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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Trinity is not Biblical

Dear readers, information are given to us, in order to share, not for the keeps, if the information is not being shared, they loose most of the importance they possess. Some information is not used, become so useless. Please give life to information through sharing. Do you something, it is not our duty to watch others sinking into dullness and do nothing, it is not our duty to say: it is none of my business, and it is our duty and responsibility when we see something wrong to tell. Many are those who sank into dangerous situation, like this Trinity issue, so bad to see good people falling. You cannot do anything to change, can you at least reach others with this knowledge?
Do you know how trinity is evil and dangerous, its danger covers everyone, including us, not just those who believe in it. Trinity causes a lot of hate among us, especially between Muslims and Christians, also between Trinitarians among themselves. Bring help me reach others with those messages, and the words I share with you.
The Trinity doctrine is absolutely non Biblical; most Christians are doing the wrong thing by following teachings that are not found in any of their books. Start with the word Trinity, try your best to find it in the book, bring all the smart teachers in Trinitarians’ domain, and ask them this on my behalf: why the word Trinity is nowhere to be found in your books dear Trinitarians.
Trinity seems to be such an important nothing, when we say God, some of you will not have any problems to bring me thousands of words from the books in this regard, and when we say Trinity; not even one word to be found, are not those ashamed to claim the existence of what does not exist, how sad? Those Trinitarians defend Trinity in such a miserable way, as if it shows in the whole book, and it is our mistake that we do not know the language in which it is written. Simple question to ask: can you dear Trinitarians show us where the word Trinity shows in your book, we seem to have some problems finding it, perhaps you are too smart and can help to add what is not to be found. Why priests are preaching something not in their book, do they know how evil is that, or do they have any knowledge of any kind beside bad teaching and preaching?
Go to the Biblical dictionaries, try to locate the word Trinity, also their you would have a problem chasing a ghost, in the land of the living. Look through all Jesus teaching and preaching, do you see him advertising the false preaching of three in one nonsense? No, you will see him saying in the book of John: that they may know thee the only true LORD. You will hear it from Paul, you will hear it from Peter, and you will hear it from all, then come around to the world of the weird priests to hear “nothing” being preached and taught except this Trinity thing. If we bring an individual, put him to study the books, without infesting him with false teaching and evil preaching from priests that twist all things in such an evil manner, and what will we get: this individual will never get to see Trinity taught in the book, or come to understand what Trinity is all about. If the priests get a dime for every time someone asked them to explain how three in one, and one in three nonsense works, they would have been billionaires by now. What is the result out of this, they say: you do not have to comprehend it, but just apprehend it and accept blindly, welcome to the belief of the blind.
Some Trinitarians went as far as explaining Trinity is a weird manner, listen to this: I finally understood Trinity, if I look at myself, I am a father to my baby, yet I am a son to my father, though I am just one. Therefore, having God three in one makes sense. To start with, we do not know of any children to Jesus, he never had a wife during his time on Earth. Number two, when Trinity looks at God as on in three different persons, this means persons in personality, not in individuality, in other words, this example he gave gives us three completely different Individuals, himself, his son, and his father, three that are separate in every means, while Trinity speaks about one Individual with split in personality, like Superman and his hidden ID in Clark Kent for those who saw this Fiction.
Let us see an example of how Trinitarians twist the verses in an evil way in the book, let us look at Mathew 28:19, which says: Baptizing them in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the Holy Ghost. This verse Trinitarians bring as a proof of Trinity all the time, look at it for a minute and reflect; does it stand as a proof? If we mention three people sitting eating or drinking together, does it mean that they form one individual with three different persons in sight? Or we say: three individuals, with three different personalities are in this group? Let me put this verse in a different way, to help Trinitarians some, if I say: George Bush the father, and George Bush the son, and George Bush the grand father (who is a ghost now) were having a Bar B Q on the ranch, are we speaking about one Bush, divided into three persons, or three individuals with the same guilt of killing a cow for Bar B Q in mind?
This verse does not stand for a proof on behalf of Bush, or the cow. My friend, this verse simply states three completely different individuals, look at it again: In the name of the father, finished, the father is a whole complete individual, and is a Spirit according to the book of John who says: God is a Spirit. Second it says: and of the son, and of the son clearly state how the son is different than the father, in using and of, I hope this clear for those with little understanding. Also saying: and of the Ghost, makes the Ghost third, completely separate. We can take all the verses they use as proof, and show how wrong they are, and how they twist things to fit.
The foundation of Trinity doctrine was formed by a deacon at Alexandria named Athanatheos, back in the year 325, and during the rule of Constantine Caesar of Rome, and was accepted at the council of Nicae more than three centuries after Jesus Christ left up to the heaven. Roman paganism had tremendous influence in this Doctrine, worship shifted from Saturday to Sunday, or the day of the Sun God Mithra. The holy day of Mithra’s birth was adopted as the day of Jesus to be 25th of December.
On the other hand, the books forbidden Christmas trees among other pagan rituals, as seen in the book of Jeremiah 10:2-5, which says: thus saith the LORD, learn not the way of the heathens, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathens are dismayed at them. For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe. They dick it with silver and with gold, they fasten it with nails and with hammer, that it move not. They upright as the palm tree, they cannot do evil, and it is not in them to do good.
Those who do the Christmas trees are a vegetable of some kind, it is not in them to do evil (will not hurt the believers, just turn the other cheek), and it is not in them to do good, how horrible is that. We cannot expect any good from those Trinitarians, how sad. Only Parasites can fit this category, and humanity cannot benefit from. Or this may also say: they are capable only of doing evil, nothing good to expect from their kind. We also see how the holy day of the Goddess of Fertility Ester is taken for Easter, and the eggs seem to be so colorful in paganism today as yesterday past, and nothing has changed. Halloween another gobble from heathen ghosts and Goblins became the day of the saints in a world with no saints in sight anymore.
Because Trinity have deviated a long way from the original teachings of Jesus, the LORD as part of His plan, sent the last messenger Muhammad, as a revivalist to restore all that which was changed. Pork became allowed by pagans (all food is permissible, even digested), Circumcision abolished by Paul (Galatians 5:2), which says: Behold, I Paul say unto you, that if ye be circumcised, Christ profit you nothing. Who is he to abolish the signs given by the LORD of Old, and how dare Christians claim to worship the same LORD of Abraham who ordered Circumcision as the sign of the Covenant of the past?
Qur’aan teaches (5:73): they are disbelievers those who said the LORD is one of three, but one is to be worshiped which is the only LORD. If they cease not from what they say, verily a painful torment will befall the disbelievers among them. The LORD in the Old Jewish Tanak said: if you bow in worship to any other besides me, I am a Jealous LORD, and will avenge myself against you to the fourth generation. How do some Christians believe in Trinity nonsense which was never been taught by Jesus? Let us see another example Trinitarians use as a proof of the evil nothing, preached in the tents of Trinity today.
They say: John 14;11 says: Jesus and God are one; because Jesus said: the father and I are one. believe me I am in the father, and the father is in me. Dear readers, Paul said: don’t you know that you are God’s temple, and the spirit of God is in you? If Paul did not lie, then the LORD is in Jesus as He is in all of us as well, and don’t all believers believe that the LORD is in all of them, are all those Gods to Trinitarians too like the case of Jesus who is in the LORD?
I am in the LORD, He is in me because I worship, believe me, and try to do as He wishes. He is in me, but I am sorry to disappoint Trinitarians, I am not a God of any kind, but if Trinitarians are seeking another God, I will think about that. Now, to stop Trinitarians period from fooling any with this verse we tell them another verse from the same book of John (17:21), which says: that they (the Disciples) all may be one in you; as thou, father, art in me, and I in thee, that they may also be one in us.
I know this is difficult, that is why Trinitarians seem to have trouble understanding it. If what they say make Jesus God, this same makes all the Disciples Gods, and we have fifteen so far, not to count all those who are in God today, about one billion they say. We are going to discus many more, to show you how Trinitarians are evil in their twisting to what is said to be from God, and how they play a foolish game with their God. Jesus and God are one in the same concept that the Disciples and God are one, and the same as every believer is one with what he believeth in. This proof they have is far from proving anything, and it proves how they do not understand a thing listed.
Now let me state another fact, what four gospels Trinitarians have are not the Bible, Jesus had a book from His LORD. Let me give Christians reference of where Jesus Gospel is mentioned in their books, to make it easy for them to trace; Mathew 4/23, 11/5, Mark 1/1, 1/14, Roman 1/1, 1/9, 1/16, Romans 15/16, 15/19, 15/29, I Corinthians 9/12, 1/18, II Corinthians 2/12, 4/4, 9/13, 10/14, Galatians 1/7, Philippians 1/27, I Thessalonians 2/9, 3/2, and this to mention just a few. Most of those verses speak about the Gospel of Jesus, which he was preaching from, and Allah told us that He gave Jesus the Bible, which Christians call the Gospel. Dear Christians, what you have is according to four different men, what have you done with the Bible the LORD gave to Jesus, why you burned it at Nicae, and why you deny it today as your ancestors in idolatry denied it before? The worship of men like Jesus is evil, and worship is for the true LORD only, and Jesus is far from being the LORD` almighty, when you will come to understand?
The hunt for Jesus continues, we still have to deal with a lot of what Trinitarians do not comprehend, and ignorantly provide as a claim for Trinity idiocy, and paganism of the worst kind. We are far from being done looking for the true Christ in the midst of the jungle of confusion Trinitarians threw us in, and we need to show those evil who attack Islam ignorantly, we need to show them the truth, while Islam is all about true Deity, and the true Christ of the LORD.


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