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Sunday, August 31, 2008

True Love

Check out this beautiful story of Abu Al-aas ibn Al-Rabiah and his wife Zaynab bint Muhammad peace be upon him.

Abu al-aas ibn Al-Rabiah his maternal aunt was Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, the wife of Muhammad. He came to the prophet before Islam and asked him ‘’I would like to marry Zaynab your daughter’’, Muhammad peace be upon him said ‘’I can’t give you an answer until I ask her’’, so he goes to Zaynab and he asked her ‘’your cuisine Abu al-aas has come to me and he mentioned your name would you accept him as a husband?’’. Her face became red and she smiled so Muhammad got back to Abu al-aas and Zaynab got married to Abu al-aas. And after that she got blessed with two children Ali and Umama. And they lived a very happy romantic life until the Divine light of Islam radiated over Makah. Muhammad, the father of Zaynab, was now the Prophet of Allah, sent to convey the religion of guidance and truth. So Zaynab accepted Islam while her husband was away travelling. When he came back he heard the rumours that his wife has embraced this new religion. So when he entered his house, Zaynab hurried to him and said ‘I have great news for you’’, so he stood up and moved away from her. She went after him and told him what happened and that she embraced Islam. He said ‘‘shouldn’t you have told me first’’. She said ‘‘I was not going to disbelieve in my father when his known to be the truthful. And I am not alone, my mother your aunt became Muslim, and my sisters, my uncle Ali Ibn abetalib, and the son of your aunt Uthman Ibn affan, and your friend Abu baker’’. He said ‘‘but not me. I don’t want the people to say I have betrayed my people and I have disbelieved in what my father’s believed in to please my wife. So would you make allowances for me and show some recognition’’. She said ‘’if I’m not the one who makes allowances than, who is? I am your wife and I will support you on the truth until you can see it through’’. 20 years she was patient with him. At that time the law forbidding the marriage of a Muslim woman to a non believing man was not yet in force.

After that it was the Hijra (migration) from Makah to Maddena. Zaynab who loved her husband asked the prophet if she could stay with her husband so the prophet told her you stay with your husband and children. Then the battle of Badr came and Abu Al-aas decided that he would go and fight with Quraysh. Her husband is going to fight her dad. But she had hope. He did not really have the desire to fight the Muslims nor did he feel any inclination to join them. But his position among the Quraysh- one of honour and trust impelled him to go along with their campaign against Muhammad. The battle of Badr ended with terrible defeat for Quraysh. Some were killed, some were taken prisoner and some managed to escape. Among those, who were taken prisoner was Abu-al aas, the husband of Zaynab. After the battle was over and Quraysh was coming back to Makah Zaynab asked ‘’what happened to my father?’’ They said ‘‘he won’’. So she bowed down thanking Allah. And then she asked ‘‘what happen to my husband?’’ they said ‘‘his father in law took him as a prisoner’’. The Prophet fixed amounts for the ransom of the prisoners of war varying from one thousand to four thousand Dirhams, according to the wealth and social standing of the prisoner. Quraysh messengers went to Maddena bearing the ransom money to free their relatives held in Maddena. Zaynab sent her messenger to Maddena bearing the ransom to free her husband which was a necklace, her mother Khadijah gave her before she died. The only thing she had to free her beloved husband. When Muhammad saw the necklace he cried (Allah Akbar... that’s another love story) and he said ‘’this is the necklace of Khadijah, he felt a surge of tenderness for his daughter. He turned to his companions and said: ‘‘this man we haven’t seen any bad from him. By Allah I haven’t seen from him as a son in law anything but good. Zaynab has sent this amount to ransom Abu-al Aas. If you see fit to set free her prisoner and return her possession to her, then do so’’.

'Yes,' his companions agreed. ‘‘We shall do whatever we can to soothe your eyes and make you happy.’’ So they released Abu al-aas and the prophet gave him the necklace and said ‘’tell Zaynab not to neglect Khadeja’s necklace’’ and then he said ‘‘Islam ordered me to separate the Muslim woman from her non believing husband so if you can kindly return my daughter back to me’’. As Abu al-aas entered Makah, his loving wife came out to meet him and welcome him. He said to her ‘’I am leaving’’. She said ‘‘to where?’’ He said ‘’I am not the one who is going to leave but you are. You’re going back to your father’’. She said ‘’why?’’ He said ‘your religion ordered for the separation between you and me so go back to your father’’. She said ‘‘would you kindly be my companion and become Muslim?’’ He said ‘‘no’’. So she took her children and left to Maddena. People were coming to her to ask her for marriage but she refused. She had love for Abu al-aas and faith in Allah.

After the departure of his wife, Abu-al aas remained in Makah for several years. Then shortly before the Conquest of Mecca, he left for Syria on a trading engagement. As the caravan approached Maddena, a detachment of Muslims took them by surprise. They impounded the camels and took the men as captives to the Prophet. Abu-al aas however managed to escape. During the night which was pitch black, Abu-al aas entered Maddena fearful and alert. He asked for the house of Zaynab. He knocked on the door just before fajar time. She said ‘’who is it’’, ‘‘Abu al-aas’’ he replied, she said ‘’did you come as a Muslim?’’ ‘’no as a fugitive’’ and he told her the story. She said ‘’would you become Muslim?’’ He said ‘’no’’. She said ‘’don’t worry and welcome to the son of my aunt and the father of my children’’.

At dawn, the Prophet, peace be on him, came out to the Masjid to perform the Fajar Prayer. He stood up and said ‘’Allaho Akbar’’ to begin the Prayer. The Muslims behind him did the same. At that point Zaynab shouted from the women's section of the Masjid:

'O people! I am Zaynab the daughter of Muhammad. I have given protection to Abu al-aas.'

When the Prayer was finished, the Prophet turned to the congregation and said: 'Have you heard what I heard?' 'Yes, Messenger of Allah', they replied.

'By Him in whose hand is my soul, I knew nothing of this until I heard what you heard. He then said ‘’this man we haven’t seen any bad from him. By Allah I haven’t seen from him anything but good he has proved truthful in whatever he said to me. No doubt, Fatima is a part of me’’, and he said ‘’we have given protection to whom you have given protection'. ”You have taken the possessions of this man. If you are kind to him and return his property, we would be pleased. If however you do not agree then the goods is booty sanctioned by God which you have a right to.'

'We would certainly return his possessions to him, Messenger of God,' they replied Prophet said to his daughter: 'Prepare a place of rest for Abu-al aas and let him know that you are not lawful for him’’. As Abu-al aas collect his money and goods, Zaynab said to him ‘’don’t you miss us? Would you embrace Islam and stay with us?’’. He said ‘’no’’... he took his goods and money and left to Makka. As soon as Abu-al aas returned to Makah with the caravan, he handed over all the wealth and goods to their rightful owners. Then he asked:

'O people of Quraysh! Is there any money left with me belonging to any one of you which he has not taken?'

'No' came the reply. 'And may God bless you with goodness. We have indeed found you noble and trustworthy.'

Then Abu-al aas announced: 'Since I have now handed over to you what is rightfully yours, I now declare that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. By God, the only thing that prevented me from declaring my acceptance of Islam while I was with Muhammad in Maddena was my fear that you would think that I did so only to appropriate your wealth. Now that I have discharged my trust in this matter, I now declare that I am a Muslim'

Then he rushed to Maddena to reach it for Fajar prayer and after the prayer he came to the prophet and said you have protected me yesterday and today I am here to accept Islam. ‘’Allaho Akbar’’ everyone one in the Masjid shouted. Abu al-aas then asked the prophet ‘’would you give me permission to get back with Zaynab?’’ ... the prophet took him and said ‘’come with me’’ and he stood outside Zaynab’s house and knocked on the door and then told Zaynab ‘’the son of your aunt came to me today asking my permission to get back with you, would you accept him?’’ Her face became red and she smiled. A year later Zaynab died. The narrator said Abu al-aas cried so bad until we saw the prophet wipe his tears calming him down and told him have patience. Abu al-aas said I can’t stand living without Zaynab. He used to go to his daughter and tells he remind me of your mother Zaynab and then he starts crying. So he died a year later. Alloho akbar this is love, patience, faith in Allah.


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