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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Islamic Jeopardy

Which year was Prophet (PBUH) born?
A: 570 AD

How many years did his Prophethood last?
A: 23 yrs

When did he receive the first revelation?
A: At the age of 40

How many children did Prophet (PBUH) have?
A: 7 children (Three sons: Al qasim, Abdullah and Ibrahim. Four daughters: Zaynab, Ruqayah, Fatimah and Om Kolthoom)

How many of his children died during the lifetime of Prophet (PBUH)?
A: Six (only Fatima (RA) outlived him. This gives us an idea on how much pain and suffering Prophet (PBUH) had to undergo as a human being when he had to bury 6 out of his 7 children during his lifetime)

What is the name of the Prophet's (PBUH) adopted son?
A: Zaid Ibn Harith. Khadijah (RA) gave Zaid as a gift to Prophet (PBUH) during her marriage i.e. before his Prophethood. The father of Zaid belonging to one of the influential tribes learnt later that Zaid is living in Mecca as a slave and approached Prophet (PBUH) to sell Zaid back to them. Prophet (PBUH) responded that they can have Zaid for free, if he is willing. But Zaid who was living as a slave said to his father that after being lived with Prophet (PBUH) he can't imagine to have any man above him and denied to join his father. His father told him that he had to live like a slave if he chose to live with Prophet (PBUH) otherwise he could be the chief of his tribe or something of that sort. But Zaid refused. Immediately after hearing this Prophet (PBUH) set Zaid free and took him to the center of the city and declared that Zaid is his adopted son.

What is the first verse to be revealed?
A: Iqra (Surah 96: 1-5)

What did immediately follow after the first revelation?
A: An interruption (Fatrah), of which the duration cannot be exactly ascertained, as there was no external history connected with it. The usual estimate puts it at about six months, but it may have been a year or two years.

What was the second surah to be reveled after the Fatrah?
A: Surah al-Muddaththir [74:1-5]. Allah, says: "O you covered in your cloak, arise ad warn; and your Lord magnify; and your garments purify; and pollution shun (i.e., keep away from the idols)." Prophet (PBUH) was said to be distressed and disturbed by the period of silence from the Heavens before this surah was reveled. Therefore on this occasion, he has been addressed with the sweet words YAA AYYUHAL MUD DATH THIR (O you wrapped up) so as to remove his natural fear and make him conversant with revelation.

What is the surah that addressed Prophet (PBUH) as the one who is wrapped in his sheet?
A: Surah Al Muzzammil

With whom did Prophet (PBUH) spend most of his childhood?
A: With his uncle Abu Talib. Prophet (PBUH) was orphaned and lived with his uncle Abu Talib's family, which was a poor but a big family. Abu Talib's children would fight to get their bite when food was served but Prophet (PBUH) will never fight for it. On noticing this Abu Talib instructed his wife to set aside a portion of the food separately for Prophet (PBUH).

Did Prophet (PBUH) propose anyone for marriage during his youth i.e. before his prophethood that did not consummate?
A: Yes. Umm Hani, the daughter of Abu Talib. Prophet (PBUH) developed love with Umm Hani when he was living with his uncle's family but the marriage did not consummate because Abu Talib disapproved it.

Did Prophet (PBUH) propose anyone for marriage after his prophethood that did not consummate?
A: Yes. It was a Rehana, a Jewish woman who was held captive. Prophet (PBUH) asked her if she can accept Islam, she will be set free and proposed to marry her. But Rehana denied his proposal and said she will remain as a Jew and will be a captive under Prophet (PBUH) and that way it will be easier for everyone.

What kind of pressure Prophet (PBUH) had to face from his uncle Abu Lahab to stop his preaching?
A: Abu Lahab's two sons were engaged to Prophet (PBUH)'s daughters Ruqayah and Om Kolthoom and Abu Lahab put pressure on Prophet (PBUH) that the engagement of his sons with his daughters will be broken unless he stops preaching Islam. Only Allah knows what really happened in this regard.

When was the verse "Verily, you will not guide everyone whom you love, but Allah guides whom He wills and He knows best those who Will guided" (Qur'an 28:56) revealed?
A: When Abu Talib was in his death bed, Prophet (PBUH) was holding Abu Talib's hand and requested him to say shahada (accept Islam) and Allah revealed this verse. Prophet (PBUH) felt very sad because his uncle Abu Talib died as an unbeliever.

When was the surah Abasa (He frowned) revealed?
A: When Prophet (PBUH) frowned at the blind man. Allah warned Prophet (PBUH) through this surah not to frown at the blind man.

Whom did Prophet (PBUH) appoint to lead the prayer in his absence when he participated in the battle of Badr?
A: 'Abd Allah Ibn Umm Maktum, the blind man. Prophet (PBUH) had developed so much love and affection on him because Allah had to correct Prophet (PBUH) himself for frowning at him in the past.

What was the last thing that Prophet (PBUH) said to have been mouthing at the time of his last breath?
A: Establish salaat (prayer) and help materially to anyone whom one can, take care of one's parents, spouse, children etc. And Allah only knows what he actually uttered at that time. (This is just a rough translation from an arabic source that we have)

Excerpts from the Jeopardy game show conducted by Dr. Gasser Hathout at the Islamic Center of Southern California, Los Angeles during the Hijrah commemoration and New Year Celebration on February 12, 2005.


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