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Friday, March 04, 2005

Digressing a little..

One Sister said:"When they, (the kuffar) do so much more than just bombing a plane full of people, its collateral damage. And when a plane full of people is bombed by a Muslim, its called, 'killing civilian's. How cool. Justice..This is justice."

Our comment:

Calls of moderation and abandoning radicalism

Islam charges Muslims to be moderate. Let me just say, we the Muslims of the Western World especially must be extremely careful in what they say and do. Every non-Muslim is a potential Muslim. Because of our inappropriate actions and writings we are literally putting off non-Muslims from Islam. Sure, they will study it but are they really going to look at the authentic texts? That said, Allah is Al-Haadi and He will Guide whomsoever He Wishes. All the same, our Social Conduct is paramount and integral to our faith which we hold so dear.

Muslims are oppressed today wherever we look - no doubt about it. There is a stark divergence of views on how to tackle this issue. There are various praiseworthy avenues which may be taken. On the other hand, there are some who vow to mete out oppression being victims to oppression. For them, blind revenge and vengeance is the menu of the day - by any means necessary they cry. Is this correct or rather is this warranted by the Noble Shaari'ah? Nope. Whilst we can see why such victims would become a party to such actions they are nonetheless totally incorrect and punishable.

Look at the lifestyle of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam and how injustice was dealt with. His daughters Radhi-Allahu Anhum were given Talaaq in the market place by Abu Jahl's sons but did he commit injustice? - absolutely impossible. How Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam was taunted, spat at, boycotted, mocked and countless other injustices yet he never turned to oppression in desperation. What injustices were not mete out to these illustrious personages and they responded in the best manner possible. And do you know what? This is what eventually attracted those very oppressors to Islaam. In short, I'itidaal ( moderation - The trait of avoiding excesses) is utterly essential and we must not lose sight of this. Otherwise, every injustice that is perpetrated will be accompanied by a honey slipstreamed vindication, justifying the unjustifiable. Muslims must not be a party to such idiocy. Remember we must FEAR ALLAH.

Read the story of Khubaib Radhi-Allahu-Anhu. Subhanallah! Khubaib Radhi-Allahu-Anhu was met with treachery, deceit, lies and further endured humiliating captivity since he was caught- a man "marked for death". A sinless child approaches him whilst he has a razor. The captors immediately thought the worst as perhaps he may have used this opportunity to free himself in lieu of the child's life. A sudden flash of vengeance was not present as they truly loved Allah and they simply would not commit an illegal action. Nothing could have been further from this sincere Sahabi's mind. No wonder Allah is well-pleased with them and they are well-pleased with Allah. They followed Deen to the letter and the pleasure of Allah, peace and contentment follows. Crossing the limits of Shari'ah was not a choice no matter how much oppression was meted out. Islam is a moderate religion. The rules of moderation are also set out by the Shar'iah.

May Allah Guide us all. Allah forgive us for our mistakes and may he not take us to account for them and display them to others. Sometimes we make mistakes and we have to live with the consequences for the rest of our loves. May Allah save us from that and may He do our Sattaree (cover our faults).

When our Social Conduct turns awry then we can expect headlines these
Paranoid? No, but the Gloucester shoe-bomber is out to get us


Muslims face increased stop and search


Muslim Profiling in the UK (Anti Muslim Blog urging further Muslim Profiling)

Muslim Profiling in the UK (Pro-Muslim Blog urging Community Relations)

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