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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

15th Shaban - Shab e Barat

Posted by: "S.A.R. Adil"
Mon Sep 11, 2006 9:39 am (PST)

Last night the 15th of Shaban (Shab e Barat), I went to the
Qabrastan to read Durood and Fatiha at the grave of some realatives.
The place was lit up with illumination and choc-a- block full of
people. The flower vendors outside were doing roaring business and
most of the people visiting the Qabrastan were also paying their
obeisance to an attached Dargah. It was well past midnight and the
roads were crammed with devotee revellers making mirth and merry.
The scene was reminiscent of New Year eve revelry, which I had the
experience to witness at my own peril a few times. I was amazed to
see the stark similarity and at the same time astounded to observe
how our youth were able to match the bravado and dare devilry of the
youth from the New Year's Eve. While the Youth celebrating the
arrival of New Year are high on intoxicants of all kinds, our own
young people were high on Imaan and Taqwa I suppose. The derring-do
in the form of rash driving, motor cycle stunts etc., that is
possible in a state of inebriation was being matched and even
surpassed by our Youth last night and mind you they were only high
on Imaan and Taqwa. I hope you have not missed the pun here.

I felt ashamed and really that much smaller. I felt my quest for
Truth over the last two years came to a knot when I allowed myself
to partake in the Islamic frenzy that has no sanction in our great

Bidah (Innovation) in our Deen is a tool of the devil and it is
important we understand this. It is Iblees (Devil) who causes the
desire in us to innovate and make Deen look more attractive and
enjoyable in the worldly sense. It is this temptation that we need
to withstand and even repel and certainly not lose sight of our
Islamic austerity, purity and simplicity because in the end it is
the purity of our faith that will determine our HEREAFTER. As my
friend,Philosopher and Islamic Scholar of no mean merit Mirza Yawar
Baig never fails to remind us: "Islam grew by leaps and bounds only
after the conquest of Makkah, when the people there saw the Muslims
from close proximity. They saw how they conducted themselves and how
pure and simple was their Deen. The Makkans saw the socio-economic
practices of the Muslims were based on equity and fairness and above
all they saw in Islam a complete way of life".

I urge all of you to think and wonder why we have stopped
influencing the hearts and minds of people the World over. Why are
we not able to articulate our Deen and why have we become irrelevant
as a Muslim Nation? Why are we not able to benefit mankind despite
being the chosen people of Allah who have been created for the
benefit of mankind (3:110)?

I know it is hard to give up and discontinue some of our age old
practices that go back to our forefathers, but really there is no
disrespect to our forefathers or shame in imbibing wisdom when it
dawns upon us.

May Allah SWT give us all the wisdom to do what is pleasing to Him
and May we desist from all practices that incorporate any elements
of bidah or shirk (associating partners with Allah).

Jazak Allah Khairan

Syed Adil


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