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Friday, October 29, 2004

Drag Racing in Ramadhaan

By Shaykh Afzal Ismail

In the last few days a number of emails have come to us explaining the despicable condition of our Muslim youth in places like Lenasia where an environment of drag racing has become the 'in thing'. With shock and hurt we have decided to write a few words in the hope that Muslims out there would take heed to the Islamic voice and take action to prevent the condition from worsening.

In Ramadhaan when Allah's mercy and forgiveness is descending it is almost unthinkable that Muslim youth are on the streets pompously racing their fancy cars, blowing their sound systems with deafening Satanic music and hanging out with boyfriends and girlfriends.

This is not unique to Lenasia. Many a Muslim community is faced with the problem of youth loitering at shopping malls, restaurants and in the parking lots of Masjids during Taraweeh. How unfortunate that when the words of Allah are being recited Muslims find greater pleasure in other activities!

This is not only a public disturbance to the local community but an open insult to Islam. The implication is that Muslims cannot be tamed by even the most auspicious month of their calendar!

The harms and sin of this need no explanation. What we need to tackle is why this has come about and how do we prevent it.

The Cause

1. Parents

Muslim parents have to accept a major portion of the blame. Parents need to realize that giving cash, cellphones, cars and other material things to their children does not prove their love for them. Many youth and children are not mature enough to understand how to use these things in a responsible manner.

The Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said : "No father can give a better gift to his children than good manners and good character." (Tirmidhi)

Children need parents to give them their love, their advice, their Islamic knowledge and their time. Parents who live through their children's youthful years making money, travelling on business trips and showing little regard for Islamic teachings in their family setup end up having to deal with a terrible mess in the form of disobedient children, drug addiction and divorce in their very own homes.

Islam teaches a long term solution. Parents are to live with their children through their days of happiness and sadness providing support and encouragement. This may bring less income into the family but more happiness, contentment and stability.

2. The Media

The movie and television industry has brainwashed our children's minds from a tender age into believing that lights, jingles, fancy cars, music, dating and dressing to kill brings happiness. The opening ceremonies of sporting events, the Oscars, actor's profiles, etc all have the stench of breeding arrogance and extravagance in their followers. This arrogance coupled with all the other negative qualities which are beamed out from the movies rub off onto the youth.

The Solution

Quick Solution

Parents need to keep a tight check on their children's movements.
Children should accompany their parents to Taraweeh and measures should be taken in every Masjid that children do not slip out during Taraweeh.
Daughters should never be allowed to leave their homes at night.
Muslim owned restaurants need to be closed during Taraweeh. No Muslim in his right state of mind can enjoy the extra profits earned during Taraweeh from Muslim customers who want to escape from the beautiful environment of the Masjid.
Long Term Solution

Parents should develop their spirituality to the level that this spirituality rubs off onto their children and family. Parents whose lives revolve around Salaah, recitation of Quran, Da'wah, community work and good morals bring up children who are mature and responsible. Parents who are spiritually weak and show little concern for Islamic teachings bring up children who are gangsters and recluses. This is a general reality which we can relate to in our own experiences.

Youth need to be convinced that the fast life of moving with fancy cars, loud music, funky dress, cell phones, etc do not prove that one is good or successful. American and Western youth have tasted of this life and it has destroyed them completely. Why should Muslim youth want to follow in their footsteps? Islam teaches that successful are those youth who are attached to the Masjid and whose lives are adorned with good character.

Each and every Muslim who has the concern of Muslim youth at heart should make dua to Allah to eradicate our communities of such behaviour. May Allah bring peace, goodness and morality into our homes and communities. Aameen!
Convert this email into action

1. Print copies of this article and give them to your children to spread them in school and Madrasah

2. Print and read at the Iftaar table in your home

3. Print and ask school and Madrasah teachers to read to their students

4. Print and leave them in public places, shops, etc

5. Forward this article to all on your mailing list

6. Forward your ideas and suggestions to info@muslimsatwork.co.za on the problem and how to overcome it.


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