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Friday, September 15, 2006

Worse than cattle poem

Posted by: "Showkat Ali"
Fri Sep 15, 2006 3:25 am (PST)

This is my first collaboration and alh i think it came out quite well. If anyone else would like to do a poem/rap with me then please either email me or send me a personal message. As usual please feel free to publish, post, forward and circulate as widely as possible.It is my kind request that you send me the link to where you have posted/published it.Jzk in advance.

Worse then cattle

I see people sitting on the train and reading the newspaper,
Going on their journey as life passes them by,
For a single ticket they paid the cost,
But for the existence of God its kinda medieval, they would never give it a seconds thought,

We are all living in times of struggle and striving to survive the best we can
Holding onto the deen is like a hot piece of coal
Most of us are spiritually dead even though we see the signs all around us and in our bodies,
Its Allah that we are denying,
We are still breathing by time,
Allah is giving you the chance to get to know him,
But most are unthankful and wasting their time
Religion being blamed for the worlds problems,
Secularism rules the world
Put religion in the masjid and let limited humans make the laws.
But what about the way we are living?

Are we slaves to the almighty or to what the almighty made?
Acquiring too much material, we’ve denied ourselves the spiritual aspects of being human,
Lowering ourselves like that of cattle,
We eat, breathe, S**t, have kids and prattle on thru life
And that’s as far as it goes,
Our morals have all changed,
Right is wrong and wrong is right
People scared to speak the truth against immorality for fear of being labelled
Extremist, fantatic and fundamentalist.

We’re going through changing lives, and being changed mentally by the society and mass propaganda machine.
When a kid turns into an adult,
Those are the most challenging of times,
But ask yourselves is this test too much for you to handle?
We’re all in a line to drink from ignorance’s cup,
Even though we don’t know we’re in queue,

We standing in order,
Ready to lose our religion,
Like cattle being sent to the slaughter
We’ve lost ourselves to ourselves,
Now people don’t wanna be role models,
Its all about me , myself and I
They wanna be gay or sado-masochists
And other perversions
It’s all about originality and moving boundaries further and further
Trying to be different even if its means being perverted

Women are free to make a choice to abort or have that B*****D kid, and they don’t even know who the daddy is
Eeni meeni mini mo.
And now we dealing with wars,
Based on sexed up dossiers and lies
Does anybody knows what the truth is or cares
On the poor the governments dropping tons of A-Bombs and napalm
Causing mass death in the 21st century,
Crime, sexual immorality, poverty,
Greed, lust, power, death, destruction, carnage,
For those like cattle, oppression is widespread,
But most can’t see it and follow blindly
A world with 3.5 billioon corpses walking around

Because the difference between the believer and the disbeliever is like the living and the dead,

The difference between the believer and the disbeliever is like having knowledge and being ignorant,

The difference between the believer and the disbeliever is like moving forward and staying behind,

The difference between the believer and the disbeliever is like being able to see and being blind,

The difference between the believer and the disbeliever is like living free or wanting suicide,

The difference between them and us is that they are dying to live but we’re living to die


Deaf, dumb and blind
Totally out of their minds
Spaced out on freedom
Can’t get enuff
Losing their religion bit by bit
Until all that remains is just the name and the circumcision
They must be insane
Losing everything and gaining nothing

Deaf, blind and dumb
What more can I say
I cant give them my thumbs up
Coz they act so dumb
Following the disbelievers
Seeking crumbs from his table
Slave to his ideology
Ignorant of Islam’s superiority
Unaware of kufrs inferiority
Yeah their in mental slavery

Blind, dumb and deaf
With every step
Going the wrong direction
Deeper and deeper with satan as their guide
Feel sorry for them on the day of resurrection
Time to wake up but they are asleep
Raps like these will hit their core
And awaken them for Islam’s return and encore

Authors: Mizda Man and Showkotali@hotmail.com



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