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Friday, October 15, 2004

~~ Have you ever tasted Jannah? ~~

In the name of Allah the most beneficent the most merciful

Turn to almost every page of the Quran and you'll find mention of
Jannah. Jannah have you ever seen it? Have you ever smelt it? Have
you ever touched it? Have you ever tasted it?
Rasul Allah sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam - taught us that in Jannah is that which no eye has witnessed, no ear has heard, and that
which has never been imagined by any human.
Recite the verse if you wish: [And no soul knows what has been hidden for them of comfort of the eye (satisfaction) as reward for what they used to do.] - Surah As Sajdah

Many Muslims tasted the Iman of Jannah. Bilal Radi Allahu anhuÂ
was one of them. His slave master Umayyah would drag Bilal out to the grilling desert at noontime the fiercest moments of the day.
Umayyah would press Bilal to the scalding ground and place a boulder on top of his chest to increase the torture. As his back would melt away Bilal would say nothing but, Ahad, Ahad One, only One.
Later in his life, companions would see Bilals scarred back, tears would well in their eyes and they would ask him how he survived the punishment. Listen to his answer:
The pain of punishment mixed with the sweetness of Iman. I tasted
both and the sweetness of Iman overcame everything until I felt no more pain.

Today, let us sample Jannah, as offered to us in the Quran and Sunnah.
The Gates of Jannah

Imagine yourself present on the day when the gates of Jannah open with all the splendor that lies beyond it.
Allah tells us in the Quran when the Muttaqoon are escorted to the gates of Jannah by the most handsomest of Angels: [And those who feared their Lord will be led to the Garden in crowds, until behold they arrive there. Its gates will be opened, and its keepers will say, Peace be upon you! You have done well, so enter (Jannah) and live in it eternally.

Rasul Allah sal Allahu alahi wa sallam spoke to the Sahaabah about the gates of Jannah. He mentioned the gate of prayers, the gate of Jihad, the gate of Siyam, and the gate of charity.
Abu Bakr asked with the desire that took him to where he reached in Iman, Fidaaka Abee wa Umee, will anyone be called from all gates? Rasul Allah sal Allahu alahi wa sallam said, Yes, and I hope that you will be one of them.

The Shade in Jannah
Imagine yourself in Jannah, cooling shade, water springs surrounding
you, and fruits dipping in hands reach. Allah tells us: [Indeed, the Muttaqoon will be amid shades and springs / And fruits from whatever they desire / Eat and drink to your hearts content for what you used to do (in the Dunya) / Such we certainly reward the doers of good.] - Surah al-Mursalaat 77/41-44

The Ambience in Jannah

Imagine yourself, face shining with joy, glad that you woke up for Fajr all those days, glad you payed your Zakah, glad you wore Hijaab all those summer days. This is what the atmosphere is like in Jannah:
[Faces that day will be joyful (radiant) * Satisfied with the effort that put (in the Dunya) * In an elevated garden * Where they shall hear no unsuitable speech.] Surah Al-Ghaashiyah 88/8-11 Jannah doesn't have any gossip, no did you hear about brother so and so did you see what sister so and so is wearing.

Jannah the greatest gift
Truly Jannah is the greatest gift one can get. [(Indeed Jannah) is the greatest attainment!]

Part II:
The inhabitants of Jannah: [You can tell in their faces the radiance of the blessing]
The inhabitants of Jannah shall be in: [Gardens and rivers]
The inhabitants of Jannah are: [most pleased with what Allah gave them from His bounty.]

Dear brothers and sisters, Jannah is the fruit of a seed planted in
this Dunya. It is the retirement package that you save up in all your years of work.

'There once lived a pious man who was enslaved to a wicked master.
The rightous slave wanted to teach his master a lesson that he would
not forget, a lesson that would make him change his ways.

The Master told him one day to plant wheat. The slave took the
opportunity. He went and collected seeds of barley and planted them.
As the season drew near, the master was enraged to see that after
all this work and time the slave had planted the wrong seed. In his
thrashing rage, he scolded the slave saying, Why did you do this?
The righteous slave said, I had hope that the barley seeds would
come out as wheat.

The Master said, How can you plant barley seeds and expect it to
come out as wheat?
The slave stopped and said quietly, How can you disobey Allah and
expect for His bounteous mercy? How can you openly challenge his
Deen and hope for Jannah.
The Master was stunned and silent. He understood. You have taught
me something today that I had never realized. You are free for the
sake of Allah.

Dear brothers and sisters, do you know what the greatest blessing
for the inhabitants of Jannah is? Don't let any laziness in Salah
block you from being here. Don't let anything ANYTHING stand between
you and this blessing:
Rasul Allah sal Allahu alahi wa sallam told us, When the
inhabitants of Jannah enter Jannah, Allah will ask them all, ËœIs
there anything that I can give you more?. They will say, ËœHave you
not illuminated our faces? Have you not entered us into Jannah? Have
you not saved us from Hellfire? Then Allah will uncover the veil
(and all shall see Allah). After that moment there would nothing
more beloved to them than seeing their Lord." - narrated by Bukhari
and Muslim.


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