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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Adam and Barnabas

Dear beloved readers, Alsalaam Aleikum wa Rahmatul Allah.

I received questions from a very kind reader, a sister of yours and mine, I like to share what answers I give her, because the issues and the questions are important, may all of us benefit from this, and may Allah reward all of us for trying. This is what our sister said: I need some help regarding some islamic issus, can you search or give me knowledge about these matters.
About the mafee(forgiveness) of hazrat Adam. some people says that it was due to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Yes, I know the story, let me brief all of us, maybe some of us don’t know it. The story says: when Adam ate from the tree against the order of Allah, he asked Allah to forgive him in the name of Muhammad (PBUH), Allah asked: how do you know about Muhammad? Adam said I saw his name written, some stories say at the doors of Heavens, other stories say right their behind the Throne of Allah Himself.
It is so sad how some Muslims became, now I am going to explain to the best of my knowledge, but how many are those who are so stubborn about what they read, and are unwilling to listen even if we bring this from Allah Himself? Is this what really happened, is this the truth, well, I am going to leave it up to you dear beloved to judge because if I tell you the truth, some of you will hate me for telling. So, let us first ask: where this story is mentioned other than Muslim books? Christians of Old had many so called Gospels, one of those is named the Gospel of Barnabas, which you can find some information about on the net, and this story is explained in the book of Barnabas exactly as we spoke, and yes he mentioned the name of Muhammad (PBUH). So, now we have one of the sources of where this story comes from, and a probability of how it got into Muslims hands and books as well.
Now, I want to get this chance to say something extremely important, that applies to every other issue, not only this: Please, take into consideration, if we want bread, we go to the baker, if want to build a Nuclear sight we go to scientists, not just people who sit in coffee shops. What I am trying to say: we need experts about each issue in discussion to help solve the riddles, and this riddle of you say, I say kind of thing, we need to refer back unto Allah the all knowledgeable. Let us ask Allah, and let us hear the best answer to this. But first we need to come to a common understanding, do we all agree that Allah’s words are better than any other? If you are hung on Hadeeth books, or any other books more than the Qur’aan, or if you take what our Noble Imams wrote in the Hadeeth books as equal to what Allah gave us, then we are in deep trouble. Unless you realize that Allah is better than all of his creation, unless you realize that His words are better than any other, we do have a serious problem, I do not know how each of you react to the books Vs the Qur’aan, but I have to answer the question as well.
Adam ate from the Tree, he realized and his wife that they offended Allah with their actions, Adam was an adult, no doubt, but still as a little new born child as knowledge goes, it took Allah to teach him all the names to be able to meet the challenge Allah put for the Angels. That is why, the first human sin, needed immediate guidance from Allah, and a satisfactory remedy as well. The Ayah 2:37 says: “Adam received words from His LORD, and was forgiven by Him”, what this means? We realize after Adam made this mistake, he received special words from His LORD, what kind of words? He received words that led to: and “He was forgiven by Him”, therefore, words that leads to forgiveness, or asking Allah to forgive our sins.
Very well, what are those words Allah gave Adam? Allah in the different Sourah says: “O LORD, we committed a grieve unjust sin unto our own selves, if you do not forgive us and shed us with Your Mercy, we will be among the Losers” (Ayah 7:23). This will bring us back to Ayah 2:37 again, Allah received those words back from Adam and Eve and forgave them. Allah was angry of course because they offended Him, and went against His orders, I understand that as well. The lesson to learn from this is the following: give Allah a chance to answer your questions, as we give experts the matter we need to handle, who is better expert than Him, this is what Allah says, this is what others related, you judge what you wish to follow, and remember, this life is a place for choices, choosing what to follow may have a lot of bearing on being rewarded or punished, make good choices for your own good no one else’s.
Before leaving this topic, I would like to reflect over what some of us did to this issue of Adam eating from a little nothing for a tree, some Muslims believe as Christians believe that this caused Adam and his wife to leave Heaven, which is not true. Even in the Jewish story, which has a lot that does not adds up, Adam was thrown out because god was afraid that Adam will eat from the Tree of life and live forever, after he ate from the tree of knowledge. Looks like weird things grow on the trees in the garden. Even Qur’aan says how Adam was forgiven, and Qur’aan was so clear in Ayah 2:30, when Allah said: “I am making on Earth a Law preserver”, Allah did not say Adam will stay in Heaven, and Heaven for Adam was a test ground, not for living. Adam was bound and destined to Earth even if he did not eat from the tree, otherwise why Allah prepared Earth just before creating him, and Allah does everything for good reasons.
No, Jews and Christians are wrong about Adam, what they say makes no sense, trees that grows weird fruits of knowing how to differentiate between good and evil, others did not see the reason why Adam was thrown out so that he does not eat from another weird tree that gives life eternal, unheard of things, and closer to myth and fiction. Please be careful about what you believe, this may be the major cause for you being in Hell, or in Heaven.

Thanks Unto Allah alone


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