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Thursday, December 15, 2005

You will Die 2:81:5

Al Salaam Aleikum, from time to time I receive requests from some of you, recently a kind sister asked me to give Hadeeth about Al Asmaa Al Husnah, in other words: the beautiful names of Allah. That is why I will change in my message style a little bit, and each message will speak about one of the names of Allah as much as Allah allows my little knowledge to elaborate on this wonderful issue. First we will start with the Hadeeth that mentioned the Names of Allah, what Muhammad PBUH said about those names, and what Allah said about the same as well Insha Allah. I will start every message from here on with few words about that, however, today let us continue our debate about Eternity, and let us start our reflections about the names of Allah next time Insha Allah.
Very well, we saw the last time how Allah said that the Angel of death will receive us, and then unto Allah we will return. What strikes me so odd, if there is something so important that takes place between the time the Angel of Death comes to claim our lives, and the time we return to Allah, I said if something really big and major takes place between the two stages, then why Allah sounds like nothing goes on in between, He said in all the Ayahs in the Noble Qur’aan: you die, and unto Allah you will go back period? By the way, every time I read those Ayahs, I smile, remembering how Christians goofed big time in understanding this, listen how horrible is what they teach.
Christians preach how Jesus said to one of the two men on the cross next to him: today you will be in Heaven with me, and they started to preach: absent from the body, present with the LORD. In another part of their preaching they say how Jesus from the cross went straight to the underworld to preach to the dead in Hell, we saw how they claimed how Hell is in the Grave, now absent from body in Heaven in the Grave, which means how the Grave is Heaven for some, and Hell for others as some of Muslims think as well following this horrible teachings. We ask Christians: what we to believe from this nonsense, Jesus went with that man from the cross to Heaven as he said: today you will be in Heaven with me, or Jesus went to Hell to preach to the dead for three days and three nights, are you insane, where did he go, to Heaven or to Hell?
Now back to our debate, Let us say that a lot will happen in the Grave while we are in the state of death, then why Allah gave us the teaching that nothing will happen as such. We will die, and we will return to Allah, finished, nothing of any importance besides that according to Allah, not according to what I say.
Ok, no problem, now we are at a fork in the road, one directs us toward the feeling how nothing will happen between death state and that of resurrection according to Allah, and another that leads us toward thinking a lot happens during death time as other books apart from the Noble words of Allah say. What I do not understand is why Allah never sent an Ayah says: beware of the torture in the Grave. Very well, we had a question the last time, what happens when the Angel of Death comes to claim our lives? The state of death differs according to the difference between people, some die quick; some die nicely, and some die-hard. We are not going to discuss the why in such, the main issue is, how all will reach the last stop, and will step out from the Vehicle of life.
Now the assigned Angel takes away our Spirit, the Spirit that gives life to our bodies, and also sensation of all kinds, be it joy, suffering, or pain, leaving a dead body with no emotions, with no feelings of any kind behind, where the Spirit is taken next, and why? Before discussing this, let us point out something so reasonable, because some of us are being so unreasonable in this regard. My friend, I am not asking you to do this; but simply bringing you the facts. Let us take a fresh dead body, lying in a safe place for hours, or days in coolers sometimes waiting to be checked by Homicide to know the reasons of death. Now when the time comes, they take this body to be subject to Autopsy by a professional who cuts through the body with all kinds of surgical instruments. Now let us put someone with life and spirit still in him next to that, let us cut this one as well in the same manner, what things we can notice on both ends?
The one with a Spirit will raise Hell from pain, while the dead will stay so still, why? This question I ask all those who claim life for the dead, why this dead man does not show any sign? Therefore, for those who claim how there is no difference between those who are living, and the dead in the sense how both can have pain among other feelings, we say: guys; you are not telling the truth. We do not wish to hear what you think; a simple test shows how what you say is unreasonable.
Therefore, since the signs shown from the living are different from those shown by the dead, we conclude how one has the Spirit in, and the other does not, one suffers pain, while the other does not. Then why the Spirit did not come back to the dead, or perhaps they will after we place the dead in the Grave, how about if we decided never to place them in the grave, and chose instead to run experiments for years in time? You know something, some bodies will never make it to the Grave, and they are in Skeleton like manner in Medical Institutes all over our planet, also never shown any signs of being in pain or otherwise. Furthermore, we have what are eaten by the fish, we have those who burn the dead and never place any in the graves, we have those like Mummies of Old Egypt, we have what the wild beasts ate and digested into bile, we have endless examples of people who never made it to the grave, then we ask, how all those suffer inside, while they are not inside, since suffering is a fact? Now to mention how unjust it is for those not to suffer, while all the rest in the Graves experience Hell, what ill reasoning we have?
To understand and tell the truth about this, we need to follow the Spirit one step at the time, because if there is no spirit in the dead, then you cannot make the dead experience any suffering of any kind. We need to ask: does the Spirit make it back to the Grave, or it is not allowed? Now for those who will ask: what about this and what about that in our books, I say: I am sorry, I am bringing you the facts straight from Allah, it is you who need to decide what about this and what about that, I do not guide the Hearts, Guidance comes from Allah if He wishes you to have that. Yes we need to follow what happens to the Spirit, and after that we need to know if the Spirits will make it back, when, why, and how? Why we are doing this, is it because I am inviting trouble, or inviting anger, no, it is simple: Allah says in His book: who is more Zalim (most evil in injustice) than the one who hides a Testimony from Allah:
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Very well, following the Spirit as soon as it departs our bodies, what happens, Allah says in Ayah (23:100-101):
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“When Death comes to one, he/she will say: O LORD take me back may I do good in what I left behind, no, it is a word spoken by Allah, and from behind them a Barzakh until Resurrection time, when the blow in the Horn sounds, no family ties between them, and they will not be allowed to question each other about what they have done and left behind”. We see how the Spirits will be taken after death to a place assigned by Allah and will be held there until Resurrection time after the second blow in the Horn, also from behind them there is a Barzakh, which prevents the Spirits from going back before Resurrection time.
Therefore, the Spirits will be taken to a place assigned by Allah, and this place is separated from where the bodies will be left behind down here on Earth by something called Barzakh; never to join again with the body until Resurrection time according to Allah, what is a Barzakh, let us explain that, because we are doing a miserable job in defining the simple and the obvious? To understand what is a Barzakh, we need to see few things, where the word was mentioned, how it was mentioned, for what purpose Barzakh is placed in any ground, and is Barzakh a World, a place, or any other definition is found?
Before we do such, let us see how we understand Barzakh, what do we know, what do we say Barzakh is, and how we understand. According to us, Barzakh is a world (Aalam Al Barzakh) where the dead experience punishment in the Graves, which makes Barzakh for most of us inside this Ditch 6 feet under the ground, others say: Barzakh is a world different than Earth, where the Spirits are put into other bodies, such as birds, to experience all kinds of Torture, or simply put in some other kind of creatures only for suffering of pain day in and day out, the amazing thing about those who say this, is how they start all this by calling it: the punishment in the Graves, how? Many more stories we have, however, most believe how all this takes place in the Grave, because there is no sense in doing this somewhere else, and they say how Barzakh is in the Grave on the inside, also call it by sufferings of the Graves, not suffering in different space or time. They say: Grave punishment, but they follow the Spirit, and say ignorant stories, while the bodies stay in the Grave.
In any case, we say that when the dead enter the grave, not to ask about those who never enter and we mentioned above, the Spirit comes right back in, and they are subjects to all kinds of things in this regard or that regard. Yes, they say how Spirit should be back, otherwise how the dead will experience joy of Heaven or pain of Hell inside? Do Spirits come back to the dead, then why they left in the first place, why not die while alive, what is the meaning of Heaven and Hell if all this takes place long before that in the graves, why not continue living in the Grave since it does provide us with what Allah promised later after this life? Since punishment takes place in the Grave, also Heavenly ground, then why we will be gathered and be subject to questioning after that? Why we should wind up in Hell or Heaven if we had all of this under the ground? Why Allah never promised any of such in His Book period, why we are left to get this from books apart from Allah, I do not see any Ayah saying there is torture in the Grave, or Heavenly life? How about Hadeeth, how about the hundreds of books in this regard, the issue is so big for Allah to ignore like that, thousands of books in our hands about such, but wait, Allah did mention as they say, let us see how next time Insha Allah, one last word before I end today’s message, we do have an in house debate between those who believe life in death inside the Graves, and those who do not (like the Bralevey, the Sufi, the Jeobandy of Hayati, and Mamaty, many Arab Muslim groups, also many other groups among Islam), and it is time to put Allah to end this if we can.
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