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Friday, May 06, 2005

Proverbial Truths


To have the zeal, charisma and good intentions of youth is power.
To have the knowledge and understanding of old age is wisdom.
To have youth and a wise teacher is the beginning of the Path to Perfection.
To have old age and the power of youth is Immortality.

A man who is cold in the summer will be cold in the winter.
A man who is hot in the winter will be hot in the summer.
A man who is imbalanced when he is young will along that same pattern be sick and afflicted when he is old.
A man who is healthy when he is young must take steps to retain that health in old age; for the natural way is toward degeneration. Wealth buried in a hole will not yield
profits at the rate of inflation. So when the old man returns to dig that which he buried as a youth, it is found to be devoid of value.
Instead, that wealth must be invested to yield a high return in the years to come. For he who is healthy when he is young and healthy when he is old is Immortal.

To be a woman is to gossip secretively about someone.
To be a man is to offend someone to their face.
To be a man and gossip secretively about someone is to not be a man.
To be a woman and to offend someone to their face is to not be a woman.
To criticize gently and with discretion for what one's ego can handle - conforming your words to the understanding of who you are speaking to - is to transcend the limitations
of body and gender.
Thus, Imaam Ja`faru-s-Saadiq said "My friend is the one who informs me of my faults."
For the man of Wisdom is not afraid of correction.

One who gossips about others with you gossips about you to others.
One who betrays others in your presence will one day betray you in the presence of others.
One who is a coward in defending others will be a coward in defending you.
Do not be fool hearty in believing that you are the exception who the traitor will not betray; who the coward will stand up and defend.

One who is a coward in times of ease will be a coward in times of difficulty.
One who is a coward in times of difficulty was at his core a coward in times of ease.
Brutality and outward displays of toughness are signs of one who is rife with internal cowardice.
A man of courage will not flaunt his toughness nor minimalize his emotions to seem hard.
That which is hard and inflexible will surely snap under enough pressure.
That which is soft and limber will bend like the white willow tree conforms to the wind. Why does the White Willow tree not break when the wind assails it? All of nature stands
in marvel that it has not been knocked down and is left standing after every storm.
Such is the way of love, for love is flexible and hatred is rigid.

To know love with conditions is to not know love.
To love and not forgive is to hate.
To refuse forgiveness out of strength is weakness.
To forgive and yet still shun the one you forgave is to not have forgiven at all.

To hold dogmatically to Truth is to hold to dogma, not Truth.
To free yourself from Truth so as to free yourself to dogma is to have only let go of one.
To see no Truth is to see only dogma. To see no dogma is to see only Truth.
To free yourself from dogma in the quest for Truth, only to embrace Truth dogmatically is to have sought only a form of dogma that makes you feel superior to those holding to
your former dogma.

To follow the True Path because of fixation on the teacher is to not have found the True Path at all.
To focus on the teacher is to never find the knowledge taught.
To embark on the Journey for Knowledge is to never cease the Journey.
To focus on a man of knowledge is to stop the Journey.

To have no teacher is to have the Shaytaan as a teacher.
To have one teacher to the exclusion of others is a form of shirk (polytheism).
To follow the Way of Eternity is to be the student of all.
To become the Master you must learn to be the servant of all.

Knowledge which does not follow Reason is not knowledge.
Reason was the first of all creations, and anything which puts reason after itself is false.
Truth is manifest from falsehood, and by Reason it is manifest.
If one asks you to accept their Knowledge, then they must be able to demonstrate the reason.

If there is Truth, Haqq in these words, then it is because ALL Haqq is from Al-Haqq. Allaah, al-`Alim, is the source of ALL `Ilm (Knowledge and Science). Truth is manifest from
falsehood, because Allaah is az-Zahir (the Apparent).

Falsehood only exists, because Allaah is also al-Batin (the Hidden). For there to be that which is Batin, there must be that which conceals. That which conceals is Jahl
(Ignorance). That which manifests, which separates from al-Jahl is al-`Aql (Reason). Islaam is the deenu-l-`aql, the Religion of Reason. For as Imaam `Aliyy-r-Ridha said "Islaam is
the religion of reason and can ONLY be understood THROUGH the use of Reason."

How is it understood? It is understood by the manifestation of Truth from falsehood, from `Aql separating from Jahl. How does this happen? By perception. Jahl is the lack of
perception. Inaccurate perception is not true perception at all. True perception is by nature al-`Aql, the first of all creations.

These words are merely the perception of a thought within the Mind.



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