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Monday, September 06, 2004


It is a fact that most of the rank and file members of Freemasonry know
little of what their higher ranks get up to. They are often simply happy
that they belong to such a large, influential and often very corrupt Secret
Society which can allow them things that they might otherwise be unable to
obtain such as jobs etc. This has been the situation in the UK for
generations. Freemasonry has now even become a threat to world peace in
general. Senior posts in the UK military are filled by members of
Freemasonry. Freemasonry has had an involvement in causing many wars over
generations. It has in fact a hidden agenda known mostly to its higher
ranks. In the UK, the Duke of Kent is the Grandmaster of UK Freemasonry, the
Queen is Patron Head of it, Prince Phillip her husband, is also a
Freemason and quite lately information I obtained was that the Prince of
Wales has also become a Freemason. The Queens late father, King George 6th
was also a Freemason. It is claimed by some that these people have become
Freemasons to help protect their status as royalty. Freemasonry is also in
fact a news gathering organisation where any information on people and what
they know etc, becomes an asset to it. Tony Blair is a purported member of
both Freemasonry and the world elitist secret society known as the
Bilderbergs. It appears that secret societies have many governments world
wide in their lap. The USA, UK, French and German governments are amongst
those controlled and/or influenced by Freemasonry. There are more.

It was one of my ancestors, Robert the Bruce the un-crowned king of
Scotland who was the protector of the Knights Templars in Scotland. They
fought alongside him at the battle of Bannockburn . The Knights Templars
later changed their name to Freemasons. Masons, as they are more commonly
termed, have become the scourge of many democracies world-wide.

It is inconceivable that two Special Squad police officers of Northumbria
Police had taken it on themselves to murder me on the night of 5th and 6th
February 2003 by trying to impale me on a sword when my home was illegally
taken from me at 16A The Lyons, Hetton-le-Hole, Tyne-Wear by Mason led
Northumbria Police force officers. Those other police officers who witnessed
that murder attempt on me know that I am telling the truth. Police had also
arranged to shoot me on the first night of their illegal siege of my home.
That was confirmed by a police officer then at the scene and later by other
witnesses. I came very close to that fate when marksmen were stationed
outside of my home. Police never shoot to disable but always to kill. On the
Tuesday of the illegal siege of my home I hung out of an upstairs window of
my home to give the marksmen the opportunity to shoot me in daylight. They
did not want that as there were clearly too many witnesses with the Press
and public to what would have been murder by police. Someone in high
authority clearly wanted me dead. Why did Matt Dowding employed at 10
Downing Street send me a letter shortly before the siege of my home which
was lies? I now implicate, for some of the reasons given below, 10 Downing
Street in that decision to have me murdered Could the fact that my case has
confirmed the following listed below be some of the reasons for that murder
attempt made on me? There were however two police officers who saved me from
being murdered by their colleagues . I remain thankful to them. They
clearly had something inside of them that would not allow the will of evil
of those above them to take its course. With such people in existence there
is still hope for a better world which all too often seems elusive to
mankind. It is people such as these who should be in the positions of power
where liars and murderers now filling them should be brought before an
independent authority to be tried for their crimes. That I think in the
course of time will happen. The Chief Constable of Northumbria is a reputed
member of Freemasonry as are many of his senior police officers. There was
therefore in my case a serious conflict of interests concerning the matter
of Northumbria Police.

A retired Civil Servant who was in a position to express such opinion told
me that if police had shot me on the first night of the siege, they would
have planted a gun in my hand and then claimed at I was armed. Three nights
later when two of the Northumbria Police special squad police officers tried
to impale me on a sword, he said that they would have claimed that I had
committed suicide. In fact rather than give up my home to Establishment
criminals, some who are named on my websites, I would have committed suicide
as a final protest at the mass of judicial, police and other crime that has
been used against me. Had they let me get on with that I would have solved
the corrupt Establishments whistle blower problem that they had. Only when I
realised that they were trying to murder me did I then resist as the sword
started to pierce my skin. Had the officer around two steps down the stairs
not pulled me away from his murdering colleagues, I would certainly have
been murdered. However, on reflection, I would have only been another
murder attributed to anything but the true cause. Since then over 10.000
mostly innocent people are dead in Iraq on what was an illegal war. God only
knows who else was murdered in Kosovo and Afghanistan. Dr David Kelly
expected to be murdered as I and many believe that he was and so did I and I
still expect that.

It might interest the readers that at the start of the siege of my home
Northumbria Police watched as a bailiff tried to break the lock of my home.
It was then, and remains unlawful for a bailiff to force entry to any
property. Once you confront Freemasonry this sort of Establishment crime is
now commonplace.

In November 1997 following one of my radio broadcasts on matters of
Freemasonry, a man came to our home at Hetton-le-Hole. One of the things
which he said to my wife and I was that he knew of a man he named as John
Coates, who had a similar attitude as mine to Freemasonry. This man he said
owned a deep freezer centre situated at South Shields, Tyne-Wear. Because he
had refused to give way to what was clearly corrupt Freemasonry, his deep
freezer centre was burned down. It was implied by the man who came to our
home that we might experience a similar situation with our home. In January
of 1998 my wife and I heard information which suggested that the implied
threat of the burning down of our home was real. The matter was reported to
Northumbria Police but like all crime used against me over the years since
1986 when I uncovered corruption at the then North East British Coal
Estates Department, they simply ignored that matter. It was then that I was
battered and struck by a car that was deliberately driven at me. The
Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court proceedings which followed it were
illegal. One of the two magistrates who sat on the case, was a very close
social friend of the man who carried out what was in the view of a senior
police office should have been regarded as an attempted murder of me. That
man supplied the local Masonic halls with fruit and vegetables for use in
their functions. Later he alleged that while he had remained on the
magistrates bench at the time the matter came before the court, said he had
stood down from it. The man who had attempted that murder of me walked free
from Houghton-le-Spring Magistrates Court. Later a police officer told me
that the Houghton Magistrates Court proceedings had been illegal. The
remaining magistrate who sat on the bench had no qualifications to act
alone. What I now regard as a division of the Masonic Judicial Mafia at the
Lord Chancellors Department were a party to the attempted cover up of those
illegal court proceedings at Houghton-le-Spring. That was where my situation
all started. That matter was one of many reported to Northumbria Police.
Like the rest, they ignored that as well. They had shown that corrupt judges
and magistrates are illegally being protected by them. That fact continued
to be backed up over the years that followed it.

Following hearing information that our home might be burned down unless I
too backed away from Freemasonry, my wife left me shortly afterwards. She
returned to me a week or two later. We purchased another house for cash at
Dacre Banks, North Yorkshire. My wife had led me to believe that we were to
start a new life from there. She registered that property into her sole
name. After thirty years of marriage what we had were and remain joint
assets. However, again the law was illegally not to be applied to me in that
matter either. In late May of 1998 when I returned to our home at
Hetton-le-Hole, after doing some work on our house at Dacre Banks, I found a
file that had been hidden behind some tins in a food cabinet. It was our
financial accounts which showed that we had £93.700 in savings. There was in
fact more than that. My wife agreed in the Harrogate County Court divorce
proceedings which she commenced against me in early June 1998, that she had
handled our financial accounts throughout our marriage. My wife had also
used forgery to register our marital home at Hetton-le-Hole since 1976 into
her sole name along with land which had previously been registered in my
sole name. A few weeks later a man who I had believed was my Son in Law
living at Fellbeck, North Yorkshire, told me that my wife had been having an
affair for several years with his close friend. That man was much younger
than my wife, and I was told that when she left me she had gone with him.
The man I had believed was my Son in Law then also told me that he was
bisexual while the girl I had believed was my older daughter sat by and
listened to it. It seems that the man with whom my wife went with in June
1998 also had the same sexual tendencies. While such tendencies might be
regarded by some as being their own affair, the circumstances of that matter
still disgust me. The man, or Toy Boy as some have since described him with
whom my wife went with was always given preference over the two
grandchildren that I thought were mine. They were forced to sleep in what
amounted to a large cupboard while his friend was allowed to sleep in their
spare bedroom of their home at Fellbeck. My wife's Toy Boy had not been
married before and it became clear afterwards why that probably was. Its
quite certain that he had the same tendencies as the man I thought had been
my Son-in-Law. It was several months later that I was given information that
the older daughter that I thought was mine was likely not to have been my
daughter at all.

The judge who heard the divorce proceedings claimed via Harrogate County
Court staff that he was not a mason. When I wrote afterwards asking if he
had visited any Masonic Establishments at any time, neither he or the
Harrogate County Court replied to that question but simply wrote that my
letter regarding that would be placed on file. More than likely from my
experiences it was placed in some waste paper bin. The stench of Masonic
involvement in that matter was more than just a little strong. I am
satisfied that the judge who heard the divorce action commenced by my wife
is a member of the Freemasons. The Judiciary are without any shadow of doubt
an illegal body of people. Tony Blair's friend Fraser Kemp MP showed that
the judiciary have no accountability whatsoever to anyone when he forwarded
on evidence of the judicial and other crimes that had been used against me
to Baroness Scotland, Parliamentary spokeswoman to the Lord Chancellors
Department, The Home Office, The Parliamentary Commissioner and the Attorney
General. None of these authorities would act on that crime. That makes the
Judiciary illegal by virtue of the fact that no one is above the law and
that includes bent judges. The government is opting out of its obligation to
ensure the safety of the public it is in power to serve. This places a large
question mark over their credibility to rule by opting out of their
obligation in this matter. This has been the case until quite recently when
in the 1970 judges illegally started to make their own laws as they
proceeded. That was the start of our modern day illegal Star Chamber be that
by any other name. If this is an example of the fairer Britain Tony Blair
promised us in 1997, just wait to see what is now looming ahead just over
the horizon. Total control of the population is one matter under way and ID
cards will help ensure this. Now who said that Tony Blair was a control
freak? The abuse of power by the present government is there for all to see
if only they take a little time to see things as they really are.

Ten months after my wife left me for her Toy Boy I was declared a bankrupt
by the judicial criminals operating from the Durham County Court. Two days
later after that was published in the Press along with my photograph as
front page news, my father collapsed and died. He was very upset over what
had been done to me and the fact that by virtue of bankruptcy I was barred
from continuing as a Hetton-le-Hole, Town Councillor. He had pleaded with me
shortly before his death to back away from the subject of Freemasonry
because he said that I had taken on something too big for me. Being a
Councillor showed me just how much involvement and element of control
Freemasonry has within local authorities. Barring me from continuing as a
Town Councillor was clearly one of the Masonic objectives. I was learning
too much about that subject

The bankruptcy the judicial criminals I have mentioned arranged for me in
March of 1999 amounted to £15.800. The house we purchased at Dacre Banks,
North Yorkshire, which my wife registered into her sole name, had a value
very much higher than that as was the value of our marital home at
Hetton-le-Hole, along with the land that had also previously registered at
HM Land Registry in my sole name. The Official Receiver then situated at
Stockton-on-Tees, Co. Cleveland, was aware of this latter fact. He like the
rest of the Masonic Mafia embedded within most UK authorities ignored that
matter as well.

Then I reported that matter to The Chief Constable of North Yorkshire wher
my wife now resides. At first he refused to act on that crime. When I warned
that he was liable to a lawful citizens arrest for failing to carry out his
paid public duty under the ruling of Regina-v-Dytham, he sent two detectives
north to Hetton-le-Hole to see me. They were satisfied from the evidence
that they saw and the copies of it that they took away with them that there
was sufficient evidence for them to proceed with an investigation. Around
three weeks later I received a letter from North Yorkshire Police. It read
that there was insufficient evidence for them to proceed. That was a blatant
and outright lie. It was further evidence which showed the rule/influence
which Freemasonry has over the UK justice system. A simple check at HM land
Registry would have been all that was required on showing that I could not
have been declared a bankrupt by the Judicial Mafia operating from the
Durham County Court. Money laundering being carried on by the Judicial Mafia
is a reality of modern times as many of their victims like myself have found
out the hard way. Our Judiciary are in fact an illegal body of people anyway
under our unwritten Constitution and by law handed down throughout the ages
from the Magna Carta to the abolition of the Star Chamber in the 1640's
following the English Civil Wars. The UK alleged democracy is nothing but
an exercise in public deception almost from start to finish.

Where some of these facts which I am publicising, some of the reasons people
in high places wanted me dead?

1) The Queen of England Wales and Scotland is Patron Head of UK Freemasonry.
Freemasonry is generally regarded as being the worlds leading Secret
Society. The Queen is also head of the Church of England which is of course
a Christian church. Freemasonry is not nor ever will be compatible with
Christianity (.http://www.demonbuster.com/z6masons.html) The Prince of
Wales and the Duke of Edinburgh are masons as was the Queens late father
King George 6th. The Duke of Kent is the Grand master of UK Freemasonry. As
a further example, Lord Barnard of Raby Castle near Barnard Castle is the
Masonic Grand Master of the County Durham Masonic Lodges. The list goes on.

2) Freemasonry is without doubt a Secret Society and infests the UK
Establishment for reasons I think many will be aware of. The many rituals
carried on by Freemasonry are of Jewish origin. It is said by some who are
in a position to make such a statement, that the best a gentile can do to
becoming a Jew is to become a Mason. Orthodox Jews are not of the Christian
faith and they agree that. The Queen is therefore head of the Christian
Church of England and also the Patron head of a Jewish based organisation,
the Freemasons.

3) The judicial oath of fairness to all manner of people which is sworn by
all judges and magistrates to the Queen is a scam. The Queen wont act when
these people breach that oath which they do so very often. This fact was
proved following my letter sent to the Queen in 2002.

4) The UK judiciary have no government or public accountability whatsoever
and that applies to their use of serious crime. They are illegal by virtue
of this fact alone without any other such facts.

5) The UK judiciary are an illegal body by reason that they are proved by Mr
Fraser Kemp MP (An unwilling party to its exposure) to have no such public
or Parliamentary accountability whatsoever. The UK constitution, unwritten
though it is, has never agreed to this fact. Judges are openly making their
own laws as they proceed to suit their own particular purposes.

6) The UK government is also illegal in the circumstances that they are
allowing the present situation described in 3) and 4). The ultimate UK court
is Parliament. Now Parliament are opting out of their obligation to protect
the UK public from crimes carried out by what has become another but very
illegal UK government, that being the government of the judiciary all too
often steeped in Freemasonry up to their necks.

7) UK police are protecting judges who carry out the use of serious crime
against their victims. They claim that when a judge lies, it is a judicial
decision and is therefore to be protected by them!

8) Mr Fraser Kemp MP, a close acquaintance of Tony Blair, having worked with
him for many years in London just before the 1997 General Election provided
a dossier of some of the crime that had been used against me by judges at
the Durham and Newcastle County Courts to the Lord Chancellors Department
(Baroness Scotland), The Home Office, The Parliamentary Commissioner and the
Attorney General. Their replies to Mr Fraser Kemp confirmed that they had
no power to act on any judicial crime. When I asked Mr Kemp to raise this
very important matter for and in the general public interest in the House of
Commons, he replied by letter that he is not permitted to raise issues in
the House!!! What had made Mr Kemp so afraid to make such a statement? An
MP who makes such a statement is obviously very mistaken or very afraid.

9) Information more recently given to me suggests that Tony Blair and Lord
Hutton may also be members of Freemasonry. In a fax which I sent to Tony
Blair at 10 Downing Street, London, several weeks ago, I asked that he
declare whether or not he was a mason. I required that declaration to
determine whether he was, or was not impartial to what I had been reporting
to him over a number of years. That fax along with others of my recent
ones sent to him remains without reply. I therefore have little choice but
to conclude that Tony Blair is likely to be a Freemason as rumours in the
North East UK have also assisted my conclusion. If that is true, that would
also explain why his pre-1997 election promises that he made relative to
Freemasonry have never been acted on. Deception is indeed shown to be all
part of the generally corrupt UK Establishment. An Establishment where
whistle blowers are likely to be subject of a secret death sentence as was
attempted with me. Did Dr. David Kelly the Iraqi weapons inspector really
commit suicide? No I too like many, don't think so. He too knew too much
and I, more than most, feel sure that he was murdered given an anonymous
e-mail that I received about a rumour that was said to have gone around his
office the same morning that he was found dead.. There never were any
weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and Dr David Kelly obviously knew that.
Yes, public deception and murder to help protect it is now all a part of the
generally corrupt UK Establishment.

10) The UK has no independent or impartial tribunals or authorities
established by law for the resolution of our criminal or civil rights. This
is a requirement under Article 6(1) of the European Human Rights Convention
so blatantly being denied to us all by the Blair government. Yes, a UK judge
can be just as corrupt and evil as he wants to be, as in my case and many
others that I know of, in the full knowledge that UK police have been
instructed not to act on matters such as these. Durham Constabulary told me
that when a judge lies in court, they regard it as a judicial decision which
must be protected by them. This is a very illegal act of treason being used
against the people which shows again just how much the Influence/control
Freemasonry has over our justice system. Judges are proved beyond all
reasonable doubt to be held by the Establishment to be illegally above the
law. Therein lies a very serious situation. Our Constitution, unwritten
though it is, and that has probably been deliberate, has never allowed
anyone to be held above the law. Under the Blair government we now have this
situation. Our unwritten Constitution is also a two edged sword and cuts
both ways. It cannot therefore lawfully protect anyone from crime and that
also includes the use of crime being carried on by judges. Deception not
democracy is now all a part of the very corrupt UK Establishment. Secret
Societies Rule OK! They only do that just so long as you keep voting their
members into positions of authority. Do you really want this very dangerous
situation? It is you who will have to pay the price ultimately for it. You
are paying for it at the petrol pumps and in the other back door taxes which
this government is using to fund it.

There does appear to be an ongoing war raging against Islam. This war helps
of course to sustain acts of terrorism. That in turn helps justify
government acts that amount to the furtherance of the total control of the
population with ID cards etc. Is it not strange that it was the Knights
Templars who fought in the "Holy Wars" against Islam and that the name
taken on by them afterwards was Freemasons? Has that war ever really
ended? Facts coming to light suggest that it did not. Hitler used the Jews
in his rise to power to detract public attention away from its economic
situation resulting from the cost of the German war machine. Are not Islamic
refugees and asylum seekers now being used in a similar way? It has been a
common practice for governments throughout the ages first to help create the
problem. Then when the public call for action to combat or right it, they
can claim justification for any measures that they might take relative to
it. This is the current situation in the UK and in the USA. In my
correspondence with a leading USA political writer up until around three
years ago, Dorothy Anne Seese, she wrote that she was retiring from
political writing because she believed that what is known as the New World
Order, was even then well under way and nothing she thought could stop it.
The New World Order is a fact not fiction and until the masses wake up to
this ,it will continue to grow in strength. The Bush's and Blair's of this
world are all a part of it. Judicial treason extensively being used in the
UK against its citizens and being sanctioned by Tony Blair is all a part of
it. In fact the corruption of justice which we now have is an integral part
of it.

The UK has the technology to allow its citizens to have a greater say in
decisions affecting this nation. Similar technology as used in the National
Lottery can enable this to happen now. The outcome will enable that fairer
Britain promised by Blair, which like many of his promises, has never come
about. Do we really want the corrupt UK Establishment to continue as it is
now when its citizens in general can all become a part of the everyday
important decision making affecting their lives? The cost of installing this
technology will probably be much less that that costing us to fight an
illegal war in Iraq. What is the cost the UK public will have to pay out for
what is an illegal war against Iraq? No its not all for free. The citizens
of the UK are and will continue to foot the bill for it.

It has been written by some that the UK and the USA are now the most hated
nations in the world. Who has brought about this hatred? Not the citizens in
general, but the Bush's and Blair's who govern them. Why is it that its the
citizens who always have to pay the ultimate price, but not those making the
decisions that make us so hated? Do we really welcome liars in positions of
such high power?

Return of modern day Star Chamber perverse and illegal law cases.
Perverse and illegal ruling in my case I now deem Spedding's ruling to be
regarded as being null and void. The Establishment crime that has been used
against me is so large and blatant, it helps show up the true existence of a
modern day illegal Star Chamber. My home and property will be returned to
me which is now inhabited by an Establishment protected criminal. My
conscience will never allow me to accept any organised Establishment
criminal injustice, some of which is detailed on this page. While the UK
police will not act on matters concerning the use of Judicial crime, then
they too and the authority they use in it, must be seen in the true light
of their illegally setting judges to be above the law.
Withers 1974 H/L Duggan Duggan 2003 HL
Sirros v Moore 1974 C/A. This case rewrote history. Reinstated outlawed
powers, Criminal, ultra vires, kangaroo court verdict. This was a perverse
structure of power derived from this new and illegal judge made law.
Making New Illegal Law. Medoza 2003, also violating 1998 Human Rights Act.
All solicitors are held to be Officers of the Courts. Is it not a
reasonable concern that they will invariably always likely to err on the
side of the courts in any matter where it can be shown to be corrupt? With
so much corruption now involved in by solicitors, and the Office for the
Supervision of Solicitors having been shown in my case and in others to be
an unfit self regulating body, it is now time to get rid of them with a body
which is not self regulating. Is it likely that the Office for the
Supervision of Solicitors run by solicitors will do anything to that might
show up their profession for what it is all too often shown to be?

Masons At Work. (In my cases. Illegal Star Chamber is indeed alive, well
and just as corrupt as it was before it was abolished in 1640.)
Why I could never lawfully, without the use of our Establishment criminals,
have been declared a bankrupt in 1999. The Masonic saying, "Closing of the
ranks" was well and truly at work here in my case.
UK Establishment murderers protected or employed by Downing Street .
Establishment protected criminal.
Items on the Internet archives of my case.
Crime-Misconduct in Public Office.
1999 Internet Archive-Victims Of Masonic Ill Treatment
The letter that I wrote to the Queen the contents of which are published on
the following web page link was replied to by the Lord Chancellors
Department. The contents of their reply confirmed two facts. One was that
the Queen wont act when judges or magistrates breach the oath sworn by
judges and magistrates to her. That confirms its scam. The other was that it
was further confirmation that the UK does not have any independent
authorities etc. as required under Article 6(1) of the European Human Rights
Convention. By failing to have set in motion any act to compel judges and
magistrates to abide by their oath of fairness to all, sworn to the Queen,
there surely is a question here of a treason against the people? Ignoring
the requirements of Article 6(1) of the European Human Rights Convention is
a blatant violation of the rights of all UK citizens and also as European

Following the attempt by Northumbria Police to murder me on the night of
5/6th February 2002 I was taken first to Washington Police Station, Tyne
Wear. There I made a complaint to the Custody Sergeant who at first ignored
it. Then he said that he would note it down and appeared to do that.
Northumbria Police have ignored that matter since then. I have reported it
twice to 10 Downing Street and once to the Home Office. They both continue
to ignore this matter. I have demanded of Tony Blair a public inquiry into
my case. That too is being ignored.

I was taken from Washington Police Station to Sunderland Royal Hospital. I
was under police guard continually. At first I was not allowed any visitors
until Northumbria Police were informed by my legal representative that such
action by them was also illegal. Thereafter I was allowed visitors but only
with a police officer present. One of the police officers who guarded me
said that it was his job to note down anything that was said between me and
my visitors that might be of interest to police. That too was illegal.

A doctor at Washington Police Station ordered essential medication for me.
That was left at Washington after I was taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital
with possible serious consequences for me. The hospital had then put me on
medication that was of the incorrect type or dosage for several days. The
police doctor was less than happy when he found that the medication that he
had especially ordered for me had been left at the Washington Police
Station. An attempt to have me Sectioned under the Medical Health Act was
made at Sunderland Royal Hospital. I had refused food and drink in protest
when I realised that Northumbria Police had again been lying to me when they
said that my case would be subject of an Inquiry following the whole matter.
That as usual turned out to be lies by Northumbria Police. That was the
normal way with that Police Force. The attempt at Sectioning me failed and I
was declared sane. A few weeks later when I was looking for somewhere to
live, I collapsed and was admitted to the Cumberland Hospital. There I spent
several days in the Cardiac Care Ward. A further attempt was made to have me
Sectioned under the Medical Health Act. That too failed when a psychiatrist
declared me sane. Later after a full medical examination, they told me that
evidence showed that I had suffered a heart attack. A few weeks ago from
writing this, I was again admitted to Cumberland Hospital after suffering
another bad health period. A further attempt to Section me was made again.
That too failed when their psychiatrist declared me sane. However he
confirmed that my clothing had been subject of a search, illegal in the
circumstances, and he said that they had found a copy of my latest letter to
Tony Blair in one my pockets. That was untrue because I did not have a copy
of that letter on me when I was admitted to hospital. When I asked questions
about that matter and who it was who had made the attempt at having me
Sectioned, the psychiatrist refused to give me that information. The
following day when he passed me in the hospital main hall, he stopped and we
entered into a conversation. Two things which he then said to me were, have
you not heard of the saying, keep your mouth shut and your bowels open? The
other term he used was, You buck the System and the System will buck you. I
was then sure after that I had been targeted by someone who wanted me shut
up and that again was surely someone in high authority. From my contact and
association with many other victims of our corrupt Establishment it is
confirmed that Sectioning under the Mental Health Act is a way often used to
silence whistle blowers such as myself. Matters concerning Freemasonry is
heavily involved in this.

Several weeks ago a Newcastle newspaper published a large article about me.
It read that Northumbria Police had investigated my case and that it was
satisfied that their action had been correct. It went on to say that it had
been decided by them to refer my case to the new Independent Police
Complaints Authority. What people don't know is that no approach whatsoever
by Northumbria Police has ever been made to me in the matter of any police
Inquiry or indeed their use of very serious crime used against me or indeed
the many Establishment criminals within our authorities who had carried out
serious criminal acts against me. I include Northumbria Police very heavily
in those acts. They continue to protect their Special Squad officers who
attempted the murder of me on the night of 5/6th February 2003. I have
published material that I have received from MOJUK ( Miscarriages of Justice
UK) in recent years. From the reports that I receive from them it is
apparent that deaths of those in police custody have risen over recent
years. From my own experiences when I have been detained by police under
false pretences, I feel quite sure that cover ups of the true circumstances
of some of those deaths is taking place under the Tony Blair government. The
alleged justice system of the UK is more akin to an Injustice System for
some of the reasons that I have written. There is a lot more to add to that
if I am given the chance.

My brother William Kellett, a Councillor for Pittington, Co Durham, had me
sign the power of Attorney over to him while I was in the Sunderland Royal
Hospital. It was agreed in the presence of a senior police officer that the
power would only apply for the period that I was in hospital. After I left
hospital it became apparent that he had been carrying out acts which
resulted in theft and criminal deception. These acts have been reported to
my friends and can be used in the event of my death. Around some £17.000 of
my personal possessions, which was most of what I had left after the illegal
seizure of my home by Northumbria Police, including a large amount of my
documents and other evidence of my case are now missing and some of that is
attributable to my brother. I don't have any doubts that he is a Freemason
though he denies that. He was clearly doing what the Brotherhood of
Freemasonry wanted him to do to me. This is true Freemasonry at work. Why
would my brother, a former leader of Durham City Council decide to err on
the side of Freemasonry? There are other questions arising from this that
require explanation. Does Freemasonry have a hold on him and why?

I will never give way to any criminal judicial or police crime that has or
might continue to be used against me. They may have passed a death sentence
on me but that does not deter me from doing what my conscience dictates is
right. My circumstances all led from refusing to let the matter of blatant
illegal Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne-Wear, Magistrates Court proceedings after
I had been battered and struck by a car that was deliberately driven at me
in 1986. The Lord Chancellors Department was heavily involved in that cover
up of illegal Court proceedings. Freemasonry was involved in that matter
throughout. Northumbria Police agreed to investigate that matter following a
meeting that I had with three of their senior officers at their
headquarters. I was accompanied then by Mr Steve Richards, author of the Viv
and the Geordie Mafia books. Northumbria Police, led by a Freemason, have
never investigated any of my allegations of any crimes used against me. This
would contravene the oaths made by Freemasons to uphold the Brotherhood of

The Press are afraid to publish any matters concerning Masonic crime. This
is a well known fact amongst many Masonic victims. The problem is so acute
that it was necessary for the Lord Chancellors Department to set up a
section dealing only with matters of complaints relative to matters that
concern Freemasonry. No, the public are not aware of this, but I head that
from someone employed at the Lord Chancellors Department and I accept the
truth of that. Membership of Freemasonry is rife throughout our
Establishment. I was very aware while serving as a Councillor at
Hetton-le-Hole, that there was also a very large problem with Masonic
Councillors. Why are there so many Councillors who are also Freemasons? Any
positions of such authority are all an asset to Freemasonry where a nod is
as good as a wink to enable decisions etc, to be made in the favour of it
and its members. I have witnessed that situation and became a victim of
criminal assault when I raised the matter of the failure to declare an
interest in land owned by a Hetton-le-Hole mason Councillor when it came
under our discussion under the City of Sunderland Draft Unitary Development
Plan. I was prevented from leaving the Council Chambers until an assault
had been carried out against me by several Councillors. Yes, as usual, that
matter was reported too to Northumbria Police who afterwards said that as
they thought it unlikely that around seventeen other Hetton Councillors who
witnessed my imprisonment in the Hetton Council Chambers and some the
assault me, would say what they had seen of it. They had decided not to
take any action in it. Inspector Williams who was the one appointed to
investigate that, retired a few weeks after that matter and was like many of
the senior Northumbria Police officers also a mason.

A better Britain will be the one without Freemasonry infesting our
Establishment. An even better Britain will be the one without Prime
Ministers protecting their situation. If the public want Secret Societies
ruling over them that is their own affair. Me, I would never at any time
want that after having been their victim so many times over the years. If I
have to give my life in that cause, and I have came close to that situation
several times now, then so be it. Conscience can be a hard taskmaster if you
adhere to it. What do those many criminals now ruling in our corrupt
Establishment have in place of a conscience? Or is it simply now a rule of
evil as many others are now beginning to see?

Maurice Kellett.

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