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Monday, September 13, 2004

The Painter

There once lived a painter. He was forever painting pictures of what ever caught his eye. He put all of his passion into his art work and never paid attention to his wife and daughter. His excuse is that he was busy.
His friend came to see him about him not focusing on anything but his art. He had been abandoning his wife and child, friends and family for so long now. He promised he would spend time with everyone.

One day this painter was walking through a forest on a beautiful sunny day and had taken his daughter with him and to find something that would inspire him to paint. The sun was shining heavily through the green pines, a small creek running over rocks, birds pirtched in the trees singing their songs. The warmth of a summers breeze brushing over their shoulders, flowers of all colors growing on the earths bed. What a sight! The painter was so inspired to paint a picture of the glorious scenery he had encountered on his walk. He immedietly ran home while the images were still fresh in his mind.

When he got home he started to paint a beautiful picture full of green luscious trees, flowers of all shapes and colors, birds high in sky, rays of sun shining through the trees. A little creek running through the forest, yet... his painting was missing something. It wasn't quite finished. The painter thought long and hard about what was missing that would make this his first master piece.

He thought back in his mind what he seen that inspired him so much to want to paint this specific piece of art. The painter decided to let his brush fill in what was missing. Almost in a trance like state he paid no attention to what he painted.

When he had lifted the brush off of his canvas and had looked at his finished piece of work, he had a look of pride and fulfillment on his smiling face. When the painter looked at his painting he realized he had painted a memory of his daughter in the solitude of Allah, she was looking up to the sky with her dow like eyes and waiting patiently for him to finish what he wanted to do.

It then dawned on the painter. He had left in such a hurry he forgot his daughter at the creek bed. The painter ran out of the house to where he had last left his daughter. He ran as fast as he could and when he arrived he seen his daughter still in the same spot asleep on some daisies.

She looked so peaceful and sweet just laying there. He slowly walked up to her and picked her up gently in his arms. She woke up and looked at her dad with her innocent child like expressions.

"Daddy..." She softly spoke. "Daddy, did you find your insperation for your painting?" She finished with a smile.

The painter looked at his daughter and started to cry. His daughter was confused why he would be crying.

"I sure did, I found you!" The painter replied with tears of joy and sadness running down his cheeks.


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