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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Time For Islamic Blogs

By A Staff Writer

The year 2006 seems to be the era of Blogs. A chain of pro-Islam authentic blogs will go a long way in countering the anti-Islam propaganda in the world today.

The latest tool for the propagation of Islam and also for the anti- Islam propagation are the thousands of blogs on the Internet. More than the pro- Islam blogs, it is the anti-Islam propaganda which is currently dominating. But gradually, hundreds of authentic and pro-Islam blogs are now being uploaded.

To counter the anti-Islam propaganda on the Internet through blogs, those who have access to the Internet should start playing an active role in these new blog worlds by uploading new blogs giving quality and authentic information about Islam and also by countering the anti-Islam propaganda. Uploading a customised blog hardly takes three minutes.

Blogging is a term which is synonymous with majority of today’s tech enabled younger generation. It has become an instant success in India too. Today, most of the top Indian websites are providing blogging facilities totally free of cost which has resulted in the ever growing number of bloggers.

In simpler terms, a blog is a website where a person writes on anything that pleases him and has an option of keeping it open for others to read. The latest entries show up on the top, and there is an additional option of linking to it or sending an email to the author of the blog. Originally, blogs were means of publishing and communication to a web audience. It started as a tech-based thing when product developers and engineers began using it as a way of communicating with their clients and customers. Previously, blogging was limited to techies and other computer geeks. However, today, this has undergone a radical change.

Blogging today is being used for a number of purposes which ranges from casual individual use to large multi-nationals requiring important feedback for their products. The uniqueness of the blog is the fact that it is free to be viewed by the public and its interactivity makes it an instant success on the internet.

There are a number of blogs, including religious blogs which are visited by bloggers on a regular basis who keep filling their views. The success of the blog can also be measured by the fact that celebrities and scholars also have their blogs that are frequently updated and intended for general public consumption.

According to recent statistics by the India Online 2005 report, there are approximately 1.2 million users and posters of blogs. There has been a huge turnaround in the profile of the bloggers. Today in India itself, there are loads of people who are blogging - ranging from the ever bustling college going teenagers to the junior and senior executives.

There have been certain interesting insights that have been noticed regarding bloggers in India like male bloggers seem to be significantly more in number as compared to females. Secondly, the most active blogging segment were from the 25-30 age group and almost 75 per cent of the bloggers live in the metropolitan cities and are well educated.

These developments need to be used for the propagation of Islam to the global community at no cost whatsoever as most of the sites offer blog space totally free. The question now arises, how do I blog? The answer has become extremely simple these days. There are many websites that now offer opportunities for a person to start blogging. Websites such as www.blogspot.com, MSN Spaces, www.blogger.com, are among the more popular websites that offer this service. All one has to do is just sign on to these websites that would host one’s blog.

The next thing that you have to do is just follow the steps like entering personalised details, and click your way to the end and you have your own space. This would enable you to share photos and other information with friends and other members from all over the globe. It is as simple as that for getting your own blog started.

So what makes a great blog? The first thing that makes a successful blog is the interest factor. It should be interesting enough which makes people respond to it.

The next thing that must be kept in mind while creating a personal blog is the “creativity aspect”. There are many websites which provide excellent background for personal spaces.

The whole idea for people to blog is the fact that they have a great opportunity to express themselves in an innovative and informative manner. So a chain of such pro- Islam authentic blogs will go a long way in countering the anti-Islam propaganda and also communicate the message of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) to the global community.



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