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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The lie about Jesus’ Genealogy

As Jesus PBUH used to greet his friends in Hebrew saying: Shalom Aleikhum, I say as a Muslim like how Jesus was PBUH, also I say: Al Salaam Aleikum. My friends, I read the Judeo-Christian books for years of my life, and I am better than all of their priests about what is found in their books Al Hamdu Lillah. During my reading to their books I found horrible teaching, false preaching, and a lot of nonsense. Let me give you an example, here I am showing you how they spoke about the Genealogy of Jesus, and what a miserable thing they did.
The book of Mathew 1:1 says: a record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David, the son of Abraham, why he did not say the son of God (because he was not)? Therefore, Mathew clearly claims that Jesus was the son of David. He means that Jesus was from the descendents of David. David was from the tribe of Judah, which makes Jesus from the tribe of Judah, which is not true (but it is a lie, or a lot of lies). If we read the genealogy from 1:1 to the end, we will not find the name of Jesus in the genealogy, which is supposed to be his, I would like you to do that along with me, please. Read through the following two genealogies, those are supposed to be for Jesus Christ. One from Mathew 1/1 and the other is from Luke 3/23.

(1) Abraham
On the left is the genealogy from
(1) Abraham

(2) Isaac
Mathew, and on the right is the
(2) Isaac

(3) Jacob
Genealogy according to Luke (3:23)
(3) Jacob

(4) Judah
(4) Judah

(5) Perez
(5) Perez

(6) Hezron
If you look for Jesus Christ
(6) Hezron

(7) Ram
You will not find him,
(7) Ram

(8) Amminadab
Because both genealogies
(8) Amminadab

(9) Nahshon
End at Joseph the carpenter.
(9) Nahshon

(10) Salmon
(10) Salmon

(11) Boaz
The two genealogies match, but
(11) Boaz

(12) Obed
Later on, they will differ big time.
(12) Obed

(13) Jesse
Both Genealogies refer back to David.
(13) Jesse

(14) David
(14) David

(15) Solomon
At this point
(15) Nathan

(16) Rehobon
The two genealogies begin to differ.
(16) Mattath

(17) Abijab
You can clearly see that Mathew's
(17) Menna

(18) Asa
Branched off to Solomon while Luke's
(18) Mella

(19) Jehoshafa
Tree branches off to Nathan. Obviously
(19) Eliakim

(20) Jehoram
There can only be one correct genealogy
(20) Jonam

(21) Uzziah
Since it is impossible for any Creature to
(21) Joseph

(22) Jotham
Have two natural fathers Or two natural
(22) Judah

(23) Ahaz
Mothers. Hence the Conclusion is, that one
(23) Simeon

(24) Hezekiah
of the two Possibly Correct, while the other
(24) Levi

(25) Manasseh
one came as a Result to a carefully
(25) Matthat

(26) Amon
Planned lie. Alternatively, both are lies.
(26) Jorim

(27) Josiah
(27) Eliezer

(28) Jecoiah
The above mentioned argument leads
(28) Shealtiel

(29) Shealtiel
us to two distinct conclusions:
(29) Er

(30) Zerubbabel
a) You can either say that God does not
(30) Elmadam

(31) Abiud
Know Jesus' true genealogy, or;
(31) Cosam

(32) Eliakim
b) You can realize that this book is not
(32) Addi

(33) Azor
From the LORD and that it has human
(33) Milki

(34) Zadok
Fingerprints all over it.
(34) Nerri

(35) Akim
(35) Shealtiel

(36) Eliud
(36) Zerubbabel

(37) Eleazar
(37) Rhesa

(38) Matthan
(38) Joanan

(39) Jacob
(39) Joda

(40) Joseph
Notice how Mathew's genealogy stops
(40) Joseph

Here, while Luke's continues.
(41) Semein

Which one is the true genealogy?
(42) Mattathias

Which one is a lie?
(43) Maath

Some say; one genealogy is
(44) Naggai

About Jesus , and the other genealogy
(45) Es'li

is about Mary But both end at Joseph,
(46) Nahim

is Mary sister Of Joseph? Where does
(47) Amos

your book saysthat one of the two
(48) Mattathias

genealogies is for Mary? Any way,
(49) Joseph

even Mary's name Does not show either.
(50) Jan'nai

Luke continues on listing 55 names
(51) Mel'chi

Until he reaches Joseph the carpenter,
(52) Levi

While Mathew does it with only 40
(53) Mat'that

names. Which one is true, which one is
(54) He'li

A lie? Both are lies.
(55) Joseph

As we said, both genealogies end at Joseph the Carpenter and not Jesus Christ and both are about Joseph (how Joseph could have two genealogies) and have nothing to do with Jesus Christ. It is complete nonsense how Christians believe that Joseph had two Genealogies, he was born from one father, then he was re-incarnated in the other from the cousins, this is insane.
Unless Christians want to tell us: Joseph was the father of Jesus Christ (in genealogy), of course not. In the book of Mathew 1:18, which says: Mary was pledged to Joseph, but before they came together (or before they had any sexual intercourse), she was found to be with a child through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, Joseph was not the father of Jesus. The verse also says: through the Holy Spirit, not from the Holy Spirit, do you understand? Because "from" means he may be the son of the Holy Ghost (but that is not the case, Jesus said; Ghosts do not multiply), and he is from Mary, that is why he is her son. Some say that Jesus was "God", and then he was a God with a genealogy, a mother, and a father, amazing, then both should be Gods as well.
Furthermore, Mathew 22:41 says: While the Pharisees gathered, Jesus asked them, what do you think about the Christ. Whose son is he, this was the main thing Jesus was inquiring about, Jesus wanted to know what they will say, they too thought as today's Christians think? The son of David they replied (they understood the question), if this was true as mentioned many times in the New Testament, then he would say; that is right, but he didn't say that! He said to them: how is it then that David speaking by the spirit (which means that he was not looking at a physical picture) calls him Lord? For he says: The LORD said to my Lord: sit at my right hand until I put your enemies under your feet. Jesus said: David speaking by the Spirit, because the two were not living at the same time. Notice the difference between; the LORD, and Lord, one for the all mighty, while the other is about Jesus (according to the false claim of Trinitarians from Christians faith), the Lord of the house of Israel that is. Jesus added according to this:
Then if David calls him Lord, how can he be his father (I don't know, do you)? In the first chapter Mathew says that David was the father of Jesus (in genealogy), and now he says how could he be his father, another contradiction in the same book (incredible indeed). There are thousands of contradictions in the Judeo-Christians' book; yet, Christians see a harmony in the book, HOW? The main thing is that, Jesus said that he was not the son of David, on the other hand, Jesus was not the son of Joseph, and so, from what tribe was Jesus? By the way, when the word "LORD" is written with "ORD" all capital, this refers to the All Mighty One. On the other hand, when it is written, with ord all small, then this refers to Jesus (according Christians' claim), which means that they are not the same individuals, but two different individuals; I hope everyone will understand. Like saying to an English duke; me Lord. Even their book clearly says that Jesus was not LORD almighty. From which Tribe was Jesus, if not from David?
Now friends I would like to stop here to say something. All over Christianity it is a known fact how Jesus was the son of David, they speak about hundreds of prophecies how God will give the Throne to a descendant of David PBUH, and they keep telling us how it is Jesus. However, let us look at this passage carefully, we are not talking Christians now, we are talking about the Scribes, who were all Jews at his time. We are not talking the word Jesus, we speaking about the word: Christ, please read this on your own again. Jesus asked them, how you kept falsely preaching that the Christ will be from the descendants of David, while I am the Christ, and I am not from David?
Seriously now, I never wondered about Christians like I am wondering today, do they read their books, and if they do, do they understand anything? See, I understand why most Muslims do not understand Qur'aan, because most of them do not know Arabic, however, as you all can see I am discussing their book in a language they all know it, how come I can see what they cannot, and why their preachers are so twisted? They are so lost, all of what they say in non Biblical, especially those thousands of prophecies about Jesus they keep
Bragging about always. My friend, trust me, I know their book better than all of the best of their priests, and this was just one example.
The book of Mark 12/35 says: How is it that the scribes say: the Christ is David's son (which means he was not)? The book of Luke 20/41 says: In turn, he said: How is it they say that the Christ is David's son (which means that he was not)? Through the whole New Testament, they say that Jesus was the son of David, and this constitutes for tens of false preaching. We just proved that from the genealogy, and what Jesus had to say about that (but when Christians ever heard a word spoken by Jesus).
That is why dear Christians those came and asked Jesus one day: ok, we accept you are not from David, but you claim to be the Christ, give us a sign, Jesus understood, and he said: evil corrupt generation asking for a sign, and the only sign they will given is the sign of Jonah, as Jonah was in the Belly of the fish for three days and three nights, also the son of man will be in the Belly of the Ground for three days and three nights.
So, from what tribe was Jesus Christ? Christians say that the Judeo-Christians' book is the word of God, is it possible that God does not know the true genealogy of Jesus. If Jesus was a God, doesn't he have an idea of his own genealogy (a God with a genealogy, amazing)? If the Judeo-Christians' book is an inspiration from God, does he give wrong information out, and does he lie?
We have seen two different genealogies, both end at Joseph the carpenter, how could Joseph have two genealogies (dejavoo), and is this incarnation of some kind (false teaching not from God)? Alternatively, is it really from God? What is going on? How could a book full with false teaching, be from the LORD? How could God have a genealogy from David (or any other), whose life is full with adultery (according to Judeo-Christians' book), a God with such genealogy does not deserve to be worshiped, but how little Trinitarians understand?
What do I mean by this, let us say: Christians did not lie, and Jesus was from David, what do we have in this spin, and non logic? Looking at the Genealogy of Jesus, he came from Judah as they say, the forth son to Jacob. Judah committed Adultery with one of his sons wives, her name was Tamara, here where we start, a God that come from a line of prostitutes. Then we have Ruth who committed Adultry with Boaz, and Boaz is in the family of David, then we have David who committed Adultery with Beth Sheba, just to give you couple of examples, we have more of course, but you see where there God comes from, a chain of Adulterers that is, what an honor for their God that is. There books of Law say: no one from the lineage of Adultery should be allowed into the Heaven, therefore, David and Jesus will not enter it.
Furthermore, those who claim that one genealogy is about Mary, they are wrong, and it is not true. I have no idea where they find some of their teaching at. Some do bring it from what is called none Canonical Scripture, which Christians claim that it is not from God. The whole Judeo-Christian belief is not from the LORD. If Mary was in one, then she is the sister of Joseph the Carpenter, then marrying from her brother is a huge sin in the sight of God, now accusing Mary of being a big sinner, what next from those?
Let me tell Trinitarians, the true genealogy of Jesus Christ. The book of Luke1/ 5 says: in the time of Herod king of Judea there was a priest named Zechariah, a priest means he was from the Levites. His wife Elizabeth was also; also means that Zechariah was also from the descendents of Aaron. A descendent of Aaron, who was from the tribe of Levi. Exodus chapter 2 says: every priest is supposed to be from the Levi tribe. The book of Hebrew says that Jesus was a high priest, and Exodus says: every priest must be a Levi, which is why Jesus was from the Levi. In the book of Luke, verse 1:36, these are the words of the angel Gabriel to Holy Mary: Even Elizabeth your relative is going to have a child in her old age. He is saying that Mary was the relative of Elizabeth, and Elizabeth was from the descendents of Aaron and the tribe of Levi, and then, Mary was from the descendants of Aaron and the tribe of Levi. DID YOU GET IT dear naïve who keep telling us: see; you do not understand the book, ye right?
Since Jesus had no father and his only parent was his mother. Furthermore, it is a lie, what Jews say that Mary committed adultery, and the result was her child. Jesus follows his mother's tripe (believe it or not), Levi tripe. This is another proof that the Christians' book could not be from the LORD, because it says repeatedly that Jesus was the son of David, and we just proved it wrong. I just showed you that the book lists two completely different genealogies, while both are supposed to be about Jesus (none is supposed to be about Mary). If one is true the other should be false, does God teach false info. Since some say this is the word of God, vise versa, they claim that God doesn't know anything . Paul said: the entire book is an inspiration from God. Does God teach false info? Then most definitely, the Judeo-Christians' book is not from the LORD (in more than one way. Christians some times see that kind of nonsense, and they try to get an explanation instead of realizing the facts, no matter what. Instead of having a book, which is supposed to save them, they try to save the book from what is in it.


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