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Friday, September 22, 2006

Is your Ramadan like your summers?

Posted by: "Moazzam Ahmed" moazzam.ahmed@muslim-calendar.com
Wed Sep 20, 2006 6:20 am (PST)

Salams all,

So how did your last summer go? before it started, did you make plans on
everything you were going to
do? all the books you were going to read? all the calls you were going to
make to relatives? all the
Quran you were going to memorize? etc. etc. and then all of a sudden, the
end of summer was upon you, and
you realized you hadn't done most of the things you thought you would.

if so, why do you think that happened? tons of reasons Im sure, but here's
just a few:

1. cause you didnt write down this list of things you wanted to do.
2. cause you didnt do em consistently everyday, little by little, one by
3. cause everyday you figured you would do something tomorrow. and then kept
postponing it.
etc. etc.

so now, here's Ramadan! its 5 days away! Are we going to treat it the same
way? just think of all the extra
ibada we wanna do, but then never actually do it?! And then its going to
end, taking the phenomenal blessings
with it, and leave us waiting for another year (which by the way may never

Well, we still have time. Lets make it different this year. Let this year be
the one where we get
shaytan even BEFORE he's chained, and take control of our nafs (which doesnt
get chained during ramadan),
and promise to be consistent!

To make things simpler and easier, yet effective, write down 7 things you
want to do this Ramadan.
Divide them up into smaller items and just promise yourself (and Allah) to
complete at least 4 of them.

here's a few I came up with:

1. The scholars say if we want to experience true spirituality with Islam,
we have to lessen
the material world. So eat less. Ramadan doesnt mean for us to stuff the
same 3 meals AFTER iftar; it
means for us to weaken our bodies and strengthen our souls. Then, when you
pray, you'll feel the true
connection to Allah.

2. Join a regular program (like the one Marwan is holding at BHA musalla)
and learn something, be with others
who're aiming for the same. Get out of the norm, and drive those extra 10
miles to something new. You'll get
more rewards during Ramadan.

3. Go to at least 3 qiyams before the last 10 days. Or just do em at home
... with 2 rakats and the smallest
surahs; qiyams dont have to have looong surahs or lots of rakats or be lead
by shuyukh, just done with
the right intention and late at night.

4. Do less of even the mubah (actions that are neutral), and more of the
recommended/nafal. Give up watching sports
on tv, or playstation, or boardgames (those are usually popular in Ramadan
:) ), and memorize 3 more surahs,
and finish a book on the Quran ("The way to the Quran" is available for
download on the internet for free).

Im sure you can come up with your own list, dont forget to write it down and
look at it everyday. You can pick
just 3 things if you like, and dont worry about anything else, just do those
3, consistently. Keep this list and
inshaAllah next year, you can add more to it.

The scholars say if you want to see which way you're headed (meaning
religiously), compare yourself to where you were
a year before ... Ramadan is the best time to do this assesment. Dont let
this year slip away too like your summers.


Moazzam Ahmed
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