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Thursday, December 15, 2005

This is the story of Zam Zam

The Well of Zam Zam
Al Salaam Aleikum, as we approach the memory of the merger of our Imam to Heaven, I would like to share with you two stories, one about the Well of Zam Zam, and the other about the trip of Muhammad PUH to the Throne. Let us speak today about the story of the Well at Mekka most Muslims know about.Abraham PUH had two wives, Sara, and the Egyptian princess Hagar, he did not have any children from his first wife Sara, and his wife Hagar brought him a son, Allah sent His Arc Angel and sad to Hagar: you are with a son, and you shall call his name Ismael, which means: Ismai (my name), and El, or related given to me by Allah (Babylonians used the name El for Allah). Now and after Abraham PUH had a son after being in his old age, and long waiting for one, Allah said: do not enjoy, take him to the desert with his mother, because I am going to make him a great nation, I will bless him, and twelve prince will I bring out of him. Abraham PBUH was ordered by Allah to take his wife Hagar and his son Ishmael to the desert of Mekka, as Ishmael was a little born child. Abraham left Hagar and the child with little food and water, Hagar shouted: Abraham, are you leaving us in this desert, he said yes, she asked: is this an order from Allah, he said yes, and no other words in this regard. She said: then Allah will provide. As he went on his way back to Palestine, he said: O Allah, I left from my own family a part at your holy ground, make the hearts of people to come and dwell in their sight. Abraham PUH disappeared behind the long stretch of sand, while Hagar and her son sat in waiting, what comes.Both ran out of water, they had no more food, and no one comes by to help for day past that, now she is so hungry and her body cannot provide milk for the little one, and the one named by Allah cried so hard. Her heart about to split in half, what can she do, no sign from Allah, she looked for days at the high ground around, now herself says: go above and look, you may have better sight of who could coming, and the help you long awaited for. She left the little one in his tears, rushing on tired feet and powerless body that suffers hunger and thirst for long time, leaving behind the cries of unspoken words oft little child. She looked as far as her week eyes can travel, then the wend carried the cries of her son, as if he wonders in his pain: mother where have you gone.With about to stop heart she ran back, holding him and saying fear not, Allah will provide my son. Ismael PUH as if he responds to the about to stop heart, and he quiets in the safe haven of her arms, and goes to sleep, while she hang on to sleepless eyes looking above, and saying: Allah will provide my son. The son comes about so hot, the little skin cannot withstand, wakes up to remember the hunger and the thirst, he cries out so loud to break the heart of the week mother that knows no rest. Hagar climbs again to the top, looking, hoping whispering: Ya Allah, my child, dont let him die.Seven times the aching heart, the week hungry thirsty mother had to climb, seven times not knowing how she will leave us a ritual to make her memory ever living in our hearts, while the ignorant call her a servant, and a no body. This is why millions of Muslims every year during Pilgrimage climb like Hagar, the leader of the steps of every old, every woman and every child, Hagar lives with every time we climb. The last time she did, Ismael was crying louder, she looked down at him, she found something glittering and like a mirror so hard reflecting the Suns bright. She ran with all what is left for her to run with, and reached to see how at the same spot here her son strikes our of pain, water was coming like a flood, so fast, Hagar with a lot of fear her son about to drawn shouted at the water: Zommi, Zommi (come back together into one spot), the water stopped from spreading all around. She drank, she felt her body filled with strength one more time, and she had enough to feed the little one, who after drinking went to sleep for long hours while the mother stayed in thanks. Not long after such happening, the tribe of Girham was passing from a distance, saw birds in the heaven afar, they sent one man to see why birds gather at such a desert spot to find Hagar and her child. My lady he said, can we share this water if you dont mind? Hagar said, you take what you want, if you give us food in exchange for such.The whole tribe came to have water as they wish, then they said: our Lady, will allow us to stay here, we will build you a great tent for you and your child. Girham lived near them, and waste desert became so alive. Abraham PUH came many times in visit, one time he was about to sacrifice Ismael for Allah, but this another story for a different time. Time came when Adnan got so huge in number, and defeated Girham In Battle, and asked Girham to leave the ground, and this happened long after the death of Hagar and her son Ismael. Girham that knew they are leaving, they buried the Well of Zam Zam, putting in it a golden dear head, a shield and two swords all of Gold all under the ground, so that their enemies will not benefit from, and Adnan were unable to discover where Zam Zam was gone. Next time we will continue Insha Allah with part two of this story about Zam Zam.


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