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The Origins of Christianity

"The origin of Christianity is like that of other Divine revelations such as the messages of Noah (Peace be upon him ) Abraham and Moses (Peace be upon them).
Every divinely revealed message is unanimous in its fundamental religious creed such as : Belief in Allah as the Only One True God without any associate ; Belief that He begets not , nor was He begotten ; Belief in Angels and the Day of Judgement in the Hereafter ; Belief in Divine predestination , and the good and the bad of it ; Belief in the Messengers and Prophets (Peace be upon them) .
There is nothing in recorded history , since the time of Adam (Peace be upon him) up through the last of the Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be upon him) , indicating that any known Divine revelation differs in these beliefs . Indeed , the differences found among them are connected to the forms of worship and various conditions or appearance . Also, those things that were forbidden or permitted differed for various reasons as legislated by Allah to the Prophets , each of whom was ordered to explain and clarify the law to the respective people . "
However the question is : How had the Original Teachings of Christ Peace be upon him completely changed ?! (Christianity The Original And The Present Reality- Dr. Muhammad Abdullah As- Saheem .) In order to answer this question , it is necessary to shed some light on these given facts :
1- "That there has never been in the history of the Torah (Old Testament) for the religion of Allah to named after a Prophet (i.e, , Adamanity , Abrahamity, Mosanity, etc. ) as the case of Christianity .
2- The word "Christianity" was not mentioned by Jesus (Peace be upon him), nor it was mentioned in the Bible , not even in a Bible dictionary. "
3- In the first century after the disapppearance of Jesus Peace be upon him , those who followed him continued to affirm the oneness of Allah (God) . This is illustrated in the Shepherd of Hermas , written in about 90 AD and once regarded as a book of revelation by the Church .
4- The first of the twelve commandments it contains begins : " First of all , believe that God is One and that He created all things and organized them , and out of what did not exist made all things to be , and He contains all things but Alone is Himself uncontained "
5- Theodore Zahn the author of (Articles of the Apostelic Creed) wrote: "Until about 250 AD the article of faith was , "I believe in God , the Almighty ." Between 180 and 210 AD the word "Father" was added before "Almighty." This was bitterly contested by a number of Church leaders . Bishops Victor and Zephysius are on record as condemning this act. They regarded it an unthinkable sacrilege to add or subtract any words in the Scripture . They also opposed the tendency to regardJesus (Peace be upon him) as divine. They laid great stress on the unity of Allah as expressed in the original teachings of Jesus Peace be upon him and asserted that although he was a prophet , he was essentially a man like other men , even if highly favored by his Lord .
6- The same faith was held by churches which had sprung up in North Africa and West Asia. As the teachings of Jesus Peace be upon him spread , it came into contact with different cultures and into conflict with those in authority .It didn't only begin to be assimilated and adapted by these cultures but it was also alterd in order to diminish persecution by rulers.
7- In Greece , especially , it became metamorphosed , both by its being expressed in a new language for the first time and by its realignment with the ideas and philosophy of that culture.
It was the multi-god viewpoint of the Greeks that largely contributed to the formulation of the doctrine of trinity together with the gradual elevation of Jesus (Peace be upon him) by some Christians , notably Paul of Tarsus , from prophet to God.
8- It was in 325 AD that the doctrine of trinity was declared to be the orthodox Christian belief . Even then , some of those who signed the creed did not believe in it , as they could find no authority for it in the Scriptures.
9- Athanasius , who is considered to be the father of this creed , was himself not very sure of its truth . He admits that whenever he forced his mind to meditate on the divinity of Jesus Peace be upon him , his toilsome and futile efforts recoiled on themselves , and the more he wrote , the less capable he was of expressing his thoughts . At one point he wrote, " There are not three but one God." His assertion of the doctrine of trinity was not based on conviction but on policy and apparent necessity . That this historic decision was based just as much on political expediency as on the faulty reasoning of philosophy is shown in the part played by Constantine, the pagan emperor of Rome who presided over the Council of Nicaea . The growing communities of Christians were a force whose opposition he feared . They could weaken his empire , but on the other hand , their support would be invaluable in strengtheing it . By remodeling Christianity , Constantine hoped to gain the Church's support and at the same time end the confusion that had arisen within it, which was the source of yet more conflict within his empire. The degeneration of Jesus Peace be upon him pure teachings never went unchallenged.
10- Bishop Arius (one of the leaders of the Apostolic Church in North Africa) stood up against the combined might of Constantine and the Catholic (Pauline) Church and reminded them that Jesus Peace be upon him had always affirmed the Oneness of God . Constantine tried to crush the troublesome " one God" people with all the force and brutality at his command , but he failed . Ironically , although Constantine embraced the belief that God is one before his death , the doctrine of trinity was eventually accepted officially as the basis of Christianity in Europe.
11- Other such man-made decisions of the Council contributed to the declaration of the Roman Sunday as the Christian Sabbath and the establishment of December 25 as Jesus birthday. This was done in order to have a celebration that occurred on the same day as the as the birthdays of pagan gods such as Nimrod (Babylon god) , Krishna (Hindus god) , Mithra (Greek/Roman god) , and Dionysius ( or Bacchus of Greece ) who is named the only son of Jupitar and was born of a virgin mother named Demeter on December 25 th .
12- Therefore , this doctrine caused much confusion among men , many of whom were told to believe without trying to understand it ; yet , some people tried to prove and explain it intellectually . Three schools of thought developed . The first is assosiated with ST. Augustine , who lived in the 4th century and was of the view that the doctrine could not be proven but could be illustrated. St. Victor , who lived in the 12th century , believed that the doctrine could be both demonstrated and illustrated. The 14th century saw the growth of the third school , which taught that the doctrine of trinity could be neither illustrated nor proven , but should be blindly accepted and believed .
13- The books (i.e., Gospels) in which Jesus Peace be upon him teaching had been written were either completely destroyed , suppressed , or altered in order to avoid any blatant contradictions with the trinitarian doctrine . There was a shift in emphasis from what the Scriptures said to what the leaders of the Church said. The doctrine , it was asserted , was based on the special revelation made to the Church , called the " Bride of Jesus."Thus , Fr. Fulgentio was reprimanded by the Pope in a letter which said, " Preaching of the Scripture is a suspicious thing. He who adheres to the Scriptures will ruin the Catholic faith."In his next letter he was more explicit , warning against too much emphasis on scripture , stating, " …..is a book , which , if anyone adheres to it, he will quite destroy the Catholic Church. "
14- The effective abandonment of the teachings of Jeus Peace be upon him was largely due to the complete obscuring of his historical reality . The Church had made religion not only independent of the Scriptures but independent of Prophet Jesus Peace be upon him as well, so the man Jesus does not necessarily mean belief in a resurrected Christ. Whereas the early followers of Jesus peace be upon him had based their lives on his example , Pauline Christianity was based on a belief in Christ after his supposed crucifixion .
15- The life and teachings of Jesus Peace be upon him were no longer important. As the established Church continued to distance itself from the teachings of Jesus Peace be upon him , its leaders became increasingly involoved in the affairs of those in authority throughout the land .As the diffrences between what Jesus Peace be upon him taught and what those in authority desired became blurred , the Church , while asserting its separateness from the state , became in reality more and more identified with it and thus grew in power .
16:- In the early days the Church had not been subject to imperial power , but once it had completely compromised itself , the position was reversed . As the Churchbecame more powerful , it bacame very dangerous to deny the trinity , something which led to almost certain death. Luther left the Roman church , but his revolt was against the authority of the Pope rather than the fundamental doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church .Although he founded another church and became its head , the new Protestants sanctioned all of the basic Christian doctrines held by the Catholics . This led to the establishment of a number of " reform" churches and sects , but pre-reformation Christianity remained undisturbed. These two main bodies of the Pauline Church have continued to exist up to the present day .

Why is it called then the Pauline Church not Jesus Church ?

Answers are given by eminent Christian scholars of recent times , who studied the Bible with impartial minds

1- The famous Christian historian James Mackinson admits openly :
" The train of thought is distinctively his own . Whether it is altogether in accord with the mind of Jesus is not so evident in spite of his claim to direct revelation …at the same time , Jesus's conception of the law is hardly in accordance with of Paul …In this respect Paul's – claim that he received his Gospel by revelation from Christ is rather problematic. "
2-The Encyclopedia Britannica says:
" One group among the writers , represented for examples by W.Wrede , who were by no means opposed to Paul , opine that Paul changed Christianity to such an extent that he has become its second founder,. In reality he is the founder of the church Christianity which is totally different from the Christianity brought by Jesus. They say follow Jesus or follow Paul , but both cannot be followed simultaneously. "
3- Also the Encyclopedia Britannica states:
" Paul quickly saw the need to stay in a quite and peaceful area where he could reflect over his new position . Hence he went to the Southern regions of Damascus …the main problem facing him was to interpret the law and teachings of Jesus in a new form in the light of his own novel experience ."
So who was Paul ?
William G.Joquin gives us the answer in the his book" Paul Apostle or Antichrist":
(PAUL OF TARSUS who had never met Jesus nor had he been well acquainted with any of his closest disciples.He had earned the reputation of being one of the greatest enemies of Jesus( Peace be upon him) .Moreover, there were many who suspected that he was a spy posing as a follower of Jesus Christ .It is recorded in The Act of the Apostles that PAUL , WHO WAS THEN CALLED SAUL , was responsible for a great persecution against the Church at that time :
"He made havoc of the Church , entering into every house and hauling men and women , commiting them to prison . " Acts 6:5
As he (Paul) himself admitted :
"For you have heard …how I persecuted the church of God beyond measure and tried to destroy it . And I advanced in Judaism beyond many of my contemporaries in my own nation , being more exceedingly zealous for the tradition of my fathers." Galatians 1:13-14
And it is related in The Acts :
" Then Saul , still breathing threats and slaughter agains the disciples of the Lord , went to the high priest and asked of him letters to the synagogues of Damascus so that if he found any who were of the way , whether men or women , he might bring them bound unto Jerusalem . Acts 9:1-2"
It was on his journey to Damascus that Paul is said to have met Jesus (Peace be upon him ) in a vision and became one of his followers as a result . He claimed to have been pointed an apostle of Jesus (Peace be upon him)
And also, that he continued to receive instuctions directly from the Master even though they were sometimes contrary to what the disciples had heard from Jesus (Peace be upon him) in person . That incident is related three times in The Acts of the Apostles , each time differently .
The first version goes like this :
1-"And as he journeyed he came near Damascus and suddenly a light shone around him from heaven . And he fell to the earth and heard a voice saying to him , ' Saul , Saul , why do you persecute me ?' And he said , 'Who are you , Lord ? And the Lord said , 'I am Jesus , whom you persecute . It is hard for you to kick against the goads .' So he , trembling and astonished , said , ' Lord , what will you have me do ?' And the Lord said to him , ' Arise and go into the city , and you shall be told what you must do.' And the men who journeyed with him stood speechless , hearing a voice but seeing no man . "Acts 9:3-7 .
In this version the incident is related by the author of The Acts . Points worth noting are:
a- The light which Paul saw shined about him .
b- It is not related that others saw the light , but they did hear the voice .
c- It was Paul who fell to the ground .
d- The voice of Jesus (Peace be upon him) ordered him to enter the city and there he would be told what to do .
The second version of the story is reported in the same book , but the words are purpoted to be spoken by Paul before the tribune and a crowd of Jews . Here , he was answering charges of preaching against the law and defiling the Temple by bringing Greeks into it :
"And it came to pass that , as I made my journey and had come near Damascus about noon, suddenly a great light from heaven shone round about me . And I fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to me , 'Saul Saul , why do you persecute me me ?' So I answered , ' Who are you , Lord ?" And he said to me , ' I am Jesus of Nazareth , whom you persecute .' And those that were with me indeed saw the light and were afraid , but they heard not the voice of him who spoke to me . So I said , 'What shall I do , Lord ?' And the Lord said to me , 'Arise and go into Damascus , and there you shall be told all things which are appointed for you to do .' Acts 22:6-10
This version agrees with the first version in that :
(a) The one who fell to the ground was Paul and not those with him .
(b) Paul was told to enter the city and there he would receive further further instructions . It differs with the first version in the statement that those who were with Paul saw the light but didn't hear the voice .
The third version of this incident is also contained in Paul's words as related in the same book , The acts of the Apostles :
" Whereupon , as I went to Damascus with authority and commission from the chief priests , at midday : O along the way I saw a light from heaven , brighter than the sun , shining round about me and those who journeyed with me. .And when we all had fallen to the earth , I heard a voice speaking to me in the Hebrew tongue , Saul , Saul , why do you persecute me ? It is hard for you to kick against the goads . ' So I said , 'Who are you , Lord ?' And he said , ' I am Jesus , whom you persecute . But rise and stand upon feet ; for I have appeared to you for this purpose , to make you a minister and a witness both of those things which I will reveal to you . I will deliever you from the people and from the Gentiles , unto whom send you , to open their eyes and to turn them from darkness to light and from the the power of Satan unto God , that they may receive forgiveness of sins and inheritance among those who are sanctified by faith in me ." Acts 26:12-18.
Here we see a great divergence from the statement in Chapter 9 and Chapter 22 of the very same book :
a- According to this version , it is not Paul alone who saw the light , as related in the first version , but everyone , as related in the second.
b- Here Paul says that they fell to the ground , which contradicts the two previous versions in which it was Paul alone who fell .
c- Instead of being instructed by the mysterious voice of Jesus Peace be upon him to enter the city where Paul would be told what to do , this version gives detailed information about Paul's mission immediately on the spot :
Paul was to be :
1- Appointed as the Apostle of Jesus who also promises him ,that he will appear to him again and violating all of Jesus Peace be upon him teaching .
2 -Preaching the gospel to non-Jews.
3- Teaching salvation by faith alone which is considered also contrary to Jesus Peace be upon him teaching.
Why did Paul elucidate so much in the third version ? No doubt because he was addressing King Agrippa. But one pauses to wonder what he would think of a witness who relates one story to the police , changes it slightly when facing the magistrate, and presents a completely different version when the case reaches the High Court . No one can describe Paul better than he himself :
" For though I be free from all men , I have made myself a servant to all that I might gain the more. Unto the Jews I became as a Jew that I might gain the Jews . To those who are under the law , I am as under the law , that I might gain those who are under the law . To those who are without law {not being without law to God but under the law of Christ}, that I might gain those who are without law . To the weak I became as weak that I might gain the weak . I am made all things to all men that I might by all means save some . And this I do for the gospel`s sake that I might be partaker thereof with you . "
1Corinthians 9:19-23
These passages show Paul motive very clear. He wants to win converts by hook or crook and to discredit all the worthy companions of Jesus(Peace be upon him ) who studied at his feet and shared his tribulations . He produced – a synthetic religion which is mathematically absurd, historically false , yet psychologically impressive. Paul modified the status of Jesus Peace be upon him ,taking him as a mediator or reconciler between God and man as "Son of God" , then equal to God. Then finally declaring him as " God".
A: "God Emptied" is" God Not "
The major corruption that Paul had done is that he deviated the pure monotheistic teachings (to worship One and only God ) of Jesus Peace be upon him towards worshipping of an another being , equal to God . He proclaimed that Jesus (Peace be upon him ) is someone equal to God , and introduced the theory of " emptied God "
He said " Christ Jesus who , though existing in the form of God , did not consider his equality with God something to cling to , but emptied himself as he took on the form of a slave and became like human beings ".
( The letter of Paul to the Philippians 2:6)
All the creations of God are submitted to and are dependent on Him ; if according to Paul's theory , God emptied Himself and took the form of a salve , then who was the master and controller of the universe during that period of time , or does it suggest that there were two gods simultaneously , one emptied and other full of power ; but this is an open blasphemy and it leads to polytheism ( to worship others equal to God).
God has ever been and will ever remain the most powerful the Only God , with no one equal to Him . It is absolutely illogical to think of Him being emptied or devoid of Himself for any moment because God emptied is God not any more . This idea is physically unreasonable and spiritually inconceivable , the existence of God is beyond the human imaginative expance . God is NOT limited in any form . God is unlimited. This idolatrous ideology is not new , it is influenced by other beliefs and mythologies , where people exceeding in their saints and godly men to be worshipped as God or equal to God .To setup partners to God is an age old blasphemy .
According to the discriptions given in the Gospels and in the Holy Qur'an , Jesus Christ Peace be upon him is not only like human beings , but a human being in actuality as dependent and vulnerable as any other human; all his powers and abilities were granted to him by God , he had no authority of his own . In the light of these discriptions , it is difficult rather than impossible to accept him as God or even emptied God .
In the Gospels we find many verses that contradicts the theory of emptied God :
1-" And he (Stephen)said, " Behold , I see the heavens opened and the Son of man standing at the right hand of God." Acts 7:56
The Son of man , as Jesus preferred to call himself , is seen by Stephen to be standing at the right hand of God . Hence he cannot at the same time time be God.
2-" Father, if thou art willing , remove this cup from me ; nevertheless not my will , but thine bedone ." And there appeared to him an angel from heaven , strengthening him . " Luke 22:42-43
We note here three important things :
a- Jesus Peace be upon him prays to God , Jesus worship God . Hence they are two separate beings of unequal status to the extent that one has to pray to the other.
b- They have two separate wills , but the will of Jesus Peace be upon him , the son of man , is subordinate to that of God . God's will must prevail.
c- Jesus Peace be upon him , being man , loses heart and weakness , and God Almighty , as the source of all strength , sends an angel to strengthen Jesus.
3- " Jesus cried out with a loud voice , ' Eloi , Eloi , lema sabachtani?which means , My Lord , my Lord why have you forsaken me ? (Mark 15:34)
We note here two important things :
a- It is clear here that Jesus Peace be upon him and God are not only separate entities but their will are different and could be even contradictory ; the superior will must however prevail .
b- What is shocking , however, is the despairing tone of Christ's supplication on the cross . Far from being the only begotten Son of God or God , we could not expect such weakness even from an ordinary mortal with a trust in God .
4- Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the the wilderness to be tempted by the devil . ' (Matthew 4:1)
Note: Devil can never attempt God ,but the humans.
5-" I can do nothing independentely " (John 5: 30)
Note: A creature is always dependent on the Creator .
6- ." But he would withdrew to a deserted places and pray. "
(Mark 1:35) (Luke 5:16)
Note: Praying is purely a human need
7-" Then Jesus asked , ' Who touched me ? Someone touched me ; for I noticed that power had gone out from me . " (Luke 8:45-46)
Note : Unawareness is a human limitation .
8- " I do nothing of my own accord , but tell things just as the Father has taught me" (John 8:28)
Note : A Prophet is a human , and has no authority of his own.
9- " ….and while they were sailing he (Jesus)fell asleep." (Luke 8:23)
Note :Sleep is a human need , and to fall asleep is a human weakness .
10- " But in vain they do worship me ,teaching for doctrines the commandment of men " Matthew 15:9
Note : This verse is speaking of the Christians . For there is no other religion that worships Jesus (Peace be upon him) except Christianity .
11- " And behold one came and said to him (Jesus) , Good teacher , what good thing shall I do that I may have eternal life ?So he said to him , Why do you call me good ? – No one is good but One , this is , God . But if you want to enter into eternal life , keep the commandments." Matthew 19:16-17
It is clear here that Jesus Peace be upon him would not allow any one even to call him "good" , let alone call him God?????!!!!
12- "Jesus wept" John 11:35 (no comment)
13- "(Jesus) saith , I thirst ." John 19:28 ( no comment) .
Missing Claims of believing that (Jesus Peace be upon him) is God
1- The Alpha and Omega :
In the Book of Revelation 1, verse 8 , it is implied that Jesus Peace be upon him said the following about himself : " I am Alpha and Omega , the beginning and the ending , saith the Lord , which is , and which was , and which is to come , the Almghty ."
These are the attributes of God. Consequently , Jesus (Peace be upon him ) , according to early Christians, is here claiming divinity . However, the above –mentioned wording is according to the King James Version . In the Revised Standard Version biblical scholars corrected the translation and wrote : " I am the Alpha and the Omega , " says the Lord God , who is and who was and who is to come , the Almighty." A correction was also made in the New American Bible produced by Catholics . The translation of that verse has been amended to put it in its correct context as follows : "The Lord God says: I am the Alpha and the Omega , the one who is and who was , and who is to come , the Almighty . " With these corrections , it becomes evident that this was a statement of God and not a statement of Jesus Peace be upon him .
2- The Pre-existence of Christ (Peace be upon him):
Another verse commonly used to support the divinity of Jesus (Peace be upon him) is John 8:58" Jesus said unto them , ' Verily , verily , I say unto you , Before Abraham was, I am ." This verse is taken to imply that Jesus Peace be upon him existed prior to his appearance on earth. The conclusion drawn from it is that (Jesus Peace be upon him) must be God , since his existence predates his birth on earth . However, the concept of the pre-existence of the Prophets , and of man in general , exists in both the Old Testatment , as well as in the The Noble Qur'an . Jeremiah described himself in The Book of Jeremiah 1:4-5 as follows : " Now the word of the lord came to me saying , ' Before I formed you in the womb I knew you , and before you were born I consecrated you ;I appointed you a prophet to the nations.' "
Prophet Solomon Peace be upon him is reported in Proverbs 8:23-27 , to have said : " Ages ago I was set up at the first , before the beginning of the earth . " When there were no depths I was brought forth , when there were no springs abounding with water , Before the mountains had been shaped , before he had made the earth with its fields , or the first of the dust of the world When he established the heavens , I was there . "
According to Job 38:4 and 21 , God addresses Prophet Job as follows : " Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth ? Tell me ,if you have understanding …You Know , for you were born then , and the number of your days is great!"
In the Noble Qur'an , Chapter Al-A'raaf , (7):172, God , informed that man existed in the spiritual form before the creation of the physical world .
" And (remember) when your Lord brought forth from the Children of Adam , from their loins , their seed (or from Adam's loin his offspring) and made them testify as to themselves (saying) :" Am I not your Lord ?" They said :" Yes !We testify ," lest you should say on the Day of Resurrection :" Verily , we have been unaware of this ."
Consequently ----, Prophet Jesus Peace be upon him statement , " Before Abraham was , I am , " cannot be used as evidence of his divinity . Within the context of John 8:54-58 , Jesus Peace be upon him is purported to have spoken about God's knowledge of His Prophets Peace be upon them all , which predates the creation of this world .
3-Those who claim that Jesus peace be upon him is God , also draw support for this belief :
a- From verse 30 of the Gospel according to John , chapter 10, in which Jesus Peace be upon him is reported to have said : ," I and the Father are one." Out of context , this verse does imply Jesus (Peace be upon him) divinity. However, when the Jews accused him of claiming divinity , based on that statement " Jesus answered them , 'Is it not written in your law ; "I said , Ye are gods? He clarified for them , with a scriptural example well known to them , that he was using the metaphorical language of the prophets which should not be interpreted as ascribing divinity to himself or to other human beings.
b- Further , evidence is drawn from verses ten and eleven of the Gospel according to John , chapter 14, where people asked Jesus Peace be upon him to show them the Father , and he was supposed to have said :" Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father in me ? The words that I say to you I do not speak on my authority , but the Father who dwells in me does his words ; or else believe me for the sake of the works themselves."
These phrases would imply Jesus Peace be upon him divinity, if the remainder of the same Gospel is ignored . However , nine verses later , in John 14:20, Jesus Peace be upon him is also recored as saying to his disciples " In that day you will know that I am in my Father , and you in me , and I in you ." Thus , if Jesus Peace be upon him statement " I am in the Father and the Father in me" means that he is God , then so were his disciples . This symbolic statement means oneness of purpose and not oneness of essence .The symbolic interpretation is further emphasized in John 17:20-21 , wherein Jesus Peace be upon him said " I do not pray for these only , but also for those who believe in me through their word , that they may all be one ; even as thou ,Father , art in me , and I in thee , that they also may be in us , so that the world may believe that thou has sent me"
Note that "dwells in me" means : that Jesus Peace be upon him(as well as all the other Prophets) is speaking and acting on God's authority and in obedience to His command .
b-" He Peace be upon him- as they claim - accepted worship"
It is argued that since Jesus Peace be upon him is reported to have accepted the woeship of some of his followers , he must have been God. However , a closer examination of the texts indicates both a case of dubious translation , as well as misinterpretation . The term " worship" can be found in the King James Version and The Revised Standard Version accounts of the three wise men who came from the east . They were reported in Matthew 2:2 , to have said , " Where is the baby born to be the King of the Jews ?We saw his star when it came up in the east , and we have come to worship him ." However, in The New American Bible (Catholic Press, 1970) , the text reads : " Where is the newborn king of the Jews ? We observed his star at its rising and have come to pay him homage".
In the Revised Standard Version , John 9:37-38, :" 'You have seen him , and it is he who speaks to you ,'38- He said , 'Lord , I believe ' and he worshipped him ." However , in The American Bible , the scholarly translators added a footnote which read :
9:38 This verse , omitted in important MSS (manuscript) , may be an addition for a baptismal liturgy .
Furthermore, as a renowed authority on the Bible and its original language , George M.Lamsa , explained , " The Aramaic word sagad , worship , also means to bend or to kneel down . Easterners in greeting each other generally bowed the head or bent down . …' he worshipped him' does not imply that he worshipped Jesus Peace be upon hm as one worshipped God . Such an act would have been regarded as sacrilegious and a breach of the First Commandment in the eyes of the Jews , and the man might have been stoned. But he knelt before him in token of homage and gratitude.
3- " In the beginning was the Word"
Perhaps the most commonly quoted 'evidence' for Jesus Peace be upon him claimed divinity is John 1:1 " In the beginning was the Word , and the Word was with God , and the Word was God ."
However , in John 5:37 it is stated , that no man has seen or heard God . So using John 1:1 in support that Jesus Peace be upon him is God would mean that there are at least two Gods (God and Jesus) ????!!!!!
Moreover, there are other disagreements to John 1:1 from Deuteronomy 4:39:" Know therefore this day, and consider it in thine heart, that the Lord he is God in heaven above, and upon the earth beneath there is none else.
Deuteronomy 6:4 , " Hear , O Israel :The Lord our God , the Lord is one ." Isaac 43:10-11 , Isaac 44:6 and Isaac 45:18. For Isaac 43:10-11 states there is no savior but God , and Isaac 45:18 concludes that God alone was the Creator and no one else , not even Jesus Peace be upon him , participated in the creation .
Note: The same verse with which St.John Gospels commence was often refuted by the early Unitarian writers , who rendered its true readings as follows : " In the beginning was the word and the word was with God , and the Word was God's ." It will be noticed that the Greek form of the genetive case " theou" i.e. "God's" was corrupted into " Theos" , that is , " God , " in the nominative form of the name !It is also to be observed that clause , "In the beginning was the word" expressly indicates the origin of the word which was not before the beginning ! By the "word of God" is not meant a separate and distinct substance , coeval and co-existent with the Almighty , but an expression and proclamation of His knowledge .
5- Upton Sinclair writes in his book A Personal Jesus:
" You percieve that those who tell the story cannot make up their mind whether Jesus is God or whether he is man. Truly it is difficult problem , once you admit such a thing as the possibility thatGod may take on the form of a man and come down to earth . When he becomes man , is he man or is He still God ? And how can He be betrayed when He knows He is going to be betrayed ?The legend never answers clearly , for basically it is an absurdity and there can be no answer , nor even any rational thought on such a subject .


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