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Sunday, January 04, 2009

An open letter to a "chosen" people.

So I heard you are supposedly the "chosen" ones.

I would be interested in knowing how did God exactly pick you out of the crowd.

Like, did you possess any special traits, any particular attribute, a distinctive characteristic, or was it simply written across your foreheads?

Or maybe you have some extraordinary something, a "quality" that the rest of the world, you know, those common "gentiles", simple ones, do not have.

Or maybe it is because of your beauty? Do not get me wrong. I am not alluding to anything physical here. More like the inside job. You know promised lands start first on the inside. No? Ok I shall pass.

So maybe it is your beauty after all that made you choice number 1.

Like how pretty are you?
How wonderfully, wondrous, stupendous are you?

I hear that you are such a beautiful people. A deeply empathetic, commiserative, compassionate, sensitive, beautiful people.

I even heard that a whole industry is made out of your perpetual suffering.
Museums have beeen erected in the name of your eternal pain.
Torturous, tortuous, films have been directed in your honor. In the honor of your eternal beauty.

Light upon light. For I heard that you are also the beacons of Light unto this world, dispersing the shadows of human ignorance and wickedness.

A beautiful people of Beatitude who have managed to raise their scars into flags. Flags waving on the "empty" "virgin" land.
A beautiful people of the supreme Blessedness, for the "Sakinah" has only touched you and you alone. Naturally, you are the exalted "chosen" ones.

But wait a second here.
How come I see so much ugliness?
What is this utter "laideur" I am witnessing?
What are these hideous faces exposing themselves in the sunlight?
Where do they come from?

Everytime I see yet another displaced "one", I see your ugliness.
Everytime I see the ruins of a demolished home, I see your ugliness.
Everytime I see a confiscated land crying, I see your ugliness.
Everytime I see an uprooted olive tree dying in the sun, I see your ugliness.
Everytime I hear the cries of the imprisoned innocents "ones" , I see your ugliness.
Everytime I see a child with bullets through him, I see your ugliness.
Everytime I see a woman giving birth at a checkpoint with guns staring at her, I see your ugliness.
Everytime you appropriate an embroidery, an artifact, a piece of cloth and name it in your name, I see your ugliness.
Everytime you kill "one" of "them", I see your ugliness staring at me again and again...

As a matter of fact, I see your ugliness everywhere. All engulfing, all permeating, all encompassing, all enveloping.
Immersing this "promised" land, baptizing it with your cruelty and hate.
Baptizing it with blood and tears. Crucifiying it over and over...

You know who those "ones" are.
The ones with no face, no name, no voice...
The ones who do not exist...because only you exist, you "the chosen" ones.
Eliminating through death, so only you can stay, the "chosen" ones.

So please tell me, how can such a "beautiful" people be pregnant with so much ugliness ?
Does God have such bad taste?


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