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Monday, September 06, 2004

Britain's establishments are awash with deception, cover ups and crime. Now
it has taken on an even more sinister situation. We now have a blind man in
the Home Office and a deaf man at 10 Downing Street. However, the man in
Downing Street is only deaf it seems when he decides he wants to be that. I
have known Masons who are hard of hearing but the one I refer to appears to
go stone deaf only when he wants to be that! I am not sure yet what the
medical books might give as a diagnosis for his apparent affliction. Perhaps
its time for Prime Ministers and people sitting in authority to undergo
medical examinations from time to time? This might safeguard the general
public who they are supposed to serve? But do these people really serve the
general public? Included in such medical examinations might be a check by an
independent psychiatrist and a periodic lie detector test. These
examinations would be easy to carry out and just think how many lives they
could have been saved already if they had taken place!

In my own case, Tony Blair and David Blunkett were informed of the attempt
by Northumbria Police Special Squad officers to murder me by impaling me on
a sword on the night of 5/6th February 2002. It had been their intention to
shoot me on the first night of the illegal police siege of my home at 16A
The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole. I came very close to that fate on both occasions.
On the first night of the siege it was a policewoman negotiator named to me
as Jo who alerted me to the fact that it was the police intention to shoot
me. She had quickly warned me to stay away from my kitchen window when I
offered to pass through to her some of the evidence of my allegations which
had helped bring about that situation. The electricity to my home was still
then on but it was cut shortly afterwards. After hearing Jo's urgent warning
to me, I said that I would put the kitchen light on and open its curtains
and then asked Jo if she would ask that the police marksmen stationed
outside make a good job with their first shot. She then told me that she
would go and have a word with them. Thereafter it became very clear to me
why the police had cordoned off my home from the public view. Had they shot
me it would have amounted to murder. Since then and what took place on the
third night of that siege, I have come to accept that the police do in fact
murder people. It also concerns me that deaths of people while in police
custody has risen.

I had previously came close to that fate when I was arrested at Durham in
2000 by a bent police officer under false allegations made by a doctor at
West Rainton, who was yet another Freemason. He had falsely alleged that I
had made what amounted to a death threat against him in a telephone call he
had also falsely alleged that I had made to him. The bent Durham police
officer claimed that my alleged threat had been recorded. He also said that
I had made a similar threat in a letter to the doctor. None of these
allegation had any foundation of truth whatsoever. I was locked up at Durham
Police Station while the police searched my home. They were working with one
of our many bent solicitors from Frederick Street, Sunderland. My story
about that solicitor and his withholding of vital evidence from the courts
in the case of my alleged harassment of my civil opponent, a woman employed
as a National Insurance Inspector who was allowed the use of blatant perjury
to help her defeat me by the very bent judges at Durham and Newcastle
County Courts. The then recorder John H Fryer-Spedding warned me not to
highlight her use of perjury because it would do me no good while I cross
examined her in the witness box at the Newcastle County Kangaroo Court
chaired by him.

There was some evidence which suggests that it might have been the Home
Office Minister, Mr John Denham, who tipped off Spedding that I had traced
him to his stately home at Mirehouse, near Keswick. I had in fact done that
but never with any unlawful intention. My intentions regarding Spedding have
and always will be within the law which has denied justice to me and many
more people that I know of. I could never in any event lower myself to his
gutter level sort of tactics. Spedding's Kangaroo Court was instrumental in
the death of my father who collapsed and died two days after Spedding's
perverse judgement which had resulted in my bankruptcy was published on
front page Press. My father had also been very upset because my bankruptcy
where Spedding was forefront in it, had by means of law, barred me from
remaining as a Hetton-le-Hole Town Councillor. That situation also benefited
those who wanted that situation so as to stop me from continuing as a
whistle blower on matters such as failure to declare an interest in land
owned by a Freemason Councillor along with his family member Councillors,
one of whom was also a Freemason. On the occasion relative to that matter I
had been prevented from leaving the Hetton-le-Hole Council Chambers while an
assault was carried out against me by three Council members. That, like many
crimes such as the threat to murder me and my family, repeated to
Northumbria Police by the man who made that threat, but that, like what
amounted to a catalogue of crimes used against me that were reported to
them, was never acted on by them.

The senior officer appointed to investigate that matter of what amounted to
my false imprisonment and assault on me at Hetton-le-Hole Council Chambers,
said to me a few days later that he thought it unlikely the rest of the
Hetton Town Councillors, around seventeen in all, would say what they had
seen of the matter. He had therefore decided not to take any further action
on it. That police officer went into retirement shortly after that. You
might have guessed it? From information given to me he was also a Freemason.

Spedding fled the scene and decided to take retirement when I reported the
use of his crimes against me during his Kangaroo Court proceedings at
Newcastle to then Lord Chancellor Mackay. I have since become aware that the
latter man is also a Freemason. His office suggested that I report the
matter of Spedding to the Parliamentary Commissioner. Mackay had neatly
opted out of what might otherwise have been thought to have been his
obligation to act on that matter. Later the Parliamentary Commissioner wrote
in effect that the matter of Spedding had nothing to do with him. Many
victims of our corrupt Establishment are aware of the use of such tactics
which are obviously meant to help frustrate and defeat them.

Returning to the matter of the illegal police siege and theft of my home at
Hetton. It was a former civil servant who was in a position to express such
opinion, that had Northumbria Police shot me, they would have placed a gun
in my hand and then claimed that I was armed to justify what in actual fact
would have been their murder of me. He went on to say, if the two police
officers had managed to impale me on a sword, and they had started to do
that, they would have claimed that I had committed suicide. Yes, deception,
cover-ups, and crime are now all a part of the UK corrupt Establishment.

Our public news media are controlled by Freemasonry and will always veer
away from publishing the truth if it concerns anything to do with Masonic
crime. Freemasonry has its evil snout in all UK authorities. I do agree that
not all Masons are likely to be bad people, however, misinformed and at
least a little brainwashed it would appear that they often are.

The day of the rule of Secret Societies has arrived. The Queen is Patron
Head of UK Freemasonry. The Duke of Kent is the UK Grand Master of it. The
Duke of Edinburgh is also a Freemason and credible information was given to
me is that the Prince of Wales has also became a Mason quite recently. Last
week I heard evidence from someone often very close to him, that Tony Blair
is also a Freemason. It coincided with other information that had been give
to me. That of course is a possible explanation of why he is apparently
afflicted with deafness in matters concerning murder when he wants to be!
Perhaps he visits Lord Barnard at Raby Castle from time to time. He is the
Durham Masonic Lodges Grand Master? The list of those in high public office
who are Freemasons goes on. It seems that Freemasonry is the old boys club
of our generally corrupt Establishment where even murder is now used as a
means to silence whistle blowers, or those with the potential to expose it
for what it all too often is. Why should Dr David Kelly now come to mind? As
a former Hetton-le-Hole Town Councillor I then became aware of the number of
Councillors who are also Freemasons, not just at Hetton-le-Hole, but in
other areas as well. There is little doubt that Freemasonry is a problem
hidden from the public view now embedded in, if not in all of them, most
local public authorities nation-wide.

Freemasonry can plant its members into any position of authority just as
easy as planting a cabbage in a garden. Why not start a new hobby? One which
I would recommend is called "Spot a Mason". Try looking to see or finding
out if your local Councillors are masons. They don't always visit your local
Masonic Hall but another one situated outside of your immediate area for
obvious reasons. Perhaps your solicitor might be one as many or even most of
them are? No, masons employed within our Establishment would never divulge
confidential information that they might have on you to any other mason who
might want that information and pigs might also fly. Freemasonry agrees that
it is a Society with Secrets and a just a little thought will tell you where
many of those secrets come from.

Back in 1986, after unearthing crime which had affected me at the then
British Coal Estates Department at Spennymoor, Co Durham, could I have even
imagined just what Freemasonry was really all about. Now I know through vast
practical experience just what it is. I write here again without
hesitation, that its members have been installed into every authority
nation-wide and I include amongst those the judiciary, police and the
medical profession. I have learned of these facts most often by being a
victim of them. Being a form of bait to help bring out the Establishment
rats has never been easy for me. Being a target for what was a police death
squad in early February 2003, was I thought then, the ultimate proof of what
those employed within our Establishment are capable of doing to their
victims. However the final ultimate truth has come by way of Tony Blair and
David Blunkett. They were provided with the facts of the police attempt to
murder me but have simply ignored it Should I now refer to them as being
King Rats?

The various relative public authorities, including 10 Downing Street and the
Home Office, had previously been supplied with facts and evidence of nothing
short of a mass of crime used against me, which culminated in my bankruptcy
and the theft of my home along with the police attempt to murder me at my
home at Hetton-le-Hole on the night of 5/6th February 2003. Most of my
personal belongings including documents containing evidence facts and
evidence of the crimes that had been used against me were also stolen then.
I was left without even a bed to sleep on.

I did regret having contributed to the House of Commons Home affairs Select
Committee Inquiry into Freemasonry within the Police and Judiciary chaired
by Lord Nolan. However, that is no longer one of my regrets. I have come to
realise just how many Establishment employed rats have had to come out of
their holes since then to take a bite at me once I ceased contact with Lord
Nolan in January 1998 when he then wrote to me that he was returning to
being a member of the Law Lords.

It will not have gone down too well with our generally corrupt Establishment
that I have since written that I firmly believe the Nolan Inquiry to have
been nothing short of a whitewash of the true situation now existing in the
UK where Freemasonry has a massive influence or even total control of our
judiciary and police. The evidence of this fact, almost as it were, hits me
in face with each passing day. After the police attempt to murder me last
year, I heard from a prominent American Mason that he had been trying give
public awareness via our Press to what the siege of my home was all about.
Our Press, in effect, shutdown once that word Freemasonry was mentioned. The
letter that Freemason wrote to me showed that he was anything but evil.
However this man is all too often being treated as a Masonic outcast in
America. I have no doubt now that by defending the original principles on
which Freemasonry may have been based, he has been made that outcast. That
Freemasonry infests our Establishment throughout there is no doubt. It was
the Knights Templars involved in the Holy Wars in the middle east, or rather
as I now believe should be referred to as the unholy wars, who changed their
name to Freemasons following the end of the English Civil Wars of the
1640's. I am informed that key positions within our military are also held
by Freemasons. Given the events that have taken place since Tony Blair
became Prime Minister in 1997, more especially those in the Middle East
which is where the unholy wars took place, I have serious doubts whether
those unholy wars have ever really ended?

Terrorists don't just happen, they are more often caused. Being deprived of
a means to access justice is all too often the root cause of terrorism. In
fact denying justice encourages it. However, by helping with the creation
of terrorists by ignoring the need to first address the injustice that is
nearly always at the bottom of it, does give an excuse for the Tony Blair's
Blunkett's and Bush's of this world to bring in measures that ultimately are
resulting in the total public control of the population. It has been said or
implied by some who had previously been close to Tony Blair, that he is
something of a control freak. Tony Blair as a Freemason and also a reputed
member of the Bilderberg Council, the world elitist Secret Society as well,
should we not all heed the warning signs that are now emerging from his
behaviour in more recent years. I find it strange why Tony Blair has felt it
necessary to make single day round trips to go see his soul mate, Scull and
Bones member George Bush. What was so very important in their discussions
where telephone high encryption voice scrambling methods could not be
trusted? Are we in the UK now living in another new age akin to Hitler's

That Israel is most often the aggressor in the Middle East is without
argument. That Blair and Bush are ignoring this fact is also without
argument. Why they are ignoring it might be the subject of one. Many
Palestinians have lived in sad conditions since they were effectively made
refugees in their own country in 1948 when the Jews returned after 2000
years and claimed entitlement to a portion of Palestine. Since that time
Israel has become a nuclear power. It was not just their growing of oranges
that helped bring this situation about. Who helped and financed Israel to
become that nuclear power? I think many will have the answer to this one.
Why have people found it necessary to use themselves as human bombs when
most other means to fight has been taken away from them. And then when they
destroy even themselves as human bombs they are then called terrorists. No,
I have never and will never condone such acts of terrorism. However, now I
better understand the reasons behind such actions. Some might call those
human bombs fanatics, but when people are left without all hope of justice
as the Palestinians all too often are, then what would you expect to be the
likely outcome?

I have been fighting against injustice being carried on by what is called
our Justice System since 1986. Its more than likely that I will now die
fighting it. Even the Lord Chancellors Department was involved then in
trying to cover up utterly illegal proceedings at Houghton-le-Spring
Magistrates Court in 1986 after I had been battered and then struck by a car
that was deliberately driven at me. It was a senior police officer's opinion
quite recently who said that matter of the attack on me should have been
treated as attempted murder. But with Freemasons so much involved in the
corruption that I had uncovered, and some of them having also been involved
with those illegal Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court proceedings that
followed it all, would the question of the attempted police murder of me
last year now be a consideration by our relevant corrupt authorities? Blair
and Blunkett have continued to show this fact by ignoring not only the mass
of Establishment and other crime that has been used against me, and of
course the police attempted murder of me as well last year. While such
people hold positions of power all people should have something to fear. The
longer that they ignore the signs now emerging, that fear will undoubtedly
become a reality.

It's those with the most money who work the strings of their puppets below.
We have such a deaf puppet lodging in 10 Downing Street at present. It
speaks and makes noises, but little good comes from keeping it, if indeed
any? It is implicated in what amounts to mass murder in Iraq following an
illegal war carried out against that country. I accept that its leader was a
tyrant but that was certainly not the reason for the war against Iraq. In
time the problem of Saddam would have been resolved by his own people.
People can be only driven only so far into oppression before there is a
backlash against it. History has proved this fact many times. All UK
citizens continue to be denied by Tony Blair to access to independent
tribunals and authorities as required under Article 6(1) of the European
Human Rights Convention. The Downing Street puppet almost appears not to
know what the words independent or impartial mean. No, I don't really think
that is true. He obviously knows what the words mean but devolving any power
to such independent authorities would most certainly mean the possibility of
our corrupt Establishment being shown up for what it all too often is. We
have no such independent and impartial authorities That could never be
tolerated by the men in control of this country who are shown from time to
time to be control freaks. Is the UK really a true democracy? The fact is I
simply cannot accept that it is. Any country which has Party Whips who
dictate the way an MP thinks and speaks, cannot be that democracy.

It very often simply amounts to what the Party leader thinks rather what the
rank and file MPs under it might think. When my former MP, Mr Fraser Kemp,
unwittingly dipped his toes into the quagmire of Establishment corruption
used against me, it appears that he did not know how quickly to distance
himself from it. When I asked him to raise the matter in the House of
Commons of such blatant Establishment crime used against me and the fact
that our Judiciary are now illegally without any accountability whatsoever,
that being for and in the general public interest, he wrote that he is not
permitted to raise issues in the House! The obvious question following his
reply is just what was he doing as an MP in the House of Commons? Was he
just there to make up the numbers? He had worked as I understand it, for
something like seventeen years with Tony Blair in London before back north
on becoming an MP in 1997.

I was a member of the selection committee for a New Labour candidate for MP
at Houghton and Washington. The way Mr Fraser Kemp was allegedly elected as
that candidate still concerns me. It was done with torn scraps of paper that
led to a situation wide open to abuse. Given that its generally agreed that
politics is a dirty business anything is possible, that even including the
murder of whistle blowers. Yes, MP's will tow the Party line if that means
the possibility of becoming unpopular within the Party and even de-selection
as an MP when he or she wont do that. After all, MP's are well paid, and
have many other benefits by holding such position. Are these benefits really
worth the risk of losing in the circumstances? I can give other instances
relative to our corrupt Establishment where money and benefits attached to
their employment within it, and the risk of losing those things, have closed
many a mouth and made them swallow many a whistle that they might otherwise
have blown. This is all an integral part of the workings of the UK corrupt
Establishment. It had been this way for a lot longer than before I took my
first steps on this world. What these people don't seem to realise is that
its more often their own offspring who will suffer for it. The sons and
daughters of Freemasons don't always decide to take that same Masonic route
to Hell and can them become the victims of it the same way as anyone else.

It was the late Lord Denning, former Master of the Rolls, who wrote that
masons also kill masons. He also wrote that it was better that an innocent
man should remain in prison rather than the integrity of the judiciary be
impugned. This evil mentality remains as a part of our judiciary. It's a
known fact that those in prison who continue to protest their innocence are
likely to be kept there longer than those who don't protest it. I have used
the word evil because I cannot think of any other word more fitting this
situation. At present we have a 78 year old man by the name of Norman
Scarth, imprisoned at Wolds Prison, Everthorpe, Brough, East Yorkshire HU15
2JZ. Norman had been successful in an action against our corrupt justice
system at the European Court. He has continued to protest his innocence
under the allegations that have since resulted in his imprisonment. Again
from my own experiences, his case smacks of judicial vengeance. The late
Lord Denning's statement copied above about keeping innocent men in prison,
only helps back up my belief and feelings about this matter. Why not send a
letter to Norman to try to keep his spirit up while he most certainly spends
what are the last days of his life in there?

I was informed around a year or so ago that Lord Justice Auld had the job of
revising or updating our legal system. In 1996 he and Lord Justice Pill
refused me leave to appeal what is shown by indisputable evidence to have
been the perverse judgement of recorder John H Fryer-Spedding. It was Lord
Justices (Injustice in my case) Auld and pill who went to some lengths to
try to persuade me relative to my concerns at Masonic involvement in my
cases, that they were without foundation. Though the kangaroo court held by
Spedding was illegal from its start to finish and therefore all stemming
from it remains illegal, and further, these people were provided showing
evidence of that, they still refused me leave to appeal his perverse
judgement. As my concerns at Masonic involvement in my cases were part of
the case for my application for leave to appeal, I wrote asking Lord Justice
Auld and Pill if they would declare any membership of Freemasonry. Their
reply was that they did not enter into correspondence with litigants who had
appeared before them. It was in that way that they ducked out of that all
important question. Any honourable judge might have given an answer to it,
but just how many judges are really so honourable? When I was quite
recently informed of Lord Auld's hand in updating our legal system, the
first thought that came to my mind was, " Oh My God".

When the judicial oath of fairness to all manner of people sworn by judges
and magistrates to the Queen becomes a matter of fact, and not the absolute
scam that it is shown to be, that might be one of the ways forward to a
credible justice system. I cannot even start to believe that the Queen will
not be aware of this. With so much Royalty and ruling aristocracy
involvement in Freemasonry and its hold over our justice (injustice) system,
there is likely be no change from our current situation which hides and
protects so many Establishment criminals employed within it. I also include
solicitors in this category because they are Officers of the Courts and are
therefore a part of our corrupt Establishment. Breaching the judicial oath
of fairness is now all part and parcel of the corrupt and evil UK system of
so called justice we all live under. We do indeed have a justice system,
but what is justice to an evil man is not the same form of justice to a good
man and that's the difference. The present UK system of justice is shown and
proved to be a treason against the people of this nation. The Lord
Chancellors Department and the Court Service are heavily involved in hiding
and protecting corrupt judges and courts. The judicial injustice being
carried out against so many people in this country has within it the very
same seeds of eventual terrorism as has been the situation in other
countries. But who are the real terrorists anyway? Is it those who helped
with their creation by dealing out injustice, or those who turn to it in
absolute hopelessness and frustration of their situation ?

My former wife, and she is my former wife by my decision alone, not by the
decision of the Kangaroo Court held at Harrogate, assisted by a bent
solicitor employed at Barber Titley Solicitors, situated there. My wife's
Petition for Divorce was a document full of lies from start to finish. My
daughter Dawn told me nearly five years ago that it was her mothers
solicitor employed at Barber Titley Solicitors, Harrogate, who advised her
to include those lies in the Divorce Petition. He had said that it would
carry extra weight in the divorce. Divorce is without doubt a solicitors
criminal bonanza. It amounts to a similar situation as being given money
for old rope. I was never given the opportunity to reply to my wife's
Divorce Petition. A solicitor I had employed at Newcastle advised that it
was not worth my while in going to Yorkshire to contest her Petition. He
said I could do nothing about it or stop the process. Is it not probable
that divorce is now made so easy, because its such a big and easy business
for the many solicitors who benefit from it? County Court judges have come
from the ranks of solicitors and they know just how much the business of
divorce is worth to their profession. This might be of interest to some.
Because my wife's Petition for Divorce contained in part the matter of my
attitude about being a victim of Freemasonry, I wrote to District Judge
Grills involved in her Divorce Petition at Harrogate County Court, asking in
the circumstances whether he would declare any membership of Freemasonry.
Harrogate County Court Staff wrote that District Judge Grills had said that
he was not a Freemason. Some time afterwards I wrote again to the court
asking if District Judge Grills would declare whether or not he had been
visiting any Masonic establishments. The simple reply that I received to
this question was that my letter containing it, had been placed on the court
file. Freemasons refer to their Brotherhood of it as being " The Craft".
From my experience of it I think it more appropriately should be referred to
as one of craftiness.

The years have gone when adultery was often a major factor in a divorce. My
wife's adultery was a fact, but knowing that would not have been a
consideration of any relevance to the court. My wife's Toy Boy, as he has
been called by some, had started to live with her at our other house at
Dacre Banks, North Yorkshire shortly after her divorce Petition was lodged.
That despite a Court Order having been made which did not permit anyone to
live with my wife at that property except my daughter Dawn, from time to
time. That was in the same house that we had purchased in late April 1998. I
had been totally unaware at that time that my wife had been having an affair
with a much younger man than herself for several years prior to our house
purchase at Dacre Banks. That property was registered in her sole name at HM
Land Registry despite our being married and our joint funds being been used
to make a cash purchase of that property. I thought little of that at the
time as we had by then been married for almost thirty years to the day when
she applied for divorce. My wife had also used forgery to register our
marital home since 1976 at 16A The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole, into her sole name
as well at HM Land Registry. It had previously been registered in our joint
names. She had also used forgery to register some parcels of land that were
previously registered to me at HM Land Registry into her sole name as well.

The Chief Constable of North Yorkshire at first refused to do anything about
my wife's crimes mentioned above. It was of little use me going to
Northumbria Police on the matter as they had been so heavily involved
themselves in crime and its protection of others that had been used serious
crime against me. I know now that Chief Constables who are Freemasons will
invariably opt to protect those who causes harm to anyone who has
anti-Masonic views. Its also a fact that such Chief Constables will always
give preference to officers who are Freemasons in any promotions through the
ranks. When I threatened the Chief Constable of North Yorkshire with a
citizens arrest, a lawful act that can be used against any public official
who refuses to carry out his paid public duty, he sent two detectives north
to Hetton-le-Hole to see me. They saw and took away copies of evidence
showing my wife's forgeries. Though I had more such evidence, the detectives
said that they had sufficient to allow them to proceed and did not require
any more. They also took away with them a copy of that were in the
circumstances our financial accounts which proved that even had my
bankruptcy been obtained without the mass of serious crime carried out
against me by judges and others that brought that situation about, I could
still not have been a bankrupt as was declared by the Durham County Court.
That court was so much involved in the actual use of crime against me.

In late April of 1998 our financial accounts that my wife' had hidden from
me showed we had £93.700 in savings. Those accounts written in my wife's own
handwriting has since been published. In March of 1999 I was declared a
bankrupt in the sum of £15.800. The law, when its applied without evil
intent of which it very often is, states that all financial transactions
leading up to a bankruptcy for a period of two years is deemed to be taken
into consideration for the purposes of it! That law was never applied to
me. North Yorkshire Police later alleged that there was insufficient
evidence for them to proceed despite two of their detectives having earlier
assured me that they had plenty of evidence to proceed when they came to my
home at Hetton-le-Hole. A simple check at HM Land Registry would have been
all that was required to show the property purchase for cash at Dacre Banks,
North Yorkshire. That purchase price of that property well exceeded the
amount claimed against me in the application for my bankruptcy.

The Official Receiver then situated at Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland was also
aware of that house purchase and in those same circumstances was fully aware
that I could not have lawfully been declared a bankrupt. Even the sum left
over after that house purchase well exceeded the amount claimed against me
in bankruptcy. This was all a part of a Masonic closing of the ranks against
me so well known now by many of its victims. However, the fact is that the
Establishment crimes so blatantly carried out against me had continued right
to its intended end purpose. That has provided further evidence, if that
were needed, of an Establishment so corrupt, where even murder, as was
attempted against me, will be used against those who have the potential for
exposing our corrupt Establishment for what it really is. Had the police
attempt to murder me been successful in February 2003, my wife would have
been seriously implicated in that matter.

My former wife is in fact still seriously implicated in it along with the
crime that she too decided to use against me towards the end of our
marriage. In her defence, very little though it is, I have to write that its
clear that she had become aware that no court or police force was likely to
deal out any justice to me once I had taken the road to exposing
Freemasonry. She also knew from my experiences that they were so generally
infested with Freemasonry and that the Nolan Inquiry into Freemasonry within
the Police and Judiciary had in fact been a public whitewash. It appears
then that she had decided to take me for everything that I had worked so
hard for throughout our marriage. She was in the full knowledge that our
corrupt authorities would allow and protect her in that situation which has
been proved by fact. She had came to a crossroads in life where a sign of
one of the places pointed to there had temptation written on it. She
decided to take that route and had thus became a part of the corruption I
have fought so hard over the years to expose.

In my last telephone conversation with my daughter Dawn in June of 1998 I
asked her if she knew if there was another man involved with my wife. She
replied, "mam is not like that". I did not then think so either. I told Dawn
that if she wanted to come to see me at anytime I would be happy to see her.
Her reply to that was," but mam has all the money". I have never seen or
heard from her since then. It still hurts me to think that Dawn had placed
money before everything else. The lessons that she will learn from taking
that road will be have to be learned the hard way and I have never at
anytime wished that on her. It came as a further shock when shortly after my
wife's divorce petition, I was given information which was that my oldest
daughter Lisa who I thought was mine was not that at all. The two
grandchildren that I had also thought were mine were not in the
circumstances not mine either.

I had raised Lisa in the belief that she was my child. However it became
more of a shock when it was made absolutely clear to me that Lisa and the
thing that she had married, for I think that description aptly describes him
without my adding to the reasons for describing him here as such, knew that
my wife had been having an affair with his best friend for several years
without even a hint to me of it. Despite all, and my anger at what they have
done, I still have a love for Dawn, Lisa and my former wife from the days
when evil was not a significant part of them. That love will go with me to
my death. One of my immediate family members said that I should hate my wife
for what she did to me. I remain angry that is true, but I still cannot hate
them and even I find this situation puzzling. The lady in London I first met
in 1996, and mentioned herein, made me see life in a way that I had never
imagined existed. I know now that in any event, hatred of a person never
harms the hated person but more often harms the person who exercises that

It remains as one of my last wishes that the three of them will find that
the greater power God, be that by any other name, is a reality and not a
myth shown and proved to me by a lady I met in 1996. She was at time
employed at the London Appeal Court. That same lady has also been
instrumental in saving my life. She had told me at the outset of my meeting
up with her, that it had not been a chance meeting. I found that a hard
thing to accept as fact then, but now I am absolutely sure that it had not
just been a chance meeting. That has been proved to me so many times since
1996. She now works for a church in London and remains my very dear friend.

My perception of God is now similar to the reality of thought. It is present
at all times in life but never seen. The results of thought are however most
often seen. Do we deny the existence of thought and the power behind it as

It is also a fact that all solicitors are Officers of the Courts with
special privileges. That they are therefore all a part of our courts is also
fact. A little thought about this might bring with it some questions of the
possibilities and probabilities where a chosen victim, for whatever reason
there might be for that, to be taken like a lamb to slaughter down the evil
road to justice, which instead is so often an earthly road to Hell called a
court. Justice is a business after all. Real life so often proves that real
justice within our courts is not a fact at all. Our courts have become part
of a lottery or a game of chance, where if your face is not agreeable to the
judge then you are a loser right from the start. The scam of the judicial
oath and the fact that judges and magistrates are now illegally without any
form of public or Parliamentary accountability whatsoever, are part of the
instruments that are illegally allowing this situation to continue. The fact
that UK Police are also illegally instructed not to act on any judicial
crime carried on in our courts, also assists with this same criminal and
treasonable situation against the people of this nation which now exists.

In my own cases judicial money laundering also became a part of it. Once
they have chosen you as their victim and once set in motion, no amount of
evidence that might help you will make any difference whatsoever. This is
why it is my hope that the people of this nation will stop to see the evil
that now rules over us. I cannot turn back the clock to eradicate the horror
of my latter life. That wont be of benefit to me now anyway. However, while
I still live, I think it as being a part of my human duty to fight against
our Establishment evil and corruption which is now enveloping this nation in
the hope that others might eventually derive some benefit and a better life
by my doing it.

I have followed my conscience throughout the latter horror years of my life.
I have paid a heavy price for doing that. Good Old British Justice as it has
all too often been described, has been forefront in that horror. For this
reason and more, I will continue to serve my conscience right to the end
and do what I can to bring about the establishment of just and honest
authorities. Those instead of the ones we now have so riddled with
corruption and evil people.

There is no good in evil. It has no boundaries. When all good is destroyed
on this earth and only evil remains, it can only then destroy itself until
the cycle of life again begins. The human race has already developed the
means to destroy itself many times over and even further means to do that
remain under development. I am aware of the development in the UK of a
further such weapon. I have made my friend aware of what it is. It can also
be described as a weapon of horror unknown to most. The means to be able to
destroy all life on earth is shown so often to be in the control of evil
people. The probable outcome of this is almost a foregone conclusion unless
people awake from the sleep that they seem now to be in. Get away from your
TV soap operas and football matches etc. which keep you amused and out of
their harms way. Take an interest in the system that rules and makes so many
important decisions that affect your lives. It was the Romans who thought
up ways to keep their population busy and amused. We have a similar
situation still existing without me feeling the need to write further about
what that is. If the common man should continue to sleep, that sleep may
well last forever and that for all mankind.

Maurice Kellett.

Due to continuing problems with the ntlworld e-mail service I have set up an
alternative temporary e-mail address bliarblair@yahoo.com After having
written the name Blair so many when it has so often has come out as Bliar,
this temporary e-mail address seems so appropriate now.

Masons At Work. (In my cases. Illegal Star Chamber is indeed alive, well
and just as corrupt as it was before it was abolished in 1640.)
Why I could never lawfully, without the use of our Establishment criminals,
have been declared a bankrupt in 1999. The Masonic saying, "Closing of the
ranks" was well and truly at work here in my case.
UK Establishment murderers protected or employed by Downing Street .
Establishment protected criminal.
Items on the Internet archives of my case.


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