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Thursday, December 15, 2005

If I were a butterfly

by Bint Abdul Khaliq

If I were a butterfly I’d fly past the fighting, the bickering, the disunity of all the people hurting each other and never look back.

I’d flap my tiny wings so hard and fly high into the air.I’d leave those unfortunate humans to stew in their misery.

I’d fly away from the stench of lies and hatred and float away into the sweet smelling flowers

I’d smile as the sound of gossip would fade away into nothingness.

I’d play around the flowers and love the feeling of contentment and not restlessness and greed.

I’d praise Allah the whole day and appreciate the wonder that I am.

I’d fly past beautiful fields and enjoy their colors, relish their calmness and thank my Creator for giving me so much.

I’d embrace the feeling of freedom as I would explore the wonders of my Creator.

I’d laugh with the insects and we’d share our joys and experiences together.

I’d sit with the crawling and hopping creatures and we’d learn from and appreciate each others differences.

I’d compliment my fellow butterflies on their beautiful appearances and we’d love each other the way we were created.

I’d listen to the birds sing and pray to Allah to increase them in their talents and just be happy for them.

I’d float around those unhappy, restless, resentful humans and inspire them to just let go of all the negativity, the hostility, the hatred in their hearts.

I’d make them realize that they are special, they are unique and that they have an extremely noble purpose to fulfill on this Earth.

I’d teach them to forgive and forget and inculcate unity amongst each other.

I’d remind them of the teaching of the Beloved Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa sallam) - that each Muslim should want for his Muslim brother what he wants for himself.

I’d imbue them with the spirit of gratitude and tell them to stop whining and be thankful for what they have rather than being ungrateful for what they don’t have.

I’d remind them to always thank their Creator for only then will contentment and happiness follow.

I’ll bring them together and make them learn from and help one another rather than despise one another.

I’ll silence the gossip and teach them that even butterflies know its wrong-it is displeasing to their Creator and Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa sallam).

I’d let them know that they have a choice to behave in a way pleasing to their Creator, pleasing to the heart, pleasing to the soul…or to do the exact opposite by pleasing Shaytaan and trapping themselves in a prison of sins, while trapped with the evil feelings that they create.

I’ll tell them that they are all butterflies…

With the potential to unite
With the power to forgive
With the alternative to be content
With the gift of love
With the ability NOT to contribute to all the evil that we see around us…
With the choice to emulate our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alayhi Wasallam)

I’d try my best to teach them all that…but in the end the choice would lie with them.

Then I’d leave them to themselves and embrace the multitude of goodness around me and sing the praises of my Creator…

If only I was a butterfly.


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