslim or Non-Muslim. It is the full truth of what is going on behind
the scenes that alone will liberate you from persecution. Join forces
with Us, the people of Truth and Tolerance. Together we must be a clear
voice against the lies and evil actions of the hidden Governments of the
West. Simultaneously, the lies and bad evil projects of the governments
of Islamic nations must also be exposed. For instance, the superwealthy
powers in Saudi Arabia are shamelessly in league with the Bilderberg
Evil Insane New World Order. This utterly pollutes Mecca and the
Ka’aba, defiling your religion and your peoples. This is the real evil
of the Bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia that they cooperate with false
flag terrorism and the cover-up of the depleted state of their own oil
reserves. There are lies in both the East and the West. Muslims and
Non-Muslims are both victims of lies, treachery and manipulations.
Every government on Earth is against God, against Truth, against
Tolerance and Decency. Good-willed people throughout the Earth share
the actual common problem. Together we must solve it.


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