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Friday, March 30, 2007

Nice Questions-please read

1) My brother, you asked: Does the Quran/Islam mention anything about dinosaurs?
Mohammad: Though Qur’aan may not have mentioned Crocodiles or Dragons today, or many other speeches that were during the time of Muhammad Sallah Allah Aleihi Wasallam, does that mean Allah did not know about? However, Allah mentioned about the Giants of old times, like the people prophet Saleh and prophet Hood, who built huge dwellings and majestic cities, then Allah wiped them out. If you want please look at the attachment I am sending you, if this is how man was, this is a clear indication of how animals were as well. If the attachment does not show well, send me a message to my mail box to send you another message with the attachment again. On the other hand, Allah says how he brought us from a different kind of people (6:133), most likely another indication how we came from those Giants of old times when Dinosaurs were around.

2) You said: What does Islam say about slavery? I heard, as a rumor, that there were islamic leaders, including the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) that had slaves..if thats true, doesnt that go against the part of the Quran where it states something that goes like "No Arab has any superiority over a non-arab" and so on and so forth.
Mohammad: yes of course it does, however, what is the story here? As we all know, Arabs existed long before Muhammad Alihi Al Salatu walsalaam, during their days before our prophet, Arabs did have slaves, when Islam came to them, Islam faced a serious problem with slavery, if Allah ordered us to set them free just like that, many of those were born in slavery and were taken from different countries, those slaves will wind up in the street homeless and will die, because they are removed from the only known homes they knew all of their lives. With this difficulty in social life, Islam found a way to fee them little by little, sometimes through buying them from their owners, and then setting them free after assigning work to them to survive an giving them homes among other believers who followed out prophet among the first Sahabah. Therefore, first they needed to free them from their non Believing owners first, then set them free, our Imam was given a young man named Zaid who was a slave under Khadijah, the first thing our Imam did is setting this young man free, then adopted him as an adopted son till Allah said: do not call him by the son of Muhammad, call him to his own father. Yes, before Islam Arabs had slaves, Islam had nothing to do with that, then Islam came to remedy things in a gentle way without creating a serious situation at hand.
Now, and on the other hand, Allah made it clear how it was our duty to sit those slaves free, how? Ayah 5:89 says: or setting a soul free. So you see, Allah show us how to things in the best manner possible, without creating a situation in our social lives.

3) You said: Why do muslims say "Peace be upon him" about our Prophet when he already has beyond imaginable peace and I'm sure right now he's waiting in a good place until Judgement day..so how much more peace does he need?
Mohammad: yes my brother, this is wrong, the words are not peace be upon him, now we have the stupid from non Muslims using evil words to replace what some of us say, and I feel disgust and cannot repeat what they say. Now let us see what Allah told us to say, and what is the meaning of such? Allah says in Ayah 33:56: Allah and His Angels make Salah over the prophet, O Believers in Allah make Salah and say your Salaams. Let us try to understand this according to Qur’aan, not according to how some translated this. How Allah and His Angels make Salah over the prophet, and is it only our prophet Muhammad? If this was for Muhammad only, Allah would have said: over Muhammad, not the prophet, which means this applies to every prophet Allah sent to mankind. How, and what is my proof?
Listen to your prayer, when you set and recite Durud Shareef, or in Arabic: Tahyat, you say in the second part: O Allah make Sala over Muhammad, and the family of Muhammad, like you made Salah over Ibraheim and the family of Ibraheim, do you see how Salah was made over Ibraheim thousands of years before Muhammad may Allah bless all the same? Now, what is Salah Allah may make and his Angels, is it prayer as we do and call Salah and Namaas? Those words mean: Allah and His Angels sends blessings over the prophet, O Believers in Allah, send your blessings over him, and say Salaam. What is Salaam, like saying: Al Salaam Aleikum Ye Rasool Allah, as we all know how the name: Al Salaam belong to Allah, and it is one of the 99 names of Allah, when you say Al Salaam Aleika Ya Rasool Allah, you are in essence saying: may Allah in His quality of peace shed our Imam and prophet, that is why even you an I when we greet one another we say: Al Salaam Aleikum, which is in essence a Dua we make wishing Allah in His quality of peace to shed our brothers and sisters in Islam, where we learned that at, and who speaks like that in Qur’aan? If you read Ayah 10:10 which says about the dwellers in Paradise: their greetings in it, Al Salaam Aleikum, and then end of their Dua is: Thanks to Allah the LORD of the two worlds, imagine, when you say: Al Salaam Aleikum today, you are practicing how to speak when the day come when Allah place us next to the Angels Insha Allah. May Allah makes us among those, and may Allah allow us to escape Hell, Eternity to come.
Now as for your Question: why we need to do this, simple, obeying Allah and His orders is a must, therefore, we have to do as Allah orders us, they way He orders, not following Temptations of our hearts.

You said: 4) Marijuana is considered Mahkru by some muslims and completely haram by others..i think it's 100 percent haram..which one is right? Marijuana = Mahkru or Total Haram? I'm sure your a busy guy but if you can answer these questions for me, it would be greatly appreciated!
Mohammad: now let us ask: what this Drug does to the human body? Looks like it takes away powers of thinking clearly, make us less human like, exactly as when we drink licker, and how Allah dealt with Licker? Allah said: Licker is Haram, not only in our Qur’aan, even in Jewish Christian books too. Liquor does away with the minds, also all Drugs, when Allah made Liquor that does away with the mind Haram, this applies to all similar products.


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