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Monday, September 20, 2004

Aggrandizement eliminates germs from slaughtered animal, Syrian scholars

People have not yet realized the wisdom beyond mentioning god's name (Allah
in Arabic) on the slaughtered animal, some scientists say. Consequently they
neglect and leave out pronouncing the Almighty God Name and aggrandizement
when cattle and chicken are slaughtered for human consumption, a tradition
widespread in Islamic practice.

This, however, made the Syrian scholar Abdul Qader al-Deirani introduce this
issue in an academic and scientific approach, showing its importance and
significance over human society. He based his study upon what his tutor, the
great eminent scholar Muhammad Amin Sheikho explained in his Koranic
teachings and lessons preached on Fridays and documented in his book
"Interpretation of the Great Koran."

To this effect, Scholar al-Deirani made an agreement with the most famous
and specialized doctors for achieving a panoramic research which covers the
whole matter.

Members of the medical research team are: Dr. Marwan al-Sabe', Prof. Of
Genetics and animal biology at the University of Aleppo; Dr. Muhammad Nabil
al-Sharif of Pharmaceutical sciences - specialist in analytic pharmaceutical
chemistry - Toxic food and industry analysis from Brussels - Dean of the
Faculty of Pharmacy- Pro at Damascus University; Dr. Ahmad Samir al-Nouri,
Prof. of Pharmacology - medical tabled in Damascus University - Faculty of
Pharmacy- pro at Damascus University; Prof. Fayez al-Hakim: Licensed in
American board in Anatomical pathology; Prof. Saad Mukhlis Yaqoub:
specialist in Laboratory Medicine from France; Prof. Darem al-Taba':
specialist in general Health and germs from Germany- head of animal
Protection project in Syria; Prof. Muhammad Manzalji: Specialist in Animal
Medicine and Surgery from Stockholm; Prof. Ibrahim Muhra of animal and
Poultry diseases at Damascus University; Prof. Fouad Ni'ma of Meat Health in
the faculty of Veterinary medicine; Dr. Nader Dabbagh: Head of physiology
department at the faculty of Veterinary medicine; Dr. Anwar al-Omar Licensed
Dr. ( CES ) in virus and bacteriology from France; Dr. Adel Mehio: head of
aliment sciences department at the faculty of agriculture in Aleppo; Dr.
Abdul Razzaq al-Hussein, President of Pharmacists in Idleb; Dr. Abdul Rahman
al-Qaddour President of agricultural Engineers in Idleb; Dr. Ziad Darwish:
head of digestive diseases department at Damascus University; Dr. Anas
al-Nazer: specialist in digestive system from Hungary University and many
other Syrian specialized Health doctors.

A wonder miraculous effect was discovered by members of the research team
concerning the aggrandizement ( mentioning of Allah) upon the slaughtered
animals, which makes their meat "Halal." The team was amazed for the first
results. The team found out that the word "Allah" has an amazing miraculous
effect that appears through the lack of all kinds of germs from the meat on
which Allah's Name was mentioned during the slaughtering. Their tissues were
void of blood. Contrarily, the meat on which Allah's Name was not mentioned
during the slaughtering was full of blood and germ colonies.

On this experience, Dr. N. al-Sharif said that microbiological studies were
conducted on samples of chickens, cows and sheep on which Allah's name has
been loudly recited during the slaughtering and that on which Allah's name
has not. He added that three samples of each Chicken, Sheep and cow have
been taken with the aims of eliminating any source of surface micro-
biological pollution. The meat was soaked in pasteurized containers
containing a sufficient quantity of Dettol solution 10%. An hour later, a
piece was taken from each sample and cultured in Neoglucol cultivated
solution, which allows for propagation of lower orders or organisms, and
growth of which inside or outside air surroundings.

He added that forty eight hours following incubation in dry heating device
at a temperature of 37 Centigrade. Suitable segments of the above mentioned
surroundings have been transferred to stay on the following solid cultures:
He explained that concerning Nutritive Agar 2- Blood base Agar 3- EME, the
first EMB allows full recognition of the microbiological growth in general;
whereas the second helps to study streptococcus and staphylococcus of the
kind that do and do not solve blood. The Third EMB helps to grow the
negative grame bacilli in general. The commonest and most indicative of
contamination are the E. Coli Bacilli.

He continued that forty eight hours following an incubation period at a
temperature of 37 Centigrade in a dry heating device, has produced clearly
the following results. With the unaided eye; a change in color has been
noticed between the two different samples - The first sample was rose
colored, whereas the second showed dark bluish red.

Microbiologically speaking Dr. al- Sharif said the samples have been studied
microbiologically and the following has been observed: A- Samples on which
Allah's name has been loudly recited. All kinds of meat have never observed
to have any germ growth. Neoglucol appeared to be clear and void of germs
and viruses. After forty eight hours, the dishes of Nutritive Agar, Blade
base Agar and EMB were completely void of any germ growth.

B- Samples on which Allah's name has not been mentioned: Neoglucol appeared
to be very turbid and that indicates to a large growth of germs. After forty
eight hours of transferring the above- mentioned surroundings, the following
results appear: there was a large growth of streptococcus and staphylococcus
that solve the blood. The EMB helps to grow the negative grame Bacilli and
E. Coli bacilli in general, as well as an intensive growth of germs has been
detected in the Nutritive Agar.

With regard to tissue, Dr. al-Sharif said that a larger number of white
blood corpuscles has been noticed in the muscular tissue, and a larger
number of red- blood corpuscles in the blood vessels in the samples on which
Allah's name is not recited whereas, the tissues of meat on which Allah's
Name was recited were almost void of these blood corpuscles.

On the harm of blood and germs staying in the slaughtered Animal on which
Allah's Name has not been mentioned and its effect on man's health, Dr.
Fouad Ni'ma says that the furious shaking of the animal shaking organs and
muscles produced by mentioning Allah's name during the slaughtering ensures
outflow of the greatest deal of blood from the slaughtered animal's body.
When there is no aggrandizement, a large rate of this blood stays in its
body and this allows many disease causing germs that have already been in it
to grow and increase unnaturally such as streptococcus, staphylococcus and
E. Coli. If the consumer ate this meat. These viruses would penetrate the
mucous membrane into the stomach and enter all organs of the body. This
great deal of bacterial poisons may cause a caries in the cordial muscle and
an inflammation in the epicardium. They also cause intensive blood
decompositions in which the rate of death cases may reach 20%. They surely
lead to various food toxicosis. Some of these germs have the ability to
solve the blood and cause toxication in the white corpuscles that defend all
the body.

However, some may believe that meat freezing process or exposing meat to
high temperatures can kill bacteria. Their poisons and disease causing
factors, but this talks is contradicted by the actual reality. In this
regard, Dr. Anwar al-Omar says that many diseases causing germs secrete
toxic viruses that resist heat and consequently the separation of the
cooking meat is not useful in killing them. In addition, some germs remain
potent even if they are exposed to refrigerating and freezing. When they
come back to normal temperatures, they get back their activity to increase,
grow and produce toxic viruses.

One may say that it is sufficient for man to mention Allah's Name when
eating even if he did not do that when slaughtering the animal. It is said:"
mention Allah's name and eat." Scholar al-Deirani says explaining this point
"we as an Islam nation, Allah's Messenger ( communicator with Allah and
peace are through him) has not only taught us to mention Allah's name at
eating and drinking but when starting any action and this is indisputable
fact." He added that the wisdom beyond this matter is to remind the spirit
of God's Graces, so as, to arise and give praise and love to God in it.

Moreover, it was also proved by the team that aggrandizement during
slaughtering removes diseases from the animals; cleans its body and takes
the Malady away originally.

Recently, some diseases and maladies spread such as " Mad cow Thrush fever
and Chicken plague " by which complete flocks of the animal resource had
been destroyed. In this regard, Scholar Abdul Qader al-Deirani says "In
fact, God told us in the holy Koran how our Master Solomon's spirit felt of
shyness because he tired the horses a little bit." When he started to mop
their legs and necks as if he apologized to them, things restored natural
with his spirit. Also, how did the ant know that our Master Solomon was
coming with a great army? How could it describe his soldiers' mercy thereby
they never trod on an ant intentionally."

In Britain, doves, stand on the shoulders and heads of people and eat from
their hands as they know perfectly that nobody will hurt them. Do doves dare
to do that in another place, al-Deirani questioned.

In Damascus, he added, we have also a kind of doves which do not fly away
whatever. One goes near to them because people look with care at this kind.
Other birds do not dare to come near as they know that people will violate
on them. This sensibility enables the cattle to know that Man -- whom they
have been created for -- does not mention Allah's Name on them when being

Al-Deirani said that in Syria, "as soon as the results of our researches
appeared and broadcast," people applied mentioning Allah's name on the
slaughtered animals lately when plague was invading chickens.

He continued that suddenly the disease disappeared and no case has been seen
at all till "we" tried to find one case to study the effect of
aggrandizement on it, but in vain. He explained that the reason is because
the cattle and the birds knew by their sensibility that mentioning Allah's
name spread filled their spirit with ease and tranquility. As a result their
organs and defense systems became active and disease causing factors are all


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