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Thursday, September 16, 2004

More Islamaphobia

Muslims Are Evil People
By Scott Spicciati Editor
August 29, 2002

The vast majority of Muslims are not peaceful people. They are aggressive, anti-American and extremely violent. Their society brainwashes their children into believing that Americans and Jews are infidels, and it would be worthy to strap a bomb to their backs and obliterate a public building. If you believe those statements to be true, then you have the same mindset as best selling author and commentator, Ann Coulter.

I frequently comment on the commentator herself, and I admit that I have a lot of fun pointing out how ridiculous Ann Coulter is. In her latest article, “Battered Republican Syndrome,” Coulter explains why the only thing wrong with liberals, is that “they’re no good.” She also calls the people that makeup one of the world’s largest religions, the Muslims, bad people.

If society ran in the way it does in Coulter’s dreams, she wouldn’t have to support racial profiling anymore, because Muslims simply wouldn’t be allowed to fly. Senator Kennedy would have been long executed because he apparently murdered a woman. And it would be a sin to celebrate the life of fallen President JFK, as he was part of a family of heroin addicts.

Another reason why I’m always writing about Ann Coulter is because she brings Aggressive-Voice traffic. She has also brought in a lot of revenue from people buying her books through our bookstore associated with Amazon.com While I don’t understand why so many people have bought anything written by her, especially from this site, I won’t complain because the money goes towards keeping this site alive by paying the heavy costs of maintaining Aggressive-Voice.com

My column usually receives a strong amount of e-mail and feedback, about 90% of the e-mail is regarding Coulter. Roughly 90% of that 90% is negative feedback or hate mail from her fans that can’t seem to understand why I simply don’t like her and why you shouldn’t either.

Coulter fans accuse me of being liberal and for being exactly what she describes liberals to be. They don’t understand that I don’t attack her for her opinions, but for her blatant lies. Here are a few comments she has made this week, and afterwards you can e-mail (I respond to almost every one) on why I am wrong for attacking her the way she attacks everyone else.

According to Coulter, some things that liberals believe are:
to move beyond discrimination, we must discriminate;
girls would make excellent Marines;
running gay marriage announcements in the wedding pages will lead to greater acceptance of homosexuality.
Her first point, is in fact, true. Liberals believe that the way to end discrimination against blacks, is to discriminate against whites in the form of affirmative action. Way to go Coulter, you mentioned affirmative action, again. It‘s a good tool conservative columnists have: when short of your 700 word quota, throw the affirmative action card.

Her second point couldn’t be anymore wrong or discriminate. Is it wrong to say that girls would make excellent Marines? Apparently Coulter doesn’t realize that there are female Marines, and the number of female recruits continue to climb every year. What is wrong with a woman deciding she wants to defend her country next to her brothers? If Coulter would ever step out into the REAL world, she would learn that women are no longer forced to stay at home with the kids and cleaning the house while dad works and brings home the money. Yes, we currently live in a society where women have rights. How awful!

Coulter’s third point sums up the formula she uses for being able to have weekly slander against everybody who isn’t a right-wing, gun loving conservative. Because the New York Times has considered running gay marriage announcements in the wedding pages, Coulter assumed that running such material has been adopted by the Democratic Party as the right thing to do. If some liberal college (one you’ll find reported on FOX NEWS) happened to run an anti-Bush rally, it must be true that the intention was conceived by all democrats.

Ann Coulter wrote, “I think it's time to drop the infernal nonsense about liberals being well-intentioned but misguided.” I guess there’s no good intention in giving women the freedom to get a job and make some choices. Maybe Coulter didn’t vote for George Bush after all. She would have had to first support the 19th Amendment, the bill that gives women the right to vote.


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